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Save Seals: Boycott Canadian Maple Syrup

Written by PETA | May 26, 2009


When it comes to what we drizzle on our pancakes, grits, and oatmeal, we’ve all got our preferences. If, like me, you prefer pure maple syrup over Aunt Jemima or Log Cabin (corn) syrup, taking a minute to see where your favorite restaurants’ syrup comes from—and encouraging them not to buy the stuff imported from Canada—can help put an end to the seal slaughter.

Why maple syrup?

Canada produces about 85 percent of the world’s maple syrup, an industry that rakes in around $C213 million each year. Our newest campaign encourages restaurants and grocery chains to boycott Canada’s multimillion-dollar syrup industry. By persuading businesses to sign our pledge, you’ll be letting the Canadian government know that the country is going to get a serious hit in the wallet unless it declares an end to the seal massacre.

If your local eatery is already using American maple syrup, pour it on thick (it’s safe to use Aunt Jemima and Log Cabin too) and thank the owner that no seal blood was spilled for your breakfast or brinner.

Posted by Shawna Flavell

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  • Bill Allen says:

    Do you people not know that the seal hunt is a way of life for these people. Thier very survival depends on it. They use every part of this animal Nothing is wasted. Why would you want to harm people’s livlyhoods .

  • drew says:

    It is a legitimate way of sending a message to Canada by boycotting something Canada is known for. AND how about all the OTHER farmers who get helped by THEIR syrup being purchased instead right? In fact maybe PETA can recommend a great syrup product to buy instead. How about Vermont maple syrup or something? Maybe PETA can set up a deal with a coupon link from PETA’s website to a syrup that is not from Canada!

  • bruce2112 says:

    Thanks for giving me yet another reason to boycott AMERICAN products. Hurt CDN mom pop sugarbushes to punish sealers in newfoundland? Brilliant…

  • Lydia from BC, Canada says:

    Brad… “When I see Canadian maple syrup farmers marching on the capital demanding an end to the seal slaughter I will resume buying their syrup.” Really?!? That’s like saying “Chefs we’re going to boycott all of your restaurants until you march on Washington to protest evil accountants” or some such insantity. There is no logical connection between the two industries aside from the countries in which they occur. Why not boycott the companies which purchase and use sealskins for their products?!? Why not address the economic needs of those who are in the trade and offer them training in alternative occupations so they can see that they aren’t dependant on this?!? There are so many strong and logical options to protest this stupid hunt the “logic” of going after maple syrup of all things is so pathetic. Most PETA boycotts make sense like “Don’t buy dog food from Iams to get Iams to stop animal testing”… or “Don’t eat at KFC to protest what they allow their suppliers to do”… this one however is very very disappointing. Instead of supoprting the green vegan products of Canada we’ll boycott them to protest how somebody else in a totally separate industry is behaving. Super smart. We’re all obviously opposed to the seal hunt. It’s terrible but you’re not going to change one industry by attacking people in another. Go after the government go after the fishing industry go after anything vaguely related… but what the heck?!? Maple syrup farmers?!? Random.

  • lookingup says:

    Other slaughters to boycott Foie gras that’s where they force feed geese so we can eat pt. Beefporkchicken that’s where they kill animals so we can eat their meat. Such hypocracy!! Killing baby seals? It’s illegal you know. Don’t be pulled in by the false information.

  • Dave says:

    Thank you? Thank you for insulting my traditional way of life. Thank you for disregarding my heritage. While others pollute my air and water tear down my forests and destroy my family farms in order to build subdivisions I at least have the honesty to live with my environment. I’ve taken life to feed myself I’ve taken it with respect and ethically. So I say thank you for showing me why I must fight harder than ever to preserve my way of life.

  • Philippe Cotter says:

    In my anger I forgot to mention perhaps the most important point. Canada doesn’t need america to buy it’s maple syrup. I read an article from La Presse not too long ago stating that demand for maple syrup within Quebec was growing faster than what producers could provide them with and as such prices were going up. So you know what PETA’s short sighted reactionary measures will have absolutely no effect on the Canadian economy. All of the maple syrup will be sold and the farmers will feel absolutely nothing. Good job at showing the world how ignorant you really are. Maybe you should start boycotting oil while we’re generating ideas for you guys I’m sure it will be just as effective.

