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Saving Lucy: PETA Sues City of Edmonton

Written by PETA | February 1, 2010

Today, PETA and Zoocheck Canada are officially initiating a lawsuit against the city of Edmonton, Alberta, over the cruel and apparently unlawful conditions under which Lucy, a solitary elephant at the Edmonton Valley Zoo, is forced to live.


kidssavelucy / CC


Lucy’s health issues—which include upper respiratory problems, arthritis, obesity, and chronic foot ailments—are the result of the substandard conditions at Edmonton Valley Zoo and are further aggravated by the region’s frigid climate, which is inappropriate for an Asian elephant. Lucy has also been alone for the past two years, spends most of her time in a small barn, and exhibits behavior that indicates severe psychological distress. Even Dr. James Oosterhuis, the Valley Zoo’s own consultant, acknowledged that the zoo’s indoor facilities fail to meet the industry’s minimum standards.

Consultations with experts prove that Lucy’s life is at risk in Edmonton. Dr. William Keith Lindsay—a Canadian ecologist who has been actively involved in research on the ecology of elephants with the Amboseli Elephant Research Project in Kenya since 1977—is one of several experts who confirm that Lucy’s living conditions are unacceptable. Dr. Lindsay states, “It is abundantly clear that Lucy would benefit greatly from the company of other elephants.” Elephants live in close-knit families, and the females spend their entire lives in herds that include all their female relatives. The solitary life that Lucy lives prevents her from taking part in any of the social behaviors that are necessary for maintaining an elephant’s health.

Dr. Joyce Poole, an elephant biologist and ethologist who has spent more than 30 years studying elephant social behavior and communication states, “Lucy has spent much of her life standing on concrete in a small barn and doing very little of what an elephant needs [to] do to maintain good physical health and mental well being. The consequence is that she is a young elephant in an old body. This causes her real privation and suffering.”

We won’t rest until we see Lucy moved to a sanctuary. As we take the city to court, we urge you to take action to help Lucy find the freedom she deserves and to share this information with everyone you know. Keep checking back here for more updates.

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • How can anyone deny the most majestic animals on earth a safe, tranquil and happy life!!! I’ve learned from the 3 elephants held in captivity at the \Toronto zoo that being on display in unfavourable conditions to be inhumane and cruel.I was exstatic when they were transferred to paws to live out their lives roaming hectares of land and being what they were meant to be….elephants!!!! I wish the same for Lucy. She has paid her dues and now deserves to rest with other elephants in a climate suited to her and with the socialization that she needs. I beg those that care for her to do the right thing….send her to a sanctuary for elephants. Let her be happy in whatever days she has left…she has earned it.

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