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Sarah McLachlan: Buy Out the Seal Slaughter

Written by Michelle Kretzer | April 10, 2012

It’s time for the Canadian government to face it: The seal slaughter is dead in the water. As Grammy Award–winning Canadian icon Sarah McLachlan wrote to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the logical next step is for Canada to buy out the sealers rather than continuing to waste millions of dollars fighting seal-product bans.

A Political Chess Game

It seems that the only reason the Canadian government is still supporting the slaughter is that both parties desperately want control of the parliamentary swing seats in Newfoundland and Labrador, where the slaughter takes place. Sarah encouraged the prime minister to lead the way in ending the massacre:

The sealers—like tobacco farmers and asbestos miners—need leaders to devise a practical exit strategy for them, not waste millions more in hopeless World Trade Organization challenges or paying to stockpile pelts when buyers already have seal pelts going back several years. Won’t you lead the way?

Global Criticism

Sarah, who penned the letter on behalf of PETA, has publicly criticized the seal slaughter for years, as have world leaders such as President Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin, globally known celebrities such as Sir Paul McCartney and Martin Sheen, and even Canadian politicians such as Sen. Mac Harb

During PETA’s intense campaign against the seal slaughter, the U.S., the E.U., and now Russia, which had been importing 95 percent of Canada’s seal fur, have all banned seal products. The time has come for Canada to accept the inevitable and end the slaughter.

What You Can Do

Tweet Prime Minister Stephen Harper and ask him to give sealers an exit strategy that they—and seals—can live with.

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  • chandra says:

    this is evil an cruel

  • Peter Jones says:

    The actions of your country in this respect disgust me. Grow up!!!

  • rishi says:


  • eric says:

    As a species for us to grow and mature we need to treat all living things with love and respect. In my world the people allowing or perpetrating these crimes would suffer the same fate!

  • Carla Hoeben says:

    Please stop this barbaric killing of these beautiful creatures for ever. The whole world is against slaughtering seals. So Canada do the only right thing. Thank you!!!!!

  • Laura says:

    I do not agree with the seal hunt, especially the barbaric way of torture and skinning some while still alive, at least until Canada comes to thier senses, do it humanely.

  • Deborah Corsello says:

    This is barbaric! Please stop the slaughter of seals in Canada. Poor souls. Deborah Corsello

  • Stephanie Heinkelein says:

    Es ist unglaublich wie bestialisch Menschen für den Profit handeln. Eiskalt und unberechenbar und Skrubellos. Eigentlich eine Schande für jeden Bewusst Lebenden und Denkenden Mensch. Meine Gedanken und mein Tiefes Mitgefühl gilt diesen so Wehrlosen und kleinen Friedlichen Tieren. Was der Mensch Säht, wird er auch Ernten……

  • meowsocks says:

    OMG, can this be for real. This will be a historic year if the bill passes and I think it will.

  • DM says:

    I honestly don’t understand why Harper is still holding on to this failing fur industry; it really is a huge waste of Canada’s money. There are millions of reasons to ban the horrible seal hunt (it’s, cruel, it’s a waste of money, its unnecessary, etc.), but no reasons to keep it. Let’s hope Stephen Harper will stop being so ignorant about this and actually do the right thing: Ban the seal hunt.

  • Dana says:

    We pride our selves on being known as a peace keeping loving county ! But what occurs each year at the seal hunt is down right cruel and barbaric ! Step up Canada this ritual is giving our country a poor name!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Prime Minister Harper’s PR flacks are still making the usual sorry excuses in response to Sarah’s compassionate statement. The Canadian government should just accept the seal hunt is over and quit acting like petulant schoolboy sore losers.

  • joanna vintilla says:

    With the US, the EU, and Russian now having all banned products, what’s left to defend in terms of the seal slaughter? It’s time to devise a solution to end sealing.