  • Philippe Cotter says:

    Boycotting Maple Syrup? What the hell is wrong with you PETA I’m an ardent vegan and supporter of animal rights I even volunteer at the local humane society and have been partaking in efforts to stop the seal hunt. But this? You’ve gone way too far. Like someone else said why don’t you boycott hockey while you’re at it it will make just as much sense. You’ve completely lost it AND my support and you can bet that I will be sharing my feelings about this with anyone who can listen.

  • Jollean says:

    why would you boycott canadian maple syrup when the people whose lively hood depend on this product. They don’t slaughter the bloody seal. That would be like someone cutting off your livelyhood because you like the seals. Get a brain and think about this type of stupidity. Find something else to do with your stupid life

  • Missy says:

    not only will we be boycotting Canadian Maple Syrup but we will be boycotting anything from Canada. I am all for a boycott of the United States when our military attacked and occupied Iraq. Yep I will gladly sink with my country if it is doing something corrupt and cruel. So WTF is wrong with some of you whiners who can not handle a Canadian Maple Syrup boycott? Take a hit yes even a personal hit to stop animal cruelty. i want you to remember John Robbins who gave up a multimillion dollar icecream empire because he had the balls to do what is right. he realized the cows were being brutalized to make icecream and took a personal hit to do what is right. remember your priorities life is more important than money! Grow some balls! and to that cad who says he will start eating cows because PETA is boycotting maple syrup..if your ethics are that conditional…you never had empathy anyway so really who cares what you do. maybe next you will threaten to dunk your head in a toilet.

  • sarah hancock says:

    I am Canadian and i a m opposed to the seal slaughter but boycotting maple syrup has nothing to do with saving seals. I have offically removed myself from your email list and will not be visiting your site anymore… this boycott will only be hurting farmers who have nothing to do with the seal hunt

  • Antoine says:

    Ok. So I was not sure what I thought of this. At first I thought “this makes no sense what does maple syrup have to do with the seal hunt.” Then I thought well Maple Syrup is a symbol of Canada I mean no disrespect to Vermont Maple Syrup producers but our Canadian Maple syrup is just well the real deal So it being a symbol of Canada it becomes almost symbolic so I thought “ok this boycott makes sense.” then I read what some others posted and the most convincing points are maple syrup is a pretty “green” industry. maple syrup is vegan. maple syrup producers are mostly small poor farmers. then I realized that this is a VERY bad idea. The boycott of seafood makes sense because seafood comes from the same place as the seals. Boycotting tourism to newfoundland also makes sense. But this does not. I am Canadian and I am still a PETA supporter no need to be sooooo dramatic people and to say that you are going to stop supporting PETA just because you don’t agree with one campaign guess what people! PETA staffers are people just like you they are not perfect and they can come up with bad ideas jeeesh So I am still very much a PETA supporter but PETA please stop this maple syrup boycott campaign. It is a bad idea. The Olympic campaign is great! But I will go out right now and buy a big ol’ jar of Canadian preferably Qubec Maple syrup. P.S. and as for the vegetarian maple farmer who will kill a cow out of spite against PETA well if you are willing to give up what you supposedly believe in and kill an innocent animal just because you don’t agree with a PETA campaign then dare I say you don’t have much selfrespect.

  • dee says:

    Don’t worry Canadian syrup farmers I will not boycott you for this. I think that the slaughter of seals is disgustingly sick and needs to be stopped by Canadians and other countries that allow such behavior to continue but boycotting syrup for this makes no sense. This does not help the cause.

  • Mandy says:

    Oh my God I just saw this in the news and I think it needs to be countered. I don’t know how to contact PETA so I just posted it here.

