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San Miguel de Allende Bans Bull Runs

Written by PETA | October 12, 2007

When our Campaigns department heard about a bull run taking place in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, they sprung into action, immediately firing off a letter to the Mayor asking him to cancel the event permanently. Well, I’m happy to report that the city has agreed to do just that! Way to go R&I.For those of you who read Spanish, you can check out the letter from San Miguel de Allende Mayor Jesús Correa Ramírez below. Thank you Mr. Ramirez!And just a quick note to the city of Pamplona: The world is changing and you’re getting left behind . . . Here’s the letter.

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  • Mars says:

    “Nor do I think a person with true murderous intent would advertise it over the internet. ” Actualy some have.Anyway if a person thinks of those things that some have posted then that says volumes of their true inner self and it’s even worse when they write it out for others to see.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey! Whoever really hates PETA andor Animals why don’t you click your address box and search “window blinds” or “how to make farts that smell good”. No matter what happens with the cancelation It will get people talking about the topic.

  • Albiona says:

    I have been a vegetarian and animal lover and supporter my whole life. I had the unfortunate yet eye opening experience of attending the running of the bulls in San Miguel de Allende. It was the most horrifying and disturbing thing that I have personally witnessed. The bulls were terrified and in no way attempting to chase or in any way harm the people. Quite the contrary the people were torturing the helpless bulls. The bulls were merely trying to escape the abuse. They were beaten and stabbed in an attempt to provoke them which didn’t even work. After it was over my dad and I found one of the bulls on a side street. He lay there dying bleeding all over with his tail severed and barely hanging on from being pulled so hard so many times. We sat with him and tried to comfort him. To this day it still haunts me and makes me cry. I am so relieved excited and overjoyed to hear the wonderful news that this will never happen again at least not in San Miguel. Thank you PETA and congratulations on this fabulous victory!

  • Mars says:

    Ariel wrote ” I did my research years ago regarding the FBI’s documentation so I don’t have to do it again to prove anything to space cadet who can’t comprehend what heshe reads anyway” A long winded sentence that says “I’ve got nothing” and can’t admit it. Mike Q You’d be surprised at what the FBI follows on the internetespecialy a blog like this.In case you didn’t realize it this blog is monitored. The blogowner can provide you with the ISP addresses I’m sure but doubtful they will.Why do you think that PETA only posts articlesstatements after the fact on here? PETA opposes me not the other way around.I don’t go into your yard screaming that you should eat meat but the PETA supporters don’t have a problem coming into mine screaming foul language and threats.It’s a thing to be passionate about something you believe in but there are legal ramifications for those that go overboard but indifferent to that it makes all of you look and seem like a bunch of kooks. If the phsycopath image is what they want to portray vegans as then they are doing a fine job.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Mars I don’t think the FBI is interested in people anonymously slagging each other on message boards. Nor do I think a person with true murderous intent would advertise it over the internet. These are people simply venting their frustration at people like yourself who ALWAYS diametrically oppose the views of PETA regardless of what those views may be.

  • Ariel says:

    My my! That space cadet has gotten himselfherself in such a heated twist that heshe is sputtering now! LOL Point 1 I did my research years ago regarding the FBI’s documentation so I don’t have to do it again to prove anything to space cadet who can’t comprehend what heshe reads anyway which easily brings me to… Point 2 since the space cadet has so much time to waste “talking” stupid on here I would like to put the space cadet on a little mission 1.find any posts to quote me in order to support hisher claims regarding I “said and suggested” this and that. 2.type in the dates and time. Ana obviously the space cadet is sunk so deep in hisher own angry hatefilled bile that heshe is gagging from it! LOL Mike Q. Although it’s impossible to find any rationale in the space cadet’s comments I’m sure you see as well as I do how the hypocritical s.c. contradicts himselfherself between hisher comments to me and then to you. LOL

  • Ariel says:

    Right on Ana! post 101707 1048am

  • Mars says:

