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Santa and Bikini-Clad Chicks vs. KFC

Written by PETA | December 23, 2008

While Santa’s making his list and checking it twice, you’d better believe that KFC is getting nothing but coal, coal, and more coal—and PETA’s “Sexy Santas” want to make sure that the world knows why! Check us out at our demos handing out info on Kentucky Fried Cruelty!


KFC Sexy Santa Demo
KFC Sexy Santa Demo


Santa’s not the only one who objects to KFC cruelty, and rightfully so! These bikini-clad hotties certainly didn’t get their sexy bods by downing greasy fried chicken loaded with cruelty and cholesterol. These chicks remind everyone to ditch KFC and have a very veggie holiday instead!


KFC Bikini Demo
KFC Bikini Demo


Written by Christine Doré

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  • fernando says:

    KFC SUCKS! I haven’t eaten there in 2 years which is when i found out about kfc’s cruelty. i also don’t eat red meat anymore which has been really hard for me because i love meat. when i eat chicken and fish i hardly eat any at all. i also haven’t eaten eggs in about 2 weeks. I want to be a vegetarian sooni don’t know why i’m saying this but ok .

  • sophie says:

    Holly please try to understand that these animals are being torn apart tortured and scalded alive

  • sophie says:


  • bbr says:

    as i asked on another blog WHERE THE HELL ARE THE HOT MEN? I don’t care to always see some chick half naked.

  • em-la says:

    yea dead animals do nurture you and so do vegan meat replacers. The difference is is that one causes heat problems

  • Blu says:

    Holly LMAO for nourishment? If you are posting here… Have you not seen the videos? The pictures? ANIMALS are not nourishing! Eating flesh is bad for you. Not to mention factory farms are the largest emmiters if green house gasses on the planet more than all the vehicles in the world combined!. The girls CHOSE to stand outside in freezing conditions to try to gather more interest towards the very subject that KFC IS ONE OF THE MOST AWFUL COMPANIES AROUND! Look around you for a second open your eyes to the real truth this is a company a corporation who cares more about it’s bottom line than things like… oh your health the environment the wellbeing of other living things that have souls? Have fun eating your feces infested tainted flesh from Kentucky Fried Cruelty. I mean seriously how could someone even come here and post that knowing what these companies do? Oh and Happy Holidays!

  • Kristy says:

    Holly you are obviously cruel and uneducated. I used to love KFC chicken also but what I do not love is torturing and killing innocent creatures. You do not need animals for “nourishment”. I’m glad you commented though reminds me how just many uneducated people there still are and drives me to to the cause of animal rights even more!

  • Thomas Olsen says:

    Yay good job guys! Ashley you rock!!!

  • Holly says:

    This is a joke. Don’t you think its a little cruel to have these girls in what looks to be freezing conditions in bikinis. By the way KFC chicken rules. People eat chicken cows etc for nourishment find something worthy like the economy to whine about

  • Sean says:

    Ok this is just mindless erotica.

  • Blu says:

    I lost a lot of weight when I went vegetarian even more when I went vegan. Like A LOT of weight. Pics like this also help convey the idea that a vegetarian diet is better for your body. I don’t like nudity very much but some girls standing out in the snow in a bikini can get people’s attention makes them laugh they might go home and look up Peta for more hot girls in bikinis then they see something mentioning their favorite star or animal read some articles learn some things have their eyes opened! It puts a lot of people off but also gains a ton of interest with minimal effort. I’m 5050 on that whole subject but honestly these pics are funny and not overly offensive and Peta DOES do protests and pic ops with people dressed in full mascot costumes it’s not always half naked girls. And the girls are smiling and not being forced to do it lol. Although that last girl looks awful cold.

  • Christian says:

    ughhh i havent eaten KFC in 4 or 5 months. When i fist discovered when KFC was doing to the chicks i stopped eating there immediately.

  • Carla says:

    drew you must be commenting on Mr. KFC himself!? Not sure what you are seeing but what I’m seeing are a couple of ladies with confidence and compassion to say the least a picture is worth a thousand words!! Good job brave souls!!

  • felix says:

    Sex sells and naked girls gather a lot of attention. WE can’t deny it. they are doing it for a good cause so I can’t criticize these girls. they look so tasty the girls not the chicken

  • Matt Frazier says:

    They must be cold!!!

  • drew says:

    Fox News has a video up about this trashing animal rights people and the ignorant jerk in the video won’t even say what is actually done to the chickens. Yeah why not come out and say “I don’t care that they are boiled alive…”? They also have a story trashing people who are against HLS without describing the horrors that HLS actually does. But this kind of protest I find disgusting bodily and also it looks like animal rights people are crazies who go out in the snow with no clothes on. It just makes it convey like not normal nor reasonable. And it is disgusting to look at.