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Save Seals: Boycott Canadian Maple Syrup

Written by PETA | May 26, 2009


When it comes to what we drizzle on our pancakes, grits, and oatmeal, we’ve all got our preferences. If, like me, you prefer pure maple syrup over Aunt Jemima or Log Cabin (corn) syrup, taking a minute to see where your favorite restaurants’ syrup comes from—and encouraging them not to buy the stuff imported from Canada—can help put an end to the seal slaughter.

Why maple syrup?

Canada produces about 85 percent of the world’s maple syrup, an industry that rakes in around $C213 million each year. Our newest campaign encourages restaurants and grocery chains to boycott Canada’s multimillion-dollar syrup industry. By persuading businesses to sign our pledge, you’ll be letting the Canadian government know that the country is going to get a serious hit in the wallet unless it declares an end to the seal massacre.

If your local eatery is already using American maple syrup, pour it on thick (it’s safe to use Aunt Jemima and Log Cabin too) and thank the owner that no seal blood was spilled for your breakfast or brinner.

Posted by Shawna Flavell

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  • Shawna Flavell says:

    Stephanie Heffernan Thanks for your comment. We will be responding to it via email shortly.

  • Linda says:

    Canada. How about you stop moaning on how ridiculous Peta is to boycot Maple syrup and How about You get up of your lazy asses and do something to stop this unforgivable sadistic slaughter of seals ?? You have big mouthes Canada and No Action. At least Peta are doing all in their power to stop this heartless torture and What are you doing ? Not enough Canada to stop this terrible crime. You need a Big kick in the ass. Can you imagine how these poor animals must suffer To suffer is the worst thing Ever. Can you imagine having your skull bashed in. Have a heart. And take Action Now. You are known in Switzerland as Canadian heartless Monsters. Yes Monsters.

  • Pierre says:

    Boycotting canadian maple syrup is a major mistake that will backfire why ? Most canadian maple syrup is produced in Qubec which holds a 40 separatist population the rest of Canada is not very favorable to Qubec that boycott will only serve the separatist cause and if Qubec becomes an independant nation they certainly will hunt seals because they will need any revenue possible.

  • Christian Rioux says:

    You americans a so ridicule. How can hurting maple producer do anything to help against seal hunt? It only show how short sighted you are. And even the seal hunt is nothing to be worried it has been proven that they died instatly. How is it different from slaughering baby lamb? The only difference is that the blood in on the ice instead of on the floor of a hidden slaughterhouse. An Europe has no lesson to teach us with their corrida where they put animals to death after long suffering.

  • Ayla Carlson says:

    you guys stop sippin on the haterade these animals get enough b.s. as it is so peta i suggest that you DON’T stop th campain and good luck those others hater out there shuv some tofu down your throats!! best regards! Ayla

  • Eric says:

    Please think about this and stop the campaign. How credible can you be with comments like this If your local eatery is already using American maple syrup … thank the owner that no seal blood was spilled for your breakfast or brinner. Come on let’s be serious…

  • Georges says:

    If you’re vegetarian and not supporting the seal industry I understand. But if your not vegetarian and eating meat well it’s a real non sense. PETA is acting like real idiots by asking people to boycott a industry not related to the seal industry. Do you think people from the maple industry will take the plan or the boat to ask the people on the seal industry to stop? Well if you are you live in a miracle world. I hope one day people will realize the brainwash PETA is doing to them and will finally see why seal hunting is important.

  • pat says:

    Well…I think this behavior of boycotting maple syrup from Canada is completely wrong! First off this like alot of posters said this is targetting the wrong industry. Americans have been boycotting loads of products and byproducts from Canada for years. Take for example when America Boycotted Canadian beef due to mad cow disease for which only one case has been diagnosed within Alberta who might have been infected from bonemeal imported from USA. Another example was the boycott of Canadian lumber. Sometimes I’m just wondering what the hell is wrong with American radicalists! Sometimes i wish Canada was as selfsufficient as Switzerland … I hope some people should get their heads checked out!

  • Kim says:

    There are many ways to support the welfare of animals. I don’t have to look like a moron through PETA to do so. Peta is an organization that has people send in there money and flash the PETA name only to have themselves look stupid because of idiots that come up with nonsense ideas like this one that don’t help the animals and is more of a shot to Canadians. How dare you take money from Canadians and maple syrup makers only to slap them in the face with it. oh and by the way do you actually think Canada needs the U.S. to make money from there maple syrup??! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I have a full jug of Canadian maple syrup in my fridge but I think I’m going to go out and buy another one!