    Ariel for all the time you spent on those posts you could have put up your proof that you say is there.You say that those that abuse animals go on to commit crimes but have yet to post that study. The FBI study was done on criminals not noncriminal animal abusers.All it states is that half of the criminals abused animals in one form or another. That study does not say that people who abused animals ALL become criminals like you suggest.It is also true by that study that half did NOT abuse animals.So even if a person doesn’t abuse animals they still stand an equal chance at being a criminal.Like I posted it’s totaly useless as a stat. And Ana “These haters come here to spout their angry bile and promote the propaganda of animal killinghating enterprises.” Angry bile? The only angry bile I have seen has come from you and yours not myself. Mike Q you have done well answering your own question. A person only has to read this blog to see where the criminal mind is at. Reference posts by animals are equal advocates old spiderwomanking kobraect..The only people calling for the murder of other humans on this blog are in your corner.Not exactly a glowing example of the “peaceful” world that they want to promote.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Mars There is a gargantuan difference between treating things alike and considering things equal. You are purposely and somewhat desperately misinterpreting what I wrote. Why would a person fighting for animal rights abuse an animal??? I do agree with your statement “those that treat animals badly move on to treating humans badly”. As for your statement “When AR’s try to make human and animals as equal that does not raise the level of animals but degrades humans to the animal level where the criminal mind resides” you are going to have to provide some backup on that one. It seems to me a ridiculous and unfounded assertion.

  • Ariel says:

    Gosh these anti’s have such a problem with reading comprehension that they have to resort to making false claimsaccusationstwisting ar’s comments out of desperation! LOL For example “Mars” post 101707 736 am addressing my post 1016071044am. The space cadet is “talking” in desperate circles so much but still didn’t find the time to do hisher OWN research documented by the FBI. MY study? MY stat? AR’s study and stats I think not. Oh but of course the space cadet must have so much credentials that heshe must have more knowledge and more experience that is contrary and overrides the “meaningless” proof by the FBI. So I would like the space cadet to provide documented proof of hisher credentials and maybe some true examples of hisher professional experiencesstats to the contraryin order to justify hisher claims. Until then we having nothing to go on except blah blah blah.

  • Ana says:

    Ariel and Mike Q Thanks for your intelligent comments. Mars continues in his doublespeak which means absolutely NOTHING. Saying “most likely” does not mean that a reward is being offered. This group routinely writes off the many creatures that die due to abuse and neglect. There is no reward but ar groups do offer them in these types of circumstances. Ariel mars is too lazy to read the documentation put forth by the FBI which is not biased nor a friend of animals or of animal advocates. These haters come here to spout their angry bile and promote the propaganda of animal killinghating enterprises. And of course PCRM is biased Mike that makes sense but the anti’s don’t get. So is NOW and NAACP biased their respective concerns are for women and blacks duh. The meat and dairy industry spends millions $$$ on their propaganda to convince the public to ingest animals and animalderived fluids. That is a BIAS it is called money $$$$.

  • Mars says:

    Again Ariel you provide no proof or documents that back up your statements that those that what you call abuse abuse animals then go on to commit crimes.All you point at is a study of criminals that say half abused animals.It’s a meaningless stat that AR types throw around like it actualy does mean something.The truth remains that a person that may have “kicked” a dog sometime in his life does not mean that person is at any greater risk of being a criminal then anybody else.Your study says criminals kick dogs not that people that kick dogs all become criminals. I’m sure if they studied criminals in detail then things you do everyday are just as likely to have been committed by them as well. I can say that criminals routinaly eat breakfast so therefore anybody that eats breakfast stands a high chance of being a criminal and that would be as valid as your stat. “”animal cruelty must be taken seriously and is often a precursor to violent aggression against humans.” Your own words Mike Q that those that treat animals badly move on to treating humans badly.That’s treating animals and humans alike.When AR’s try to make human and animals as equal that does not raise the level of animals but degrades humans to the animal level where the criminal mind resides.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Christopher I think in this case because the “property” was a living being that cruelty is an accurate description.

  • Ariel says:

    To NEWCOMERS who are sincerely interested in learning about ANIMAL RIGHTS’ Please be aware that there are a lot of ANTIar’s commenters on here. They are not always obviously distinguishable which can be confusing to newcomers. They respond to verywell educated ar’s activists with their opinions in a subtle manner which are contrary to ar’s views. Such an example is posted by “Christopher Cochran MD” antiar’s101407 107pm. Then we have “Mars” antiar’s who offers info but nobody knows who heshe is therefore “Mars” lacks established credibility. To that end you will note it is ironic that “Mars” somehow finds the time to do selfserving questionable research about a bull run but not in hisher post 101407 512pm quote “I’d like to read the study that says those who abuse animals become criminals.” So if “Mars” was really interested in knowing about hisher statement then “Mars” would take the time to do research that is supported with documented proof by the FBI. I would also like to point out that “Mars” twists comments by ar’s activists as is obvious in hisher same post which further indicates “Mars” lack of reliability.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Mars Arson and cruelty to animals are two of three childhood warning signs regarding the potential to be a serial killer.John Douglas profiler of serial killers for the FBI. The FBI documented the connection between cruelty to animals and serial murder following a study of 35 imprisoned serial murderers. More than half of the serial murderers admitted to hurting or torturing animals as children and adolescents. You said “And that from the person that thinks people seeing animals and humans as equal is a “doozy” when they commit crimes.” Yeah whatever that is supposed to mean. What I said was your statement below is a doozy and I am STILL waiting for your validation of it “Those individuals that have developed the mentality that animal and human life are equal are the ones committing violent acts against both human and animal.”

