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Saturday Morning TV Turns Violent

Written by PETA | May 20, 2009


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Somewhere between the golden cartoon age of Bugs Bunny and the pop-centric youth culture of Hannah Montana, a few television networks thought it would be a grand idea to start airing fishing and hunting shows on Saturday mornings—during that crucial time slot when impressionable children in pajamas slurp soymilk from bowls of cereal and stare wide-eyed at the tube.

Teaching kids that cruelty to animals is acceptable can have a long-lasting and deadly effect. Remember “Son of Sam,” Jeffrey Dahmer, and the “Boston Strangler”? These individuals, like most serial killers, each had a history of abusing and killing animals. So, we’ve sent several network TV stations a letter requesting that they remove hunting and fishing programs from their Saturday morning line-ups, on the basis that those programs glorify violence toward animals and should certainly not be airing at a time when children could stumble upon them.

To paraphrase good ol’ Bugs, “What’s up with that, Doc?”

Written by Jennifer Cierlitsky

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  • All networks are showcasing individuals who are in faux scenarios, where they must commit violence toward animals: Mountain Men, Wild Alaska, Gator Wars, Untamed and Uncut, Animals Gone Wild, etc., etc. – this is more than coincidence, there is a war against animals, where the media is trying to make it appear normal to kill or harm animals for a whole variety of fabricated excuses.

  • A Hunter says:

    PETA step off it is the responsibility of the parent to decide what is appropriate for their kids to watch and what isn’t. I personally love those hunting show and my 5 year old nephew does as well. Does that mean he is then going to go out and beat a stray cat? or strangle a dog just for fun? ABSOLUTELY NOT, i have tought him the difference between hunting and cruelty and to respect every animals life especially the ones that have provided nourishment to both our families.

  • Kurt K says:

    Kel we do use what God gave us to hunt animals. Its called our supperior intelligence. We humans understood a long time ago that we cannot fight animals with our barehands so we developed tools for hunting. Animals are given brute strength while we must rely on our wit. I have hunted but I would by no means call myself a hunter. It is actually much harder than you think. Animals have very keen senses. You don’t just walk through a forest with a gun and shoot things that is not how it works. Hunting isn’t a sport. Its more of a lifestyle.

  • Kel says:

    I dont give hunting or fishing any real cred as a sport!!! Its for wankers only. For the huntersfishers out there…I want to see you use your own muscles to take down these animals and then I will call this a “sport”! There is no skill in baiting animals and then using a gun or a fishing rod to kill them?! If you can wrestle a bear elk or moose to the ground with what god gave you…then you have the right to eat and pray for this animal…until this is achieved this is NOT a spirtual or god loving moment of any kind. This is NOT a bonding moment for dad and the boys and this is NOT a “getting back to nature”…this is just wrong and immoral. I believe this is ruining our children and these shows should be off the air…we are overproducing new little wankers to the world everyday. Stop using weapons to Kill animals!!!! Use yourself if you choose this as a sport and then I might even watch…until then…all hunters and fishers are nothing but tryhards.

  • Aaron says:

    The only reason i came to this site is for a class and all i have to say is that u all have way to much time on your hands and most people are completely out of touch with reality p.s. i hunt and i dont have a small penis

  • Trevor says:

    animals eat animals. the lion eats the zebra and gazelle. many animals are omnivores which mean they eat meat and plants. People who hunt are not “carnivores” they are omnivores. It is natural in nature to eat plants AND meat. Chimps eat meat. Tigers eat meat. People eat meat. the list goes on.You dont get nature.

  • Saucy says:

    Carla Thanks. Your no slouch yourself. I love they way you were kickin but on that sicko mick vic. It’s fun isn’t it. What about “you can’t tell me anywhere in my Bible” Open up your Bibles to page ONE…………..MORONS. I get a kick out of it. When I’m not crying I’m laughing my head off at the well you know …………..FOOLS. Between you and I we could clear ’em out of here.