  • James W. says:

    American PETA supporters should instead boycott the next Vancouver Winter Olympics….. More tickets for us sane people….

  • Janet Rogers says:

    What the hell was PETA thinking? I have been a long time PETA supporter and actually signed this petition without reading the full content because I had complete trust faith and respect for PETA. This is the first time I have found myself feeling embarrased to be a PETA supporter. I am going to chalk this one up to a big mistake on PETA’s part and am hoping to hear a public apology very soon. This is just WRONG. Boycotting an industry that has absolutely nothing to do with the seal hunt in any way and in fact is not made with any animal byproducts is completely unacceptable. PETA…please take action to correct this! Janet Rogers Vancouver BC

  • PETA say sorry now? says:

    First off I’m Canadian and I’m vegetarian and I do not support the seal industry. I’ve been reading most of the comments here and 98 of the people seem to be sane enough to realize that this is wrong. Wrong target. Wrong people paying for it. The most ideal target for this boycott would be seal products or even the fishing industry. As for the 2 of Americans that have stated that this boycott is a good idea have cancelled their trips to Canada etc etc. I’m going to reciprocate. I have no plans to visit the USA while this boycott is in place and have no intentions of buying American products. Which is a shame because I had planned on going to Florida to help out at a big cat sanctuary. I would not have signed up with PETA if I didn’t think it was worthwhile. They’ve really opened my eyes and have done great works but this is the straw that broke the camels back. I’ll be sure to inform as many Canadians as possible about this and hopefully once you’ve got enough of an angry uproar you’ll realize that this is wrong. I expect a retraction or apology from PETA to Canadians specifically the maple farm industryover this issue as well. Thoroughly disgusted Jaime

  • dot says:

    I can’t believe this boycot maple syrup. You’re talking about apples vs oranges. It makes no sense what so ever. I don’t know who started this campaign but I think they have their head in the sand. Destroy an industry that has nothing to do with seal hunting. You are gaining ground with the seal hunt boycot so why not stay with a tried and true method that makes sense or did you miss that European countries are considering a ban on seal fur. I’ve always supported peta but this is ridiculous.

  • Joanna says:

    This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever herd! It is campaigns like this that make me hang my head in shame to even be associated with Peta. sigh I do love Peta and agree with the causes we support but some times I wonder what you staff we’re thinking. We Canadians don’t boycott every thing American for the injudicious in your country.

  • Kevin says:

    I’m going to boycott hockey. That will show them. Retarded ideas like this are why the majority of people mock PETA despite its greatly benevolent causes.

  • Lynne FitzGerald says:

    Because of this stupid and mean boycott of innocent people I have lost total confidence in both PETA and Care2. Two organizations that I have supported for years. I have never heard so many really stupid comments about a cause before. For God’s sake boycott the Canadian Winter olympics or something. How can boycotting the products of a few farmers who own a stand of maple trees make any sense in the big picture. I am so disappointed in PETA and Care2 that I am going to resign from their maling lists to find another group which knows how to protest for just causes in an intelligent way. This whole maple syrup thing is a sad joke. Most of the maple syrup sold in the United States is not real anyway it’s got artificial flavoring. Make sure you read the label. LOL you wouldn’t want to be boycotting artificial maple syrup. Give it up

  • Canadiangirl says:

    I am a great supporter for PETA and what this organization has done for the innocent lives of other animals. I have to disagree about the boycott though. I am Canadian and I have always been upset with the Canadians supporting this slaughter every year. I am a great lover for Maple Syrup and there are many small Maple syrup operations across Canada that doesn’t deserve to be the “Whippingboy” for this issue. I believe that it is the fashion industry and other countries that find parts of seals a delicusy to eat to be at fault. Also the government has not brought it up becuase it is political suicide just like gay marriage in the USA. Letting it be known to the public that the seal slaughter is going on is the best way. Boycotting Maple Syrup is just silly. Maple Syrup industries don’t have the power to make the government change this. Go to the Oil industry in Western Canada. They have more power to change things. Stop driving your cars and stop buying plastic products becuase most of your fuel is coming from us anyway. You just picked the maple syrup becuase it is an easier target..not fare.