  • keith says:

    What use are these sadistic bastards in society. It does not take a masters degree to determine their logic. ” Ana ” again you be right. while we have mass slaughter of bovines etc for food consumption. whom gives a damn.

  • Mars says:

    Ana the cattlemens org. most likely has a reward offered for these criminals shooting others property.I doubt any AR groups do.

  • Mars says:

    More PETA B.S.. The bull run was cancelled because of lack of funding for security during the event and Culture Without Cruelty only sent a letter AFTER it was already cancelled. Don’t worry as another town will continue with the run. “LIC. JOS JESS CORREA RAMREZ PRESIDENTE MUNICIPAL Y H. Ayuntamiento Presidencia Municipal en el Edificio Administrativo SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE GUANAJUATO. 37700 MEXICO Dear Mr. Mayor Jesus Correa Ramirez and Honorable City Council We would like to congratulate you all through this letter on your decision to cancel the Pamplonada or Sanmiguelada running of the bulls event that has been held for years in your beautiful city. On behalf of Culture Without Cruelty an international organization and other groups working toward a culture of decency to living beings and toward a world culture of elevated nonviolent human values and in your special case in the historic city of San Miguel de Allende ” Oh FYI. it was held anyway Another year and an almost canceled Sanmiguelada aka Pamplonada is behind us. There was a lower turnout than in previous years mostly thanks the decision made late in the year by the head of the Municipal Tourism Department to schedule the event for the 27th instead of the traditional third Saturday of September and some premature rumors of the cancellation of the annual running of the bulls by some of the Mexican national news outlets. However there was a SanMiguelada thanks to some eleventh hour intervention by the San Miguel Hotel Association and other interested parties

  • Mars says:

    “animal cruelty must be taken seriously and is often a precursor to violent aggression against humans.” And that from the person that thinks people seeing animals and humans as equal is a “doozy” when they commit crimes. I’d like to read the study that says those that abuse animals become criminals. The only ones I’ve seen say that some criminals abused animals not the other way around nor do they define “abuse”.

  • Ana says:

    Teens do it because they know they can get away with it. There should be an outcry against these crimes but because they are farmed animals the only reaction is apathy. Most people eat farmed animals so no sympathy mercy or care is extended to them and the laws reflect that. Thanks to the cattleman’s lobby these horrible violent killings will continue and those caught will pay very little or not at all for their crimes. But then again this type of brutality is condoned and conducted in slaughterhouses everyday and is supported by all who eat and wear them. Their blood is on the majority of the population’s hands.

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Mike The criminal nature of the cattle shooters is not animal cruelty rather a destruction of livelihod and private property. I do find it senseless though but being senseless isn’t illegal. These people will be charged with much more than vandalism.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Thanks for the great article Gen. Hopefully the message is getting through that animal cruelty must be taken seriously and is often a precursor to violent aggression against humans.

  • Susannah S says:

    So glad to hear some positive news! Thank you Mr. Ramirez! To Gen thank you for posting that information. It’s truly horrifying that teens can become so “numb” to violence that killing animals and ultimately other people is the equivalent of a video game to them. But I did pause for a moment at the description of the heartbroken rancher Nick Bursio who heard the mother cow bellowing for her baby a COMMON phenomenon after all when bull calves are taken from their mothers for the veal industry. Maybe he’s not a factory farmer but if he’s a rancher he’s used to the idea and the fact of his cows being violently killed although he may not be used to SEEING the results. I agree with him though that it’s shattering to realize that these kids did this “because they were bored.” I echo his question “what the hell’s going on?”