  • Neil Warne says:

    And not just the boycotts of Canadian seafood but of tourism and other products and the hostility that many people are starting to feel towards Canada…when the massacre ends that will end. You see if it doesn’t.

  • Brad says:

    This is an excellent idea. When I see Canadian maple syrup farmers marching on the capital demanding an end to the seal slaughter I will resume buying their syrup.

  • Michael Gadoua says:

    We would like the Canadian government to abolish the slaughter of seals but how does boycotting another industrys product help this cause? I know that many who produce maple syrup are against the massacre of seals wont such a boycott alienate our supporters in Canada? Similar to the gays seeking rights in San Francisco they blocked the Golden Gate Bridge instead of bring attention to their cause and educating the public they alienated the public. Boycotting maple syrup distracts from our actual cause alienates those who would otherwise be supportive and fails to affect the seal hunters and the buyers and manufacturers of seal skin. Please rethink how we choose our targets to further animal rights.

  • Ty says:

    Boycotting maple syrup isn’t going to stop the government all thats going to do is make farmers go broke thus less vegetables you would need to actually do something towards the government and yes i am canadian.

  • NT says:

    I want the seal hunt to end so badly that I immediately signed my name to the boycott of Maple Syrup but after thinking about it I regret doing it. Like many people said here these farmers have NOTHING to do with the seal hunt and are farming syrup not animals so we should not go after them. We should step up the boycott of Canadian seafood or tourism to Newfoundland and Labrador and Quebec. Please leave Maple farmers alone.

  • Gregor Wilson says:

    Although I appreciate much of the hard work and strong voice gives to those who can’t speak for themselves PETA’s latest boycott of maple syrup for the seals is just plain stupid. I mean really maple syrup and seals? I will continue to buy Canadian maple products and support the forestmaple workers many of whom are small independent farmers. Get a grip PETA. I’m removing myself from any PETA support until you stop this campaign. Try a small amount of Canadian maple in your coffee in lieu of sugar. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm good!

  • Tom says:

    please connect seals and syrup. You are talking about impacting small farmers by boycotting their commodity when most if not all have never killed a seal. This seems like a contrived almost quixotic “cause”

  • Vegetariansmakebetterlovers says:

    nemet A Canadian Strongly Opposed To Seal Slaughter faith chris greg Brian Pam sandra bob ebond Arwen Longe pablo gary… think. This is kind of important saving adorable seals so why not do everything in our power to stop it hmm? If you strongly support something you do everything you can to save it. Like your family. If someone was trying to take everything away from your family then kill them Ahem Obama J.K.!!!!!! wouldn’t you try to slowly work your way from the bottom up to stop the opposer? Start with the lower bodies to convince government you’re coming. Go up their food chain to show them you mean bussiness. Take down the top and tell them to either cut it out or suffer dire consequences. It’s like a pyramid. To make it collapse do you start at the bottom or top?

  • Dee MacDonald says:

    Governor General eats raw seal heart to support hunters Source Canadas Governor General began her Arctic tour by gutting a freshly slaughtered seal and eating a slice of its raw heart according to media reports.

  • Pepsi One is Fun says:

    Maybe its because I buy my syrup locally that I didn’t know this but if its true that the majority of maple farms in Canda are local mom and pop operations then I’m not so sure if this is a great idea. Some people say that it will convince maple farmers to protest but did you ever think telling them about it might work better instead of hurting them financially?

  • Liam says:

    If we stop the seal hunt the seals devastate the fish population. Have you guys ever even heard of the naturalistic fallacy? Also damning the maple syrup industry will result in a whole lot of unused trees that will likely be cut down damaging the wildlife even further. Anyways if you think you can bully Canada bring it. The rest of the rational world is behind us and seriously the maple syrup industry?.

  • Mel says:

    Ebod and others who are like me and going “What the…?” this is PETA and a lot of things simply do not make sense anymore. But sometimes common sense gets shut down here. Yes there are some wonderful people here who are like me and detest the killing of animals for ONE thing such as furs or musk glands or such. However there are some who go to the extreme and think something like this would work. All that said this could work but instead backlash on the American public. What’s not to say that Canada would boycott some American imports for the same reason? It’s a huge and potentially devastating economic effect on BOTH sides and all over seals.