  • dani3 says:

    Boycotting ALL exports from Canada is a good idea to send ALL Canadians a message about ignoring the cruelty happening in their own country. Furthermore maybe if the Maple Syrup Industry would donate $1.00 from every maple syprup sale to help to help stop the seal slaughter they could abolish the blight that the seal hunt puts on Canada. This goes for other Canadian Industries as well. Canadians know better and they know its wrong but in many cases they just don’t care until it affects their personal finances. Most Canadians will never see a seal in their whole lifetime much less a seal slaughter… and thats why the cruelty continues… BTW I’m Canadian and I prefer Aunt Jemima but if the Maple Syrup peole give a little help to the cause I may throw some money their way too. And thats money I would have spent on Aunt Jemima otherwise. The maple syrup people could make lemonade out of lemons if they cared about the Seal slaughter. All it takes is to show some compassion. I’m curious and hopeful to see what happens.

  • erin snyder says:

    I read labels and if I see any info such as “Product of Canada” or “Made in Canada” I won’t buy the product no matter what it is!

  • Lynne FitzGerald says:

    I guess the people who have decided to boycott Maple syrup don’t realise that it is a specialty item produced by a cottage industry in Canada just as it is in New Hapshire and Vermont and Maine. In fact it is mainly harvested by lone families in New Brunswick Nova Scotia and Quebec all the provinces that border on the north eastern USA. What they have to do with the seal hunt is zero. Also they are a very small group of people. It will affect only them and have no impression what so ever on the Canadian economy. I have been a member of Care2 for many years. Now that I realise how stupid and mean this little boycott is I am beginning to wonder how many other causes that I have supported have been just as stupid based on incorrect information??? When you don’t know the facts you are blind. I guess I have been hoodwinked by Care2 all along. Perhaps it’s time I cancelled my email access.

  • Tamra says:

    Eva Perhaps you should take your fur coat which I’m sure is just ATTRACTIVE and go help the starving kids and adults in 3rd world countries. I’m not sure how I feel about this boycott yet. There are definitely some good points made. I understand putting pressure on the people that live there in hopes to make some change…… but I too fail to see the connection. I think I’m in more support of boycotting the Olympics being held in Canada rather than this syrup crusade.

  • linda (Canada) says:

    No more maple syrup for our family….we’re with the seals!

  • Adrienne says:

    Boycotting maple syrup farmers makes no sense… they do no harm to any type of animal. Hey I have a great idea why don’t you Americans boycott the fresh water or power that you buy from us?

  • David Adams says:

    Given the place that maple syrup has in the daily breakfast of many vegetarians or at least us those of us in Canada could you not have picked something a little more….hmmm…. thoughtful andor appropriate to boycott? How about something like….oh I don’t know…. hockey “socialized” healthcare Saskatoon berries wild rice canola or even uniquely Canadian TV series such as Corner Gas or reruns of Kids in the Hall. How about boycotting our oil and gas from the Alberta tarsands you know something really meaningful and relevant? Boycotting maple syrup and their suppliers many of whom might just be cardcarrying vegetarians vegans and PETA supporters seems a little misplaced and shortsighted don’t ya think eh?

  • Antoine says:

    Bill Allen. 1. You have been confused by government propaganda. The government wants to blur the line between the COMMERCIAL seal hunt and the Inuit “subsistence” hunt. The COMMERCIAL seal hunt is not done by Inuits. It is done by Newfoundlanders. And they make very little money out of it. All they want is the fur and they dump the animals bodies on the ice. THEY DO NOT USE ALL THE ANIMALS. And they have no respect for the animals. 2. Seals are not the livelihood for ANY inuits in 2009. They all live in heated houses not igloos they all drive SUVs and ATVs no sleds. They all have big screen TVs and toasters. Inuits do not eat seal they eat hamburgers and fries. Once in a while they hunt seals for “traditional” reasons only. At best sealing is a “traditionnal” hobby for Inuits.

  • adam brunelle says:

    First…Why should’nt we boycott Mc DonaldsWendy’sPizza HutBurger KingPFK and OGM products?These lovely industries are sooooooo worse than seal huntingby the way seals are overpopulating..You talk about some bloody murderers that cultivate maple syrup when you have these basrds in your country?I have no doubt that american maple syrup is filled with chemical products..I have no doubt that somebody could get cancer by consumming american maple syrup..This is a crime..I’m afraid that people will start to boycott PETA with these nonsense ideas… This is my word Adam

  • Mike says:

    I’m taking it one step further and boycotting all industries who have nothing to with the seal hunt just to teach everyone a lesson! wait.. that doesn’t make any sense does it?