  • Devan says:

    fitst off this has got to be one of the most childish things that has ever seen im not going to say it is bad to live a vegatarian or vegan I have no right to say it but I don’t think its ok to sit there and judge people for eating meat or nonvegan foods but the fact off the matter is this kind of thing does not cause serial killers people who hunt don’t cause killers they killed animals for a sick and twisted purpose hunters and fishers do this as a resourse and a way to get back with nature and it is a sport I don’t hunt because it not my kind of thing but it doesn’t make it ok to demonize people who do hunt maybe this whole thing started off with where you are raised I was raised where I had to face the facts of life it could that you all who find this appauling where raised sheltered and hidden from life and when you finally grow up and get in the real world these things bother you so much don’t get me wrong I blame or point the finger at anyones parents because that is just not what I do or it could just be me because when I was 8 my cousin died in a freak accident and I had to mature and under stand death and life don’t get me wrong I have no problem with peta I just think they need to do and handle things better such as petsmart that is personal error on the owners behalf not the business’s fault to me it seems peta has a problem with corparations I seem to see more of a problem with the mom and pop shops and petsmart makes it openly available for people to get the proper info and care in litte booklets next to the animals themselves peta is a wonderful organization I think it is great what they do for cruelty I support that because I rescue exotic from people who mistreat them but they need to offer solutions because every time they try a protest that will never offer a solution because it is at the animals expense back to the subject comparing serial killers and hunters is insane see what really happens is they have a really twisted and screwed up childhood because of some tramatic experince such as Ed Gein both off his parants died as a child and that is what drove him to kill and dig up graves of wemen the same age of his mom NOT hunting and fishing see im in high school and I find myself more mature than some people on here such as Gina I want to thank you for my mom ignorant which is actully very childish come on how old are you over something like milk I couldn’t find myself do something like that OVER MILK that little remark about small dks was very scientific I think your just pissed because you coulden’t get any I know this is going to be read by the owner so don’t just cut this out because it expresses a diffrent and be fair about it beacause that it what this is about it’s not give opinions not just uniformly agree abd if you disagree write back I know I said things that may offend write back so I could justify something Devan H.

  • Trevor says:

    I think that hunting is okay. My 11 year old friend goes hunting with his dad and he uses EVERY part of the animal so nothing is wasted. For him it is a great bonding experience with his dad and he he and his dad pray to God for the animal he has killed. It is part of a circle of life. preadator eats prey and gains sustenance. Animals have vital vitamins. ad I think God intends for us to not mistreat his creations but to gain sustenance from them. I drink diary milk and Im not fat and my Mom is nor ignorant so shut up about kids moms Gina I hope you read this. I HUNT ANIMALS but I respect them and know they are going to a better place. MY MOM IS NOT IGNORANT GINA!!!!!

  • Carla says:

    sarah love reading your posts. And Saucy you nail it everytime!!

  • Trish says:

    One of my favorite quotes “Wild animals never kill for sport. Man is the only one to whom the torture and death of his fellow creatures is amusing in itself.” James A. Froude 18181894

  • Saucy says:

    Last night I watched a very disturbing movie about Dennis Radar also known as the BTK killer. Radar said himself he got ideas from television to “strangle” people though he started with dogs. All the gratuitous violence on television is very unwise. But it seems we are living in a culture that values nothing above money. Very sad. Dennis Radar also worked in the meat department of a local grocery store stabbing away at the flesh of tormented animals. BTK stands for Bind Torture Kill. How appropriate. Thats exactly what is done to animals and then they are eaten or in many cases thrown in the garbage. What drives me to near hystericl rage is when people come on this website and claim that this is Gods Will with all the evidence that is put before you. The Bible says that people are destroyed for lack of knowledge but how much more woe will come to those who have knowledge as presented on this website and continue to do what is wrong. I know sometimes I sound very harsh sometimes in anger I hastily post my response to what is truly offensive to me and I am truly thankful that they edit some of my posts. Thank you. But come on people how can you think that a loving merciful God approves of BTK. Do you not examine these scriptures for yourself? Do you not pray for Revealation. My deepest sympathy and sadness goes out to the fools who so audatiously come on here and defend what is wrong. The Bible says also that so a man thinketh in his heart so he shall become. If you believe that you serve a god that approves of this horrific slaughter you may just get what you believe in HELL.

  • Carla says:

    Tom lol!! Thanks Gina!!

  • Tom says:

    anyone looking for a message in “Hanna Montana” has WAY too much time on their hands.

