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How to Save Animals with Social Media

Written by Michelle Kretzer | February 9, 2012

Do you sometimes get down in the dumps about cruelty to animals? Me too. But to change that, we need to be gung-ho go-getters, not teary-eyed tissue-wetters. And it has never been easier to initiate changes for animals without even leaving home.

Getting active online takes just a few clicks of the mouse, and since we already use social media almost every day, getting animal rights messages out to hundreds—even thousands—of people is even easier.

See It? Share It!

A one-click way to spread animal-friendly content on any social-networking site is simply to “like” it, give it a “thumbs up,” click “rate 5 stars,” etc.

‘Like’ Animal Abuse?! Yes!

People sometimes hesitate to “like” content that describes or illustrates cruelty, such as an undercover investigative video showing circus trainers who beat elephants.  But by “liking” it, we aren’t condoning the abuse—we’re suggesting that others learn about it so that they will, hopefully, be prompted to act. It seems natural to “dislike” such horrific images, but that can actually discourage people from viewing important content.

Where to Share

Another easy way to help spread the anti-cruelty message is just to post it on your social-networking pages. Post PETA content on the following sites:


    And last, but not least: anywhere—we love it when people share our posts far and wide! 

    Please sign up for our e-news—it’s a great way to get new information to share with others.

    Are you gung-ho yet? Go get ’em!

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    • Maria Arguello says:

      Please help spread awareness that is taking place at the hands of Bandfield Pet Hospital they need to be shut down

    • Laura Ethridge says:

      I have been deleted and people have argued with me about stuff I post on my Facebook page about animal cruelty. One guy told me a trainer was a fraud if he didnt use a twitch on a horse! I have never heard anything as stupid as what he said in my entire life! Total nonsense! It does not make sense why people abuse is some kind of screwed up psychological disorder I think. Normal people dont go around kicking puppies or beating horses or elephants half to death for entertainment or pleasure. I would like to beat the living hell out of every person who has ever abused an animal because they deserve it.

    • Jack says:

      Sorry, I was not thinking clearly. Danielle, the Arabian horse show uses acupuncture. It’s a healthy pain reliever for the horse. Better than pumping all kinds of medications through their system, don’t you think?

    • Jack says:

      Kerensa, if animals and humans were truley the same, then why do we not have a nice piece of human for breakfast instead of bacon? Or why don’t we make a nice sweater out of human hair instead of wool? Each animal has something to offer, just as each human has something to offer. The difference is that us humans find ways to benefit society through our work, rather than the sacrifice of our bodies. No matter what any of you say, farmers, 4-Hers and anyone else that has a large animal background takes precautions to ensure their animals safety to the best of their ability. Sure, there will always be people out there who mistreat them, just as you will have people who shoot other humans for the rush. And Danielle, the draining of the blood goes alongside botox injections so that the horse can get rid of pain. It is like an athlete taking an ibeprofen before running to relieve some knee pain.

    • Danielle says:

      Hello, For many years I was afraid to report abuse in the Arabian horse show industry. I obviously knew something was wrong, when I walked into a prep room at a horse show when a competitor had his horse filled with needles to drain his blood in order to be under control for his performance. Many times I had witnessed abusive whipping and beating these beautiful creatures into submission. I wish that someone could investigate this

    • Paloma55555 says:

      Please provide very specific instructions for how to help. Specifically ways to stop the inhumane killing.

    • Rainy says:

      I saw something really sad on TV yesterday. I was watching a show called shipping wars, and they were going to ship 30 peacocks. The show showed the people grabbing the peacocks to put them in the boxes, and it was not pretty. They were grabbing the beautiful creatures by their legs and stuffing them head first into their cages, where they would have barely enough room to move a wing. And the people were talking about the peacocks like they were just some worthless little money-machines. And, they would also use nets, and the poor things kept on getting stuck. The people trying to get them into the boxes just shook the net until the terrified creatures fell into the boxes. Poor, poor, babies! Animal cruelty is a crime! And I’m gong to tell all my friends and family about this! I don’t know how long ago this took place, but everyone I know is going to know about this. They were mistreating those peacocks for no reason! People just disgust me sometimes.

    • Jerome says:

      Rachael, the best thing to do is get together with other people who WON’T look away, and do want to do something. Organize, educate, and go visit your legislators in person and get better laws passed. The animal torturers only succeed because they speak up, pressure legislators, and organize, as well as get away with telling lies. Expose them! Have a plan. Start small, and celebrate your successes! Even just starting a letter writing, phone calling campaign to legislators works wonders. And find out what groups are involved in animal abuse (Like Center for Consumer Freedom and Rick Berman) Find out how they work, how they pressure legislators and lobby, and form FAKE “animal welfare” groups that actually promote suffering. Knowledge is power!

    • Maria Ulm says:

      Thanks PETA. Since I found you I stopped feeling like an E.T. in a cruel Planet. Now I know there are many inteligent people caring about the animals and, there is hope for a better world for all creatures after all.

    • rachael says:

      I must be doing something right when facebook friends are deleting me because they can’t face dealing with reality that i’m showing them by sharing yours and other animal rights orgainisations posts. I just wish I could get through to them and convert them to a more animal friendly lifestyle. Im constantly signing petitions and sharing information is there anything else I can do?

    • KERENSA says:

      So True. Animals and humans ARE THE SAME!