  • lois dewar says:

    I cannot believe the stupidity in banning eating of maple syrup because of seals. There is no rationality to this type of effort. This is why people have negative feelings about the group PETA. You do a lot of good work but seriously this is STUPID. You are harming a group of people who have nothing to do with killing of seals by boycotting their product and natural canadian maple syrup is actually better for you than American crap. If you are going to punish anyone punish the industry that kills the seals not innocent maple syrup producers. I agree that the seal hunt is wrong but this is not the answer.

  • Jackie W. says:

    Absolutely wrong target!!! I have emailed the Ontario Maple Syrup Association with this information and will support THEM in boycotting the boycott! Enough is enough! Target the correct industry. Signed A proud Canadian who doesn’t care for maple syrup but is not looking to boycott an innocent industry

  • Cynthia says:

    I am all for stopping this needless killing but boycotting Canadian Maple Syrup would also be killing allot of the lively hood of many farmers. One has nothing to do with the other. It is like punishing a child for something that a stranger did in the next town! Where is the logic in this? I will not be partaking in this boycott.

  • Jonny says:

    I’m going to side with seal hunting because the last website I went to was prohunting and they didn’t require my email address. Yes I realize that makes about as much sense as this boycott. But no seriously if seals aren’t strong enough to fend for themselves and if they don’t want to “get busy” enough and procreate then they deserve to go extinct. Ok now seriously… actually no I’m done.

  • Jamie says:

    Ummm…. I understand PETAs work and I understand the need for PETA to bring this into the publics light but Maple Syrup the processing of Maple Syrup and certainly not the farmers are responsible for killing baby seals. As a Canadian I can say this hurts the wrong people. It’s not hurting the sealers it hurts Maple tree farmers and it is wrong. The Sealers are still getting paid for what they do and farmers are taking a dip in sales. I also noticed the log is the Maple leaf painted in blood nice touch. The next campaign can be “Maple Syrup is murder.” or something rediculous like that.

  • Demi says:

    Maple syrup production has nothing to do with seal slaughter. I usually approve of Peta’s campaigns but this one is totally unfunded and useless.

  • Anna says:

    This boycott is completely ridiculous and irrational. Maple syrup has nothing to do with seals. This boycott will only hurt small farmers and family businesses that currently produce the syrup and will do nothing about the seal hunt. It makes no sense to treat Canada as you would one small company responsible for an inhumane practice. Would it make sense to boycott rice or another random product produced in the USA because some completely unrelated industry in the USA like the entertainment industry is responsible for some inhumane treatment of animals? No. Therefore I DO NOT SUPPORT THIS BOYCOTT and I urge others to disregard it as well.

  • Pier-Andrà says:

    I’m deeply against seal hunting but I find this measure utterly stupid. As a Canadian who live in a family of Maple Sirup producers I ca tell you’re not hitting the good guys. I find it weird to attack Maple Sirup producer. It is a market that is tough and small producer will be hurt by such action. What’s the point in harming those honest producers? These aren’t the one who kill seals they’re just trying to live with their small industry. What if we stopped buying oranges from California to stop war in Irak? It would make no sense. Please reconsider your actions. There must be a way to make some noise without making collateral damage. It’s like blowing up buses for the liberation of a state there’s no point in doing that. Yes it makes people talk but the wrong people are aimed here.

  • Maddison says:

    PETA this is an absolutly ridiculous and nonsensical campaign. Why would you want to boycott a natural vegan product that is widely used as a natural sweetner in delicious vegan baking and punish an industry that has NO LINK WHATSOEVER to the seal hunt? I am Canadian and will not support PETA any longer. You are making your supporters look stupid along with yourselves.

  • Blair says:

    So I came here expecting this to be a parody site and much to my amusement it was an ultraparody site. To read people suggesting that maple syrup producers should be the spearhead used to stop the seal hunt is something even Monty Python would have considered too far fetched. I’m waiting for someone to break out into the “Lumberjack Song” but until then I will continue to marvel at how PETA seems unable to miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

  • Carla says:

    Bill Allen really?? That’s why they skin them and leave their corpses’ to rot on the ice flows. It’s ignorant people like you that this slaughter continues and have to go to extemes in order for everyone to listen!! Do you think Peta wants to do this!? They would rather the MURDERING of innocent seals for no reason BUT to wear THEIR pelts and make silly fur figurine animals out of be a thing of the past!! Boycotting seafood didn’t work pinching the governments a didn’t work crying and emailing doesn’t work!! Make people see in the good ol’ US of A that people won’t stand for it anymore!! Don’t worry Canadian maple syurp will be around alot longer then you think regardless of the boycott!! Yes I’m Canadian!!

