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Sarah McLachlan Tells Canada to Quit Hiding

Written by PETA | March 31, 2011

In an effort to further delay the phase out of the commercial seal slaughter, Canada has asked the World Trade Organization (WTO) to hold a hearing about the ban on seal products by E.U. member countries. As usual, Canada is expected to argue that its annual massacre of baby seals (who are tortured by being hooked in the eye or mouth and dragged them across the ice, where they are then bludgeoned and skinned, sometimes while still alive), is “humane.” And as usual, Canada will want to keep the hearings behind closed doors.

Canadian-born singer Sarah McLachlan, who sported PETA’s seal tee on Canada Day last year, penned a private letter to Canada’s minister of international trade, Peter Van Loan, urging him to make the hearings open to the public and make the materials submitted to the WTO publicly available when filed. 

Sarah McLachlan


It could take several months for the WTO panel to issue a ruling, but there is no doubt the E.U. will hold firm to its right not to buy the skins of tortured seals. You can exercise your rights by sharing a pro-seal message with your friends on Facebook or posting it to your MySpace page. 

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Save animals save humanity says:

    We are human. We have options. Save animals save humanity

  • harry shaman says:

    It is high time that canada woke up to the reality, that it is fast becoming a very detested nation because of the annual seal hunt. I have been boycotting canadian goods for many years & shall never visit Canada until this appalling brutality stops forever !Do the right think,PM Harper & stop giving your country a bad name because of your short sighted policies.

  • Ginger Neimo says:

    Its great to see people getting together to stop this slaughtering of seals. Humans kill for beauty and greed- animals only kill for survival- and never in such a cruel way as we do. We are a race of violence and animals are a race of harmony and peace.

  • Roger Willcocks says:

    Very, Very Sick!! But we continue to vote for these Sicko’s and put them in power, and they continue with this Abomination and put a spin on it telling people how the seals threaten the cod stocks. That is already been proven false by the scientist our Government is disgusting by allowing this to continue, I never voted for them and never will. There is more to life then a buck this is all about Greed and nothing more.

  • VeganRachel says:

    Sick! Sick! Sick! Sick! Sick! Sick! Has the mass murder of these gentle creatures finished for yet another year? No doubt we will be back here next year campaigning against it…again! I feel that making my voice heard from the comfort of my chair, is sadly nowhere near enough. Pathetic Canadian politicians 🙁

  • DonniDe-Ville says:

    Canada is keeping this unnaceptable barbaric, slaughtering of baby seals hidden, behind what they are calling MYTHS! Of course this is not true, we have videos and pictures to prove babies are being dragged along the ice by a hakapic, which could be in its eye socket or mouth! Then dragged to the boats and bludgeoned to death there! THIS HAS GOT TO BE STOPPED, AND I MEAN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Canada is going to be a detested country if it doesn not keep to their work of seal hunting being banned from 1987, as that is LIES! The hunters are illegal in their hunting, and should be prosecuted, put into prison and ammends made somehow!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Give it up Canadian seal apologists. The EU has every right to not support products produced by this antiquated, barbaric industry. Why Canadian politicians feel they must grovel for a tiny special interest group (the sealers) is beyond me.

  • marsha solton says:

    It’s incomprehensible to me that this is still happening, but it is……this is horrific, brutal beyond words and must be stopped…..also, I heard about a zoo in canada where the conditions are horrific….stand up for animals….we are their voice and we are failing them !!!!!!