  • Saucy says:

    Dear PETA It is a privilage to be a part of this uphill battle this good fight. It is blessing. I am blessed to be a part of this organization. To the hunters who do not think their deeds will turn them into serial killers I got news for you you are already a serial killer. I can’t imagine what it must be like to try to raise children in this culture of violence. When I was in high school our biggest fear was getting a hold of parquat pot. Now these kids have to worry about going to school and being shot. Shame on you you gun toting serial killers. Where do you think these ideas sprung from? I can tell you where from TV thats where. People eat violence and they entertain themselves with violence and they are becoming hard hearted and desensitized to violence. There is a reason why Jesus said beloved do not imitate evil because so a man thinketh in his heart so he shall become. And there is a reason why God forbade us from consuming the blood of beasts.

  • sarah says:

    Kurk First I am 35 years old and don’t remember my family having to hunt to survive in 1989. I don’t know what you define as ancestors but 2050 years ago I would define as my parents and grandparents. Please provide scientific fact that 20100 years ago people had to hunt to survive. I am not talking about crystal balls or the infamous carnivore “common knowledge” that veggies are religiously subjected to. I suppose 200 years ago people in the south would have claimed that they needed their cotton picked in order to survive too right? The fact of the matter is if people had not eaten meat life would have most likely evovled in some other way. And my spinach and tomatoes wouldn’t have been contaminated and recalled because of your factory farm runoff. Bonus. Normally I am used to this kind of lunacy wrapped up to imitate logic and let it roll of my back but you are exactly the kind of person I was refering to when talking about idiots that want to fight. It’s MADDENING that YOU feel so righteous in pointing out to ME what is natural. I am not going to go into the repercussions of factory farming because if you actually visited Peta for any reason other than to ram your views down vegn throats you would know. Suffice it to say there is nothing natural about strict and cruel confinement cannabalism mass antibiotics or the interweaving of industries ie dairy cows supply meat milk and veal so your little idealic picture of the Indiana farmer is fantasy and I live in Indiana. The point is to make as much money for the least amount of work and animal welfare be damned. Guess what?? Genetically modified animals and the creation of turducken isn’t natural either. Clearly my post absolutely soared above your head. One being that just because it “was” that way it doesn’t make it right. Another was to highlight the benefits of evolution and progression neither of which you show any capability of. So perhaps you should get off your computer clean the McDonald’s bag off your desk and get to hunting with your bare hands for dinner since you live and love such a natural life. It’ll be 1989 all over again.

  • Gina says:

    It all depends on who’s smart who’s not. Those who are smart will ignore it. And those who aren’t…well let’s just see where they’ll end up. Killing innocent creatures is fun eh? Wow shows how cruel the world has become. Keep laughing hunters but in the end when your all alone taking your enlargement pills we’ll see who’s laughing XD Have fun while you can if you can. There is proof…get off your lazy butt and search it.

  • danielle-cecile says:

    my father hunts and he is teaching my 9 year old sister how to hunt turkeys this year. along with my 5 year old sister and my mother they go fishing and ice fishing regularly. it is cruel and disgusting. i don’t understand how people can think murdering animals or stabbing them with hooks is a good time. all four of them eat meat lots of meat and i feel sick at every meal seeing them casually devouring those poor animals. me and my oldest sister are vegetarians and i am trying to go vegan. it’s really hard to be vegan in this household because my family is so ‘meat potatoes’ that they aren’t any nutritious foods here. just the same old green beans peas corn etc. i’ve been veg for a year now and i’m already sick of how many people don’t respect my choice and try to convince me to eat meat. i’m in highschool and the people who are ‘vegetarian’ because it’s ‘cool’ and an attentiongetter really bother me. one girl i know openly complains about people who eat meat but still eats chicken and carries a giant leather purse with her everywhere!! the human race is just so cruel and selfish. why can’t humans see that the animals they eat wear and use were livng things with thoughts and emotions before they were murdered for our use? anyone who argues that meat is ‘tasty’ and ‘good for you’ is making excuses because they can’t give up a moment of supossedly ‘tasty’ flavour to save a life. the argument that ‘the animals were raised for food’ is pathetic. if on the last day of school children were boarded into trucks and shipped to a slaughter house people would be outraged. they would not accept it if the school board said oh well we were raising them for food. in my opinion the human race does not deserve to exsist we’re just screwing the world up for everything else that lives here.