  • Pepsi One is Fun says:

    Brad Hey Brad do you realize how big of a bumhole you just made PETA sound like? So according to your logic even if they protest and they don’t stop then that means their business is doomed. Great.

  • Lydia from BC, Canada says:

    Ummm… I’m really confused here. Canadian Maple Syrup producers have nothing to do with the slaughter. They’re actually producing a vegan product which makes this boycott so confusing to me. I’m a Canadian and don’t know a single person or other Canadian who supports the slaughter and I can’t imagine how this boycott in any way is related… not to mention that maple syrup is nowhere close to our largest export. By boycotting maple syrup this just buys into such an ongoing misnomer and stereotype about what it means to be Canadian we don’t all live in igloos in the snow eat maple syrup every day and wear seal skins. Wow… I’m totally boggled by the lack of logic behind this campaign and disappointed in this stereotype! I’ve been a PETA member and veggie for years and I support the campaign against the seal slaughter but this particular boycott has be so very confused and disappointed!

  • Brian says:

    Guys you often have great ideas and hit the nail right on the head. Keep your protests on topic though. Boycotting Canadian Maple Syrup? Are you idiots? You’re making it very embarrassing to be a supporter of PETA when you come up with completely moronic and unrelated tieins. Now stop this nonsense and find a better way to protest the seal hunt or I’m going to…. um… get my friends to band together and not eat any asparagus for the rest of the year. There. That should solve the problem. Brian.

  • Deborah Ifrah Posluns says:

    I feel so strongly against this barbaric and so cruel slaughter of the seals in canada. this has to stop!!!!

  • Gary says:

    I am opposed to the Seal slaughter. however… The Maple syrup farmers are one of the few truely “Green” agriculture producers and they have NOTHING to do with Seals. This is highly inappropriate and will alienate more people than it will garner support from. First sex and vegetables now this… Remember the Animals PETA…! Get back your focus if you want Support. Thank You for reading. Gary in Tampa

  • John Carmody says:

    The best thing to do is boycott Canadian seafood it will hit the very industry’s who are sealing in Canada.

  • pablo says:

    im against the slaughter and a PETA supporter but this makes no sense! hard working farmers have nothing to do with this and shouldt pay for the consequences of ruthless government policies. this pledge is a public accusation to a nations people not their government and this is wrong!!

  • Arwen Longe says:

    I happen to be a Canadian maple syrup producer who happens to think sealing is abhorrant…I do not support the sealing industry in any way shape or form. The only thing that I might have in common with sealers is that I live in Canada. Why are you attacking an industry that has nothing to do with treating animals unethically and nothing to do with animals period? I have been vegetarian for years partly because of the ethical reasons…I thought you wanted to ENCOURAGE people to eat more plant products? maple syrup is derived from maple trees which are PLANTS!!! This is like saying “boycott canadian salad because of the canadian beef industry”. Why on earth would you even attempt to infer any CONNECTION between seals and syrup? I have always supported you guys not only financially but also by lending my voice to the fight when I could…but now I see that you are turning on me and even turning on your own stated philosophy about how people should ethically sustain themselves. I certainly won’t be sending any more money to an organization that is trying to bankrupt me and it would seem singling out maple syrup producers purely out of spite. PETA is really “CLUBBING itself in the foot” this time. I THINK I NEED A HAMBURGER…there! That’s a perfect way for me to “boycott” PETA’s unfair treatment of myself and other maple syrup producers…by killing a cow grinding up it’s flesh burning it over hot coals and serving it up on a sesame seed bun! After all look at how that cow and all other cows supports PETA and it’s unwarranted attacks on my children and I. That’ll show those stupid cows. You really lost me on this one guys…and in this economy too. You lost me for good.