  • raoul duke says:

    What do seals have to do with maple syrup? This boycott is pure lunacy and is undermining the credibility of the cause. I will not support this boycott. As a matter of fact i am going to the store right now and buying a few bottles.

  • Devon says:

    As a Canadian who is very opposed to the seal hunt most Canadians are.. I think that you have really step back and reconsider your boycott of Maple Syrup.. It’s illogical the maple syrup industry and the seal hunt are not connected at all other than the fact that they are both Canadian. I think I’ll start a boycott of airplanes steel weapons electronics automobiles and information technology because the unfair treatment of pigscows and hens in your country.

  • Eva says:

    I think we sometimes need a friendly reminder about the bigger issues and problems in our world today that affect mankind. Millions of children and adults alike suffer in 3rd world countries due to starvation. I’m sure they would love to eat a seal’s heart right about now but they’re not given that option. You very rarely hear about their struggles on the news but boycotting syrup to protect seals? This issue takes centre stage? UNREAL. I think if PETA wants to be successful and gain more support they should change their name and cause to PETH Protection and Ethical Treatment of HUMANS BTW….I own a fur coat and wear it with pride because it was donated to me by Inuits who consumed all parts of the animal before they slaughtered it.

  • tg says:

    so in order to stop people from eating meat you are going to put farmers out of business. that is the best idea ive ever heard. really it is. you guys are so smart. whats next ? by the way killing of ‘baby seals’ are already illegal in canada. Lend yourself some credibility by being honest. please.

  • tucker says:

    this seems more like an attack on canada than anything else. Maybe when you boycott canada’s maple syrup canada will stop sending their oil to the US ? then you can go and destroy your own coast line to heat your house. maybe when you put the farmers out of business they too will go and hunt seal or bears since they wont have any other way to eat. what do farmers have to do with maple syrup? dumb idea. have fun making enemies north of the border.

  • Karen says:

    I agree with many of the commenters above. It is ridiculous to punish a farming community that have nothing to do with the seal hunt. You can’t expect an unrelated community of mostly small producers to take on this fight in response. More likely you’ll see a backlash and antiPETA stance. Give your heads a shake. I support PETA but not this fight.

  • David says:

    i wont be doing this. why boycott maple? its stupid punish people for what they havnt done. i used to be big into peta but with more weird ideas. not so much

  • My_Friend_The_Enemy says:

    I was planning a trip to Canada in 2010. I cancelled and do not buy any Canadian products.

  • Graham Brown says:

    As a Canadian I think Americans must think very hard of what to boycott if PETA wants to really make a stand. Boycotting mom pop operations will do nothing. As for a tourism boycott that will take in effect Jun 1st with the new passport requirements needed to cross the boarder. Since most Americans do not have passports that in effect will keep millions of Americans out of Canada. For any boycott to work you must pick the right industries. History has shown that to get the biggest bang for your dollar go after the multinationals. What better boycott than picket ConEd or other importers of natural gas or importers of hydro. This way the fat cats are the ones who become the target and look what they did to Wall Street.

  • Andrew Hamilton says:

    I will never support PETA as this instance exemplifies the shortsightedness of the organization. I am offended as a Canadian who has never even seen a seal supported the seal industry i dont even know anyone in the industry In fact we’re talking about a $13mil industry which is peanuts in comparison to GDP. I am mostly dissapointed in the fact that this organization is so quick to 1.relate 2 very different geographically and otherwise industries and punish one because of another’s action 2.spread rhetoric about a group of people based on something that a minute of the population does. I don’t necesarily support this industry because i dont eat seal meat or wear seal pelts but i don’t believe there is a reason to stop hunting these animals as long as it is done in a sustainable and humane manner. I think some of us forget where we get much of our food from when we start complaining about one specific way of killing animals. The maple syrop industry is also not a very large part of GDP. If one was to do some due diligence they would realize that energy and commodity exports are where we make money. I believe that having a cause is important but one must determine if it is 1.a cause that needs to be faught 2. why we are fighting the cause 3. how can we effectively fight this cause without negatively affecting bystanders. RESPECT for everyone OPEN your eyes and see true motive

  • Shiloh says:

    This makes absolutely no sense. Why should we boycott Canadian syrup and hurt the farmers who have nothing to do with the situation? And why should we force them to protest? Not very fair in my opinion. We give up some syrup and they pay the price? I want the seals to stop dying as much as anyone but this is WRONG.

  • Kriilin Namek says:

    Oh no..the Canadian military industrial maple syrup complex!! Get the hell out of your parents basements and figure out what the world’s really about!