  • Kristin says:

    Hunters kill animals. Dahmer killed animals. Yes I see how it is a really difficult comparison. Also the idea of humane hunting or farming livestock is totally insane. While there is a cruel way to kill an animal think KFC and a less cruel way killing a healthy animal for your own interests whether food or because you are a sadistic sicko is beyond cruel.

  • Gina says:

    Oh my it seems there are a lot of men in the world with small penises. Yuck! Yes hunters i’m talking about you. Whatcha gonna do about it? Proof

  • Daniela says:

    I also found it inappropriate that in an episode of Hannah Montana when PETA leaves. Miley and her father complain about “Doesn’t anybody in LA eat meat anymore?” And then Lilly’s mom orders a bunch of meaty items from a pizza place. They are suggesting that you SHOULD eat meat and that PETA is worthless. That was wrong on their part I’m a vegetarian and I’m glad.

  • Kurt K says:

    Sarah Your example of our ancestors being neanderthals is quite rediculous. You don’t have to go back 100000 years ago to find examples of homo sapiens eating animals. Actually you can go back less than 100 years ago and more like 2050 years ago where alot of people had to hunt to survive. How do you think our forefathers and the early settlers survived as they moved out west? They couldn’t just drive down to the local supermarket and pick up a soy burger and soy milk. Nope they had to grow vegitables but they couldn’t survive on just that so they supplemented their diet with meat. Whether that was beef deer chickens or pigs they ate animals to live. That scenario hasn’t gone away even today. People still live off of the land and kill their own meat to live. That is just the natural way. Eating soy burgers any meat substitute or drinking silk is not natural.

  • Carla says:

    Well said sarah!! And I’m one of a few that turned vegan purely for ethical reasons after living in a house full of hunters and eye witnessing the brutality of “hunting”. Yes my dad hunted everything in every season summer fall winter spring. I just couldn’t imagine taking a life who’s minding their own business in a picturesque setting and murdering them just cause they have flesh like us that is edible. By the way my dad no longer “hunts” blew out his back maybe its karma.

  • Krystal says:

    Hunters….another word for sadists

  • sarah says:

    Tuff Yes our ancestors hunted. They also had one giant eyebrow grunted and dragged their knuckles on the ground. They didn’t have medicine education or cars and lived to be about 25 at best. It is progression and revolution within people’s thoughts that will further people who are open to something other than a Neanderthal mindset into considering that just because you can it doesn’t mean you should. As far as the taste argument a turd may taste like chocolate but I’ll never know because bottom line it’s disgusting. Especially when there are so many alternatives to choose from. What’s more a turd doesn’t think feel emotion or sensation or have the will to live like your “tasty” meat. I don’t expect anyone to like all meatless alternatives out there just as I don’t but I think you miss the point in your haste to defend what most people on here find abhorrent. Jessica Your comment regarding ‘humans being omnivores the last time you checked’ is quite uneducated and genuinely should be researched. Millions of people worldwide are vegetarian or even vegan with more to eat than flowers and berries IN SPITE OF society and surviving just fine myself included. In fact I think you would actually find that it’s common knowledge that a balanced and sound vegetarian diet is quite healthy and some argue quite well that it’s even healthier. Without survival as the basis for your argument it becomes a moral issue of which the vast majority of people here take seriously. And not because they think it’s always been done and done by their families so it must be acceptable. Most of the people I know also eat meat it would never occur to me to subscribe to the mob mentality that it makes it acceptable. It is when people blindly follow society that bad things happen. As far as the organic argument it is offtopic as meat can be organic. It would be nice if vegetarianism and organic foods were cheaper but seeing how big business has one hand on the butchering knife and the other massaging the government’s genitalia it’s a bit more complex. That doesn’t even take it into account that most people have no patience for anything and subscribe to gorging as they see fit and not just where food is concerned. Perhaps if Peta were allowed to advertise as hard as Proctor and Gamble pork lobbyists the other white meat doncha know? and beef lobbyists cuz it’s what’s for dinner vegetarianism and an organic preference would be more popular. I once watched a Thanksgiving special in 2006 on Nightline in which Terry Moran was not only reporting his opinion mixed in as news but the field reporter was a genuinely rude ass to the owner of Tofurky who was an elderly gentleman simply excited at the opportunity to share. Yet I have never seen a commercial for Tofurky or Boca and years ago saw ONE for either MorningStar or GardenBurger although the whole focus was as a healthy alternative. Vegetarian was not even mentioned for fear that people would shun it since it’s always been done my family does it blah blah blah… And yes small farms are better than factory farming but the same can be said for manslaughter and murder. For each situation unnecessary death is still the end result. It is amazing that your society lays down the rules effectively keeping your foot on our collective necks yet you ask us to get up… I find it curious that so many people come to Peta’s website only to argue that killing for sport food etc. are acceptable. I have to wonder if they are coming here out of genuine curiosity or just to push off their views for the sake of argument. It is a sore contention with me that vegetarians get the rap for being treehugging preachy folk when AT LEAST once a week I am forced to endure some idiot grilling me about my choices not because they are honestly inquiring which I will always answer honestly and nonjudgmentally but because they want to fight. On top of it all we are forced to watch your commercials and your tv shows be limited in options in food choices cosmetics cleaners and clothing all the while being kept in the dark by the FDA USDA etc. When’s the last time you saw one of your moral objections be as casually ignored? I have never seen mass advertisement casually suggesting abortion discarding faith or suggesting that America sucks even remotely in the everyday way that we are forced to endure. If it were so there would be rioting in the streets by the offended. So guess what if you don’t like Peta type views and don’t agree with Peta type people 99 which think that you and your families activites are barbaric there are 10 websites dedicated to your way of life for our every 1. Perhaps you should go there.