  • Ebod says:

    Thanks for proving once again that Americans know nothing about Canada. Yeah maple syrup is a signature of ours but it hardly supports our economy. Seriously maple syrup makes up almost nothing of our total revenue so all you’ll be doing is hurting farmers who have nothing to do with the seal slaughter in the first place. I’m all against the seal slaughter but my god you think people could simply google “Canadian economy” first or something before coming up with an inane plan and coming out like morons.

  • Bob says:

    Hey I’ve got a perfect idea to stop the seal hunt…lets boycott hockey! Huh right? Who’s with me? It makes about as much sense as boycotting maple syrup. When the Montreal Canadiens are effectively barred from America the seals will be safe.

  • Robert says:

    I check every item of food I buy and if it’s from Canada I will not buy it. Recently I put back the syrup I was buying the Puffins cereal some veggie hot dogs I support PETA 100!!

  • pam says:

    The majority of Canadians are against the seal slaughter. What I may ask would boycotting maple syrup do to stop it? Nothing since they are two completely different industries. Want to stop the seal hunt? Boycott anything related to the seal hunt itself. Sign every petition you can find. Camp out on Stevie’s front lawn with the remains of seals killed in the hunt. Throw a dead seal at him. Hey one of our former PM’s got pied in the face. If I had a seal carcass and the opportunity I’d “seal” this one. But come on syrup?

  • Sheila says:

    While I am sympathetic to the maple syrup farmers I must side with the boycott. The rest of the world has tried for years to bring an end to the senseless and brutal slaughter of seals in Canada yet the practice continues unabated. Perhaps it will take the engagement of a wider swath of Canadian voters and taxpayers to get the attention of their government and bring about the needed change. A shortterm pinch in the pocketbook is preferable to what the seals endure and I would encourage all Canadians to do their part to end this indefensible practice. Some things are more important than simple economics. This is a moral and ethical issue.

  • Sandra says:

    As well i am a canadian totally against the sealhunt but i don’t think that attacking the maple syrup indusrty is the right course of action to take By Boycotting the maple syrup industry you’ll be greatly affecting the canadian economy and canadians against the seal hunt in return if you wish to stop the seal hunt protest in a way that won’t be affecting anyone but the seal hunt and those directly affiliated with it.

  • Brad says:

    Chris Do you have a better way to pressure Canada into ending the seal massacre? As soon as all Canadians stand up and demand an end to the seal slaughter the sooner the boycott will end.

  • Greg says:

    It’s absolutely absurd to boycott and industry that has nothing to do with the killing of seals.. PETA is losing it..

  • Curtis says:

    I just posted this on a Hillary Clinton supporters site! Thank you PETA. I will not be buying any maple syrup made in Canada.

  • Chris says:

    I am totally against the seal hunt….but boycotting a whole other industry….you’ree practically going against all canadians….and i’m quite offended by this now…..leave an innocent industry out of this….

  • Brad says:

    Nemet Hopefully this campaign will encourage the maple farmers to pressure their government to end the seal slaughter. As far as i know Canadian farmers have not mobilized to stop the tragedy. Maybe this will give them a jolt.

  • Faith says:

    Well i fully understand where your coming from but these farmers work hard and deserve their pay to boycott the government of canada do something that relates to him not something that has to destroy our “Trade Mark” and make canada disapear. We don’t deserve it if you are to try and boycott us do it Directly and not coward out by taking the little man out!

  • A Canadian Strongly Opposed to the Seal Slaughter says:

    I am a Canadian who is strongly against the seal slaughter but the farmers who make maple syrup have nothing to do with the hunters who kill seals. This boycott is a terrible idea it just doesn’t make sense.

  • Nemet says:

    So your plan is to punish farmers who work hard and have a difficult enough time making ends meet as it is by boycotting their product because of an industry they have no involvement in. This makes no sense.

  • Pepsi One is Fun says:

    I’m way ahead of you. Something about New Hampshire and Vermont maple syrup that is yummier. Especially if it comes from a small manufacture.

  • Ellen and Kent says:

    We boycott fish from Canada and now we will do the same for syrup.