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What Did We Say About Payback?

Written by PETA | August 28, 2008

From the category of “When Animals Fight Back!” comes a news story from Venezuela: A 29-year-old student zookeeper was strangled by a 10-foot python. It seems that the intern was working the nightshift and decided to mess around with the snake, who then bit him, suffocated him, and tried to eat him—a sensible interaction if you are a python.

i190 / CC

Now, I’m certainly not saying that this guy deserved to be digested by a giant snake (although some might argue that taking a dangerous snake out without permission or supervision might earn him a nomination for a Darwin Award). What I am saying is that the killing of one human being by one snake in an isolated incident is instant news (just Google it for proof), but the killing of snakes by humans every day—to make Eva Longoria’s gauche python handbag or Jessica Simpson’s hideous tote—goes unnoticed.

And what’s more, the python was just doing what pythons do, on instinct. He saw prey, so he went into his strangle-and-swallow routine. You can’t possibly tell me that humans have a slaughter-and-make-into-purses instinct, can you? The python got beaten by the way, unlike Jessica Simpson, whom we just make fun of.

Let me hypothesize here. Maybe, just maybe, people are so fascinated by this kind of news story because they feel guilty for all the human-on-animal atrocities, and when something like this happens … well, maybe it’s a sign that sometimes the tables are turned, and it scares us.

Do you get what we mean now when we say that “payback is hell“?

Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • jodi says:

    This is to Rex’s Mom……You could not have said it better. When they announced that Paris Hilton went anti fur the world sung her praises but she still wears leather eats animals and collects them like stamps so the world needs to get their heads out of this celebrity obsession and realize that they you have to look at the larger picture.

  • Yesi says:

    What bothers me the most is the comment on Eva’s purse… “…I’m really digging this Prada snakeskin handbag…” “…the phyton pattern is a sexy choice for summer…” Maybe in HELL!! PETA please tell me you are doing something about this like the messages you sent to Donna Karan I can’t believe this is considered fashion!!

  • vegancoin says:

    What kaiha said. that poor snake never lived a normal and natural life free from abuse and human apathy and greed.

  • kaiha says:

    thats really sad poor snake was stuck in captivity his whole life was harassed by some kid he fought back and they beat him to death this story almost makes me ashamed to be a human!!!

  • Teriqua says:

    I don’t feel the least bit sorry for the man who teased the Python and put himself in harms way. If the zoo left an idiot like this alone with such a dangerous animal the idiot should have some fundamental knowledge of the animal. If he teased the snake his bad. If he didn’t know that Pythons will behave in hunger if provoked he should have done his homework. HIS BAD.

  • Amanda says:

    I am gonna sound heartless but it’s called Karma baby! Just like “Mad Cow” or “Chicken Fever” or “Salmonella” or “Bird Flu” or “Listosis”…seriously when will the meat eaters of this world realize that in the long run Karma comes back and bites right back!! I don’t feel sorry for anyone but the poor snake who is probably going to be treated without dignity or respect even though we as humans didn’t treat him with dignity and respect when we captured him in to a ‘fake world’ for our amusement. GO TEAM PETA!

  • Rex's Mom says:

    You mentioned Jessica Simpson and Eva Longoria and their reptile skin accesories. This is why I wrote on here about a month or so ago about when you praise celebrities for not wearing fur or the designers who won’t use fur in their fashions. So you can’t praise them if they still use or wear reptile skins or anything made from any animal!

  • kelly says:

    There are so many cases of animals in these zoos getting harassed and hurt.

  • ian says:

    although some might argue that taking a dangerous snake out without permission or supervision might earn him a nomination for a Darwin Award haha. You know they beat the hell out of the snake. That’s what kills me. When animals retaliate or do what is natural people get angry. Maybe that means they should not be held in captivity.

  • Kelly says:

    That’s what she gets. Karma. Poor animal.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    A real tragedy all around a human life lost a wild animal forced to live a miserable life in captivity. Snakes do not belong in zoos or in people’s living rooms. I guess that’s the lesson if you care about humans don’t keep wild animals as pets. If you care about animals don’t keep wild animals as pets.