  • carla says:

    Tuff… men who hunt innocent animals are well.. aholes and are therefore not real men! Get a grip.

  • Jessica says:

    I’m sorry but saying people who drink real milk and not that soy junk are fat ignorant or whatever that’s laughable at best. My family has farmed and hunted for DECADES and hmm..none of us are fat or ignorant. Don’t get me wrong we are all for treating animals with care making sure they aren’t pumped full of steroids not made to suffer not crammed one on top of another but to say because i’m not a vegetarian or vegan i’m ignorant…please. Last time I checked Humans are omnivores we eat both. Why don’t you put your focus somewhere that you can get positive attention like making naturally raised and organic stuff CHEAPER to buy so people who aren’t so well off can obtain them without being made to feel like sht. As for the Saturday morning stuff…I’m elated that the hunting and fishing stuff is now shown to kids so they can learn how to get their own food instead of buying it from places that are just downright cruel like KFC and McDonalds. but comparing those of us who huntfish to serial killers is absurd and totally negates anything good you PETA people have to say.

  • colleen says:

    I agree that these shows are very boring and nonhunting individuals do not care about them. Also I believe that most nonhunting children who might stop and watch these shows would feel confused sad or scared at the sight of animal being shot or taken down. All children naturally like animals unless they are raised by hunters or are emotionally disturbed I don’t think they’d witness hunting and automatically think it’s fun or cool quite the contrary so the serial killer comparisons are ridiculous.

  • Kurt K says:

    Gina You are right not all children drink milk and use it on their cereal. That much is true. However the overwhelming majority of people whether child or adult drink 2 or skim milk on and off their cereal. The idea that milk shrinks your penis is pretty weak. Is that all you got? I may not be ‘John Holmes’ but I am certainly not lacking. I also disagree with your last statement. Fishing and hunting are fun.

  • Tuff says:

    All the people in my family are avid hunters along with my fiance and his family. Hunting and fishing are SPORTS that double as a source of food. How do you think your ancestors made it through life? Not snacking on flowers and berries. We hunt for food and it’s mighty tasty. It isn’t violent and doesn’t turn folks into serial killers. Some of the best and most respected people I know hunt and fish and still go home to their families every night without the ludicrous drive to torture family pets or murdering their families. Hunting shows are not going to corrupt children and are not violent. Get it right

  • Tom says:

    Gina please cite your “absolute proof” a legitimate scientific study would be nice that correlates hunting and fishing with size of genitalia. My guess is you have none you are just displaying your intolerance of people with a different point of view.

