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Save Animals From Being Killed in Military Training Exercises

Written by PETA | January 11, 2010
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For two years, we’ve been protesting the U.S. government’s declaration of war on animals. The military abuses thousands of healthy animals in trauma training exercises, even though superior non-animal methods are available. In these exercises, pigs are shot, stabbed, and burned; goats have their legs broken with bolt cutters and cut off with shears; and monkeys are poisoned with toxic chemicals.

Now, U.S. Representative Bob Filner (D-Calif.) has joined the effort to replace the cruel and crude use of animals in military medical training by introducing the BEST Practices Act (H.R. 4269). This act, if passed, would replace the current deadly use of live animals with sophisticated, human-focused training methods, such as high-tech human patient simulators, that better prepare soldiers to treat their fallen comrades on the battlefield.

This week, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is leading Citizen Lobbyist Week, encouraging people across the country to back the BEST Practices Act and speak out in behalf of the pigs, goats, and monkeys who are tormented on military bases. You can take action by asking your congressional representative to support the bill. Get out your pleather boots, soldiers—here’s to no more animal casualties!

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • itsnotright says:

    This practice is still happening 🙁 its disgusting and should be stopped.

  • Jstar says:

    First of all I want to say that I’m completely thankful everyday for what our military does. NO ONE would argue that. They risk their lives everyday to keep us safe.. HOWEVER pulling apart live animals while they are awake. (watch the video and read the reports and get your facts straight) they are awake screaming in pain while Military Officers stand by and laugh and cheer like its a game.. REALLY?? and people think that’s ok??? and lets be serious we all know that goes on… lets be honest… I know lots of people in the military and the hazing and abuse that goes on behind the scenes to each other is ridiculous in itself.. Its gone so far sometimes that a Human life is taken… So allowing this BEHAVIOR should not be allowed period.. any person that could laugh while an innocent animal is being TORTURED is sick themselves. Well you what they say though.. any human being that has the ability to abuse and torture an animal has it in them to do that to another human being and that’s why its ILLEGAL to abuse animals in ANY WAY. And just because its the military doesn’t let them off the hook. There’s no need to use live animals, that’s why we have technology.

  • Gisela says:

    Is this the people who are supposed to protect and save life?, Please let me die! How can you live with your self after doing such of horrific act to animals 🙁 SAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD very SAAAADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • Daisy says:

    I did not know this and it makes me upset to have to know that this happens. I have always loved animals & have always wanted o serve my country. Its not right that these animals have to die. We all have different points of views and some people dont understand what really happens to animals. Its not okay that they use animals … Why dont they use people? oh no that’s right because “its different.” its not different animals have lifes and so do humans. There are other alternatives. Our country should be role modes. I dont think I could stand watching animals getting killed just for training or other reasons. They are not reasons.

  • Helen says:

    There is no reason to do this. Send these medics to a hospital emergency room; there’s plenty there for training.

  • ANONYMOUS says:

    I feel that those that are saying that it is cruel training, havent been on the real battlefield, and would wish someone knew what they were doing to save your life possibly.

  • Philly91 says:

    This is disgusting. I cant believe people have the heart to do sutch things. I deeply believe their is abosolutley no reason to use any type of animal for anything besides a companion they also feel pain.

  • Venus says:

    There is NO excuse for this.  No excuse.  I don’t want to hear how torturing an animal to death can save human lives.

    Doesn’t fly.  The training methods will have to be revised.

    There is no excuse.

  • Lawlzatthemisinformed says:

    I love PETA’s don’t let the military fool you with their propaganda and lies about animal abuse story. Meanwhile, they conveniently ignore the fact that the animals used are bought from USDA vendors when they become available for market, IE, instead of being shipped to slaughter houses for consumers they are shipped to the military where they are given ridiculous amounts of respect, required to be treated as if they were human beings during their “service” to the point of calling them battle buddies and before training are fully sedated and anesthetized before they even come in contact with service members. Torture? All they do is go to sleep and not wake up again; but that’s OK because the military can back off and let them get a pneumatic bolt gun to the forehead instead and just end up in your favorite south asian restaurant. Scales of Justice say.. wake up and smell reality. One animal can train an entire team of individuals to save lives. Which means, if one animal that doesn’t end up as clothing, dinner, or glue for your consumption ends up training multiple medics to save just one life each.. I’m ok with the loss given the alternative. And nothing, NOTHING, simulated can come close to the real thing in terms of superior training. It’s like saying getting sprayed with a water hose is superior to a pool when you’re learning how to swim.

  • Gabrielle says:


  • Anonymous says:

    imagine just for a second that your walking down the street and your shot in the stomach and your life is in the hands of a man next to you that happens to be a marine would you want him to be able to save your life and feel confident that he can? we face getting shot at everyday so we do.

  • Cpar239 says:

    This training is key to teaching troops hands on how to save HUMAN lives when the worst happens over seas while we are fighting for YOUR RIGHTS to continue to ignorantly protest everything animal related. I personaly dont care if 1000000 pigs die if it saves the lives of ONE of my brothers that is wounded fighting for your rights to say the things you do. Think about that next time you try to get crucial training banned.

  • Twins says:


  • brooke4peta says:

    THIS IS NOT OKAY! we must do something to stop the abuse! NO animal should suffer!

  • Diana A says:

    Is this what we stand for as Americans?? SHAME ON YOU!! They feel pain too!