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Saving the Day on the San Francisco Bay

Written by PETA | August 17, 2009

If there is anything I learned from Saved by the Bell that could help save an animal, it’s that oil can equal death for waterfowl.

This knowledge was recently put to quick use by some PETA Foundation staff members. They were walking by the San Francisco Bay when they noticed a seagull struggling to say afloat. The bird had become covered in grease while foraging for food at a nearby rendering plant.

The bird’s feathers were matted by the grease, and his natural ability to float had been destroyed, so time was not on this guy’s side. So PETA Foundation staffer Jaci Kassmeier didn’t think twice before stripping to her skivvies and plunging into the freezing water to save him from drowning.


All cleaned up, the gull is now resting at a local wildlife rehabilitation facility where his other rescuer, PETA Foundation staffer Kelle Kacmarcik, is a volunteer.
seagull rescue


Dogs and cats are not the only ones who need us to take action when we see them in danger. When wild animals’ natural environments are turned into urban areas, the animals are forced to adapt—and it’s often to their detriment. All too often, animals are hit by cars, are caught in traps, or fall victim to human carelessness.

Of course, knowing what to do when you encounter a wild animal who needs help is vital to ensuring that the animal receives necessary care and that you are kept out of harm’s way. Please read our tips on what to do if you think a wild animal needs your help, and always take injured wild animals to an animal shelter, veterinarian, or wildlife rehabilitator who knows how to deal with their injuries. Never attempt to care for a wild animal yourself.

Written by Shawna Flavell

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