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Say ‘Nein’ to the Seal Slaughter

Written by PETA | May 10, 2010

PETA Germany took the fight for Canadian seals to Berlin on Saturday, bringing Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s motorcade to a halt when a “seal” ran in front of the procession. Three police officers hauled the demonstrator off, but not before reporters—and presumably the P.M. himself—saw the “seal.” “Seals” have been trailing Harper all over the world on behalf of PETA and its affiliates.






Later, the same “seal” stood outside the Bundeskanzleramt (where Harper was meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel), made sure Harper spotted him in the wings when the convoy arrived, and then—not done yet!—moved on to the Canadian Embassy, where he and another activist distributed nearly 1,200 leaflets.

Berliners, Canadians, Americans, and anyone anywhere with a conscience: Let Prime Minister Harper know that the pressure won’t let up until the massive slaughter is brought to an end.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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