  • Pepsi One is Fun says:

    Um yeah people learn to use the block channel feature on your fracking televisions. Its not the responsibility of your television provider or the network itself to do your jub as a parent. And believe it or not when I was I didn’t become a serial killer when accidentally flipping on a fishing show. Maybe its because I had parents who accutally were good at parenting. And don’t give me that “Oh what about parents that can’t be there?” crap. If you can’t be there to monitor whats on your television then don’t HAVE A TELEVISION! I’d like to state that I’m against hunting and fishing but this is just plain silly.

  • Helana says:

    I drink soymilk with my cereal…. O.O And I think this is a good point.If my boyfriends little neice stumbled upon these kinds of shows I know for darn sure she would watch them. Same with my little cousins. And I know they would think “Wow! That looks fun!” Good job guys!!

  • Danicus says:

    To suggest that a child could become a serial killer after witnessing such programs is absolutely ludicrous.

  • Denise says:

    Okay! There is already enough violence on television fishing and hunting aren’t something many children would want to watch in the first place. My dad was an avid fisher so what you’re comparing him to Dahmer? That is ridiculous. Maybe parents should watch these shows and decide what is suitable for their children to watch not PETA and most of the stuff on t.v. is crap. Also I tried my kids on that soymilk and they absolutely hated it I tried it and it was nasty. My kids won’t even eat it on cereal.

  • Tom Watson says:

    I really think what peta does for many animals is amazing. I support you guys 95 unfortunately this is that other 5. I am a hunter and i fish. I dont see it as cruelty as long as the laws are obeyed in hunting because it helps keep the animals from overpopulating and helps make sure there is enough food to go around for the younger animals. As for fishing catch and release is cruel because the fish have holes put in thier faces for someones enjoyment. I never catch and release. Also those shows are boring to me and i enjoy the sports i really dont see how any child will be able to watch those much less be influenced by them.

  • lynda downie says:

    “…hunting and fishing are fun sports…” I don’t see what’s fun about getting a hook in the eye or mouth.

  • Melody Paris says:

    Thanks for writing this. I have been planning to call my cable company and ask that those stations be removed from my line up since it is EXTREMELY upsetting to be flipping through the chanels on any given day and have to see someone murdering an animal. It is disgusting!

  • Gina says:

    Oh the shame…teaching children about these malicious ways. It just shows how ignorant and cruel some people can really be. Um Brian…not all children drink dairy milk. Only those that are fat and have ignorant parents the ones that say ‘milk is good for you’. And sure hunting fishing is fun…for men who have small penises that is. Afterall it’s the only way they can feel macho. It’s true there is proof. I pity them. P.S. Whether you think it’s fun or not animal’s don’t. They don’t want to die but heartless humans keep taking their lives.Ugh!

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Hunters fishermen and trappers are natural born killers. Their lack of respect for life is frightening.

  • Amanda says:

    although they are uber boring i still think that those shows should remain on only specific “sport” networks…

  • Brian Homann says:

    first off hunting and fishing are fun sports and on those fishing shows its catch and relise so the fish is just fine second unless you are really into hunting or fishing it will look boring so kids wont be interested plus i don’t know about you but most kids drink milk with there cereal not soymilk

  • Pepsi One is Fun says:

    Yeah I could of sworn this was PETA’s website and not the PTC’s. Parents Television Council Anyway since you were kind enough to bring this up I’ll go block the channels right now instead of having you do my job as a parent for me. Kay? Thanks. Also sadly saturday morning cartoons have culturally become pointless with the advent of 24 hour channels such as Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network along with regulations on what can’t be advertised during childrens programming.

  • Tom says:

    Firstly I have never seen any adults much less children actually watch those shows. They are like watching paint dry. So I don’t think many children will be influenced by that. Secondly to compare a hunter or a fisherman to Jeffery Dahmer is so overly hyperbolic as to be laughable. There are better ways to make your points without such ludicrous comparisons.

  • Gladys says:

    Violence breeds violence!

  • Joanna says:

    While your at it please tell NBC their use of a great ape on ‘Deal or No Deal’ makes that show just No Deal for me.