  • Gen says:

    I’m glad that this news has made it into the LA times A beastly kind of cruelty Driveby shooters often youths are killing farm animals in a growing wave of violence. The culprits may face only vandalism charges. By John M. Glionna Los Angeles Times Staff Writer August 17 2007 PETALUMA CALIF. The buzzards led Nick Bursio to his prized calf. He found the body just over a rise in the field with a bullet hole in its left shoulder near the heart. Bursio had heard of animals killed by rustlers for their meat. But not until that May morning had he ever imagined anything so senseless as shooting cattle presumably just to watch them die. “I had a hollow feeling in my gut to see that dead calf laying there with the mother cow bellowing nearby” said the Sonoma County rancher. “I thought what the hell’s going on in this place?” Authorities are searching for a driveby shooter who guns down cows as they calmly munch grass in the rolling pastureland 50 miles north of San Francisco. Since February five cows have been found dead in two counties shot with smallcaliber bullets designed to inflict prolonged pain and suffering. Nationwide an increasing number of animal cruelty cases are being reported outside city limits Horses cows goats and other farm animals are being killed authorities say often by angry reckless youths perhaps acting on dares. Although there are no statistics on such crimes newspapers detail scores of cases. Two Texas college students were indicted last fall for slashing a horse’s neck before stabbing it in the heart with a broken golf club handle. In Pennsylvania in 2005 three joyriding men killed a pony named Ted E. Bear that belonged to a 4yearold boy. Last year two Tennessee teens shot and killed 24 cows many of them pregnant. “They just wanted to see what shooting cattle was like” said Hickman County Sheriff Randal Ward. California has also seen its share of the rural violence. In addition to the Northern California cattle shootings Oakland police are investigating the May killing of 15 goats each shot in the face as they huddled in a portable pen. Officers said residents had called in to report the sound of “babies crying.” Fresno County detectives arrested two groups of teens in 2005 in the shooting of two dozen cows and horses. In 2003 two Sonoma County men used their cars to ram to death a horse named Gentle Song. Still the killing of large farm animals garners little attention in the United States where the loudest outcry is reserved for the killing of suburban pets or other domesticated animals. Recently pro football quarterback Michael Vick made frontpage news charged in connection with operating a dogfighting farm. Although 43 states have passed felony animal cruelty laws they rarely apply to livestock thanks in part to a strong cattleman’s lobby as long as ranchers follow “accepted husbandry practices.” In California state law provides some protection for large farm animals but enforcement varies among counties. As a result prosecutors in farm cases often settle for convictions on lesser vandalism charges. “Animals raised commercially for food have little legal protection against cruelty” said Gene Baur president of Farm Sanctuary a group that campaigns against cruelty to farm animals. “It speaks to a prejudice against certain animals not based on a rational assessment of their ability to feel pain but on our intended use for them.” Studies suggest that youths who engage in animal cruelty often commit violent criminal behavior as adults. Among those who preyed on animals before turning on people were mass killers Jeffrey Dahmer Ted Bundy and Albert DeSalvo the Boston Strangler. The random killing of larger animals signals a troubling psychology that experts are only beginning to understand. Even when caught most youths refuse to talk about their crimes. “When you do get to talk to kids and ask why they did it the most common response is that they were bored” said Randall Lockwood vice president for anticruelty initiatives at the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. “They’re obviously troubled. Most bored teens shoot hoops or go see movies they don’t go out shooting horses and cows. “But you’re not going to hear them say ‘I’m alienated against society and this is how I’m reaching out’ ” he said. Still researchers are developing a personality profile of those who kill large animals outside the context of legal hunting. Abusers who target livestock act out of a different motivation than those who pick on smaller creatures said Mary Lou Randour national director of humananimal relations for the Humane Society. “Driving around in search of animals to kill is very planned and methodical which could make it more pathological and dangerous. These animals could be standbys for the real thing a human being.” In January a 16yearold Humboldt County boy was sentenced to 15 years in prison for the killing of a homeless man. Earlier that same night the teen fired a dozen shots into a cow hitting it in the face and eye and cutting off an ear authorities said. Such violence preoccupies Cindy Machado a Marin County Humane Society detective. Combing country roads in her blue animal control truck she is pursuing four cases involving the killing of cattle in the San Francisco area.

  • liliana says:

    Que noticia! muchas gracias por fin algo bueno!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Great news. Another awakening that animals don’t exist for cheap human entertainment value. As Don Quijote said above “Muchas gracias Senor Ramirez”!

  • Ray-O says:

    Oh come on at least the bulls aren’t being eaten…

  • Ana says:

    Great letter and a wonderful victory. Nice to read something positive. Don Quijote Que alegria…me gusta la idea de una fiesta para celebrar esta buena noticia…

  • Don Quijote says:

    After many bad news and evil harrassing posters on these blogs during these days here i’m glad to read the above news! This is a victory indeed and PETA can walk with her head up because she is a respectable animal rights organization who has something to say! Muchas gracias Senor Ramirez! Vd es un hombre muy bueno y moderno y un grande ejemplo para Pamplona! Esta tarde haremos una grande fiesta con un vino rojo en su honor! Felicidades! ChinChin!