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Save Those Lambs’ Backsides!

Written by PETA | April 19, 2010



Last July, we received word that Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) was reneging on its public promise to phase out mulesing by the end of this year. Mulesing is the crude and cruel process of cutting flesh from a lamb’s rump with a tool resembling a pair of gardening shears. Afterwards, the lambs lie on the ground in pain for days, unable to stand up. Had AWI gone to work on a bare-breech (smooth rump) breeding program five years ago instead of shuffling its feet, stalling, suing PETA (to no avail), and trying to promote worthless products for the profit of AWI executives, the Australian wool industry would have met its deadline—but that didn’t happen. Now, PETA is willing to extend our campaign moratorium if the Australian government agrees to implement a genetic program that would eliminate mulesing within two years. It’s time for Aussie officials to stop the mulesing madness.

Thanks to PETA’s education campaign, dozens of retailers and designers worldwide have been so appalled that they have abandoned Australian wool. We’ve asked the office of the U.S. trade representative to make the new timeline a condition of approval of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, which is currently being negotiated with Australia.

Always shun wool and ask Australia’s minister for agriculture, Tony Burke, to act right away.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • Karen Kieckhefer says:

    What kind of humans do this to sheep! Then send for live export! Sharing this is so barbaric and inhumane, thanks PETA!

  • curtis says:

    mulesing is a neccesity in the australian climate. your all little girls

  • Kathrine says:

    It is not barbaric. It saves multiple sheep lives. If this practice does not occur then many will get flystrike causing maggots to grow and eat through their flesh causing blood poisioning. Coming from someone who lives on a farm I have never seen a lamb die from muelsing but have seen others suffer from flystrike. If you can talk about the cruelty of it i’d like to see you look after a flock of 3000 and not have one single one of them get flystrike in summer without being muelsed. In the long term it causes alot less pain for the animals.

  • Charlie Lammers says:

    I signed the petition to end the practice of muelsing because like other sane rational people I want the barbaric practice to end. What I don’t understand is why PETA thinks the people responsible should be given another two years to end the barbaric practice. Or did I misunderstand something in the blog? The people who run the Australian wool indusrty already went back on their word by failing to end muelsing on the previous agreed upon date. I hate to think how many lambs suffered such horrible mistreatment during that time while more civilized members of the human population waited for that day to come. Giving the abusers another two years will allow the suffering to continue. Australian voters who care about animals and especially the Australian SPCA need to be sending enough messages demanding a ban an immediate ban on muelsing to their elected officials so that they simply cannot afford to ignore the problem. I will not buy anything made of wool until muelsing ends.

  • John J says:

    Mulesing is to prevent disease not grow more wool. It’s legal and neccesary.

  • Linda Roberts says:

    We are horrified by such mutilations of sheep and lambs. It might be political and antichristian propaganda that has to be prevented as crimes also against humanity as well as animals!

  • Anonymous says:

    Mulesing saves the sheeps from pain it does not leave them writhing on the ground in pain for days. Prevention of flystrike is paramount in the wool industry. Ask yourself what is worse for the sheep. A small amount of skin off it’s backside that will heal after a few weeks or the laying of maggots in it’s anus that will then spread out cause infections and kill the sheep over a period of months in a horrible and painful way.

  • ginganinja2507 says:

    For people who are wondering Mulesing is a process that was developed by a man whose sheep had terrible infections from flystrike. At the time flystrike caused the painful death of about 3 million sheep per year and while mulesing could be painful if performed incorrectly it prevented the agonizing death of millions of sheep. There are different nonsurgical methods nowadays that are slowly being adopted in New Zealand. Please keep in mind when herders practice mulesing they are doing what they believe is best for the animal that is preventing a terrfiying death from flystrike they have good intentions and simply need time to find another alternative to preventing this. So please learn the reason behind the method before condemning it as undeniably unequivocally evil.

  • Stephanie says:

    I agree! No one has the right to tortue animals. I am so sick of it!

  • kate says:

    this makes me sick! i physically feel sick!! my god who the hell has let farmers think they can do as they please with their stock?? they should be taken to court and severely punished the bastards!!!

  • Chloe says:

    Sorry lambs… you shouldn’t be near humans at all…

  • Chloe says:

    What the hell is that process for?! Bloody humans! Why do we have to torture animals for our greed???!!! Besides lambs are so gentle…

  • Barb says:

    Why do they do this?

  • Debbie sissons says:

    ugh how revolting and that is a civilised country maybe not

  • Carol Hartsock says:


  • meriel white says:

    shame on you Australia…..

  • Lea Graziano says:

    …and Australia is supposed to be a “civilized” nation!!!

  • lala says:

    How could you still be ignorant of what mulesing is and what it used to be used for after reading the article and supporting it with a comment…

  • Marg Durrance says:

    I have never heard of this process before am still a little confused. I have no use for animal abuse of any kind. Unnecessary pain to any animal I cannot tolerate!

  • Lydia Skloven says:

    How can we reach Tony Burke to ask him to act right away?

  • Libby Manis says:

    Do not let this continue.

  • Lisa Scerbo says:

    I am a knitter and I refuse to buy wool yarn from Australia. I’m using only non wool yarn to be sure that I’m not buying wool from Australia. I’m also getting all my knitter friends to skip wool from Australia.

  • Rynn says:

    I’ve been ashamed of belonging to the human race for my whole life. This is one of the many reasons why!

  • ursula walsh says:

    I hate people who abuse animals. Shame to be a human. It is barbaric NEEDS TO STOP Poor little baby’s

  • raichu says:

    Hey PETA just a thought it would be cool if you could enable us to contact people such as Tony Burke in this article without having to open up a new email account.

  • raichu says:

    Consumers need to make it clear that they will not support this practice financially and only when wool is collected humanely will it be purchased. What’s the point of mulesing anyway? What’s the reason wool farmers or whatever you call them do it?

  • Sarah says:

    I own a clothing store and have choosen not to carry wool products due to the cruel practice of Mulesing.

  • yiota mavridoglou says:

    If those farmers are unable to understand how cruel their act is the Australian Government MUST enforce the law. Nobody has the right to torture animals!

  • Jay says:

    A antiabuselabel would maybe the people wake up to think what they wear without this sign.

  • Melissa Berger says:

    This is barbaric!

  • tina campbell says:

    this is cruel and unnessary.please stop these acts of cruelty!!!

  • tina reilly says:

    This is sick barbaric behaviour… unnecessary and disgusting. Would you skin a baby human’s back side? I think not! Then why feel the need to do it a baby animal? Sick and disgusting.

  • stephanie says:


  • claire-hélène BE says:

    i am shocked by what we do on animals! why on earth do we need to do that? not enough do we slaughter those poor lambs but now we cut flesh from them alivefor what? is it helping the animal in any way? no probably not.

  • Mitzi Rothman says:

    It’s time for Aussie officials to stop the mulesing madness. Please act right away.

  • Silke Dallmann says:

    It makes me angry and sad to read how humans treat fellow inhabitants of this earth!