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San Diego Mayor Makes Major Mistake

Written by Jennifer O'Connor | March 18, 2014

Despite the highly publicized suffering of orcas imprisoned in SeaWorld‘s cramped tanks, San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer still went ahead with plans to pay tribute to the marine abusement park by proclaiming March “SeaWorld San Diego Month” at today’s City Council meeting. Local residents rallied outside City Council chambers to remind attendees that SeaWorld’s cruelty is nothing to celebrate.

San Diego SeaWorld city hall protest

The controversial proclamation stands in stark contrast to California State Assembly Member Richard Bloom’s recently introduced and widely supported Orca Welfare and Safety Act, which would make it illegal in California to hold orcas captive in tanks or force them to perform.

Faulconer is one of the few who apparently haven’t watched the riveting documentary Blackfish, which exposes the miserable existences of intelligent, social, wide-ranging orcas crammed in the theme park’s pools.

If Bloom’s bill passes, it would be a win-win situation: SeaWorld could transform itself into a true educational and rescue center, and the whales could be relocated to coastal sanctuaries to live out the rest of their lives in a more natural environment.

What You Can Do

Continue to stay away from SeaWorld, and keep spreading the word to others. Urge everyone you know to watch Blackfish, which is currently available from Netflix.

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  • Plato chiu says:

    Ban the sea world now, educate the children in a right way!

  • Nancy says:

    I just saw blackfish, Oh my heart hurts for these beautiful animals to get tortureto for life.
    All for only $$$ f*** sea world. NEVER been and never will.

  • please stay away from Sea World. Free these poor animals♥

  • kim says:

    They need to leave these animals alone.they are born free and should stay that way. What gives any humane the right to capture and animal and use it to make money. God didnt create these whales to live out their lives in a tank. And give there babies away. Thats why so many unessecery deaths occurs. They dont
    Belong there and need to be released to the life they know. I will never step foot in sea world. I think if they loose business they will have no choice.

  • truly awful to put a beautiful animal in a cupboard – a sea cupboard – and watch it go crazy.

  • Nan Newall says:

    By paying tribute to SeaWorld, Mr. Kevin Faulconer has brought disgrace to the beautiful city of San Diego, whose residents want to do the right thing and close the park and release the orcas to a sanctuary and eventually into the wild. The mayor should perhaps take a day off and watch “Blackfish”. He is clearly not representing the sentiments of the locals. To quote Rukmini Devi Arundale, “Animals cannot speak, but can you and I not speak for them and represent them? Let us all feel their silent cry of agony and let us all help that cry to be heard in the world.”

  • haseeb says:

    Please stop seaworld abuse…animals lives are also very important

  • Please watch the documentary “Blackfish”, it will break your heart to see what has been done to these beautiful animals. Shame on Sea World, how can you continue to abuse these animals? It’s all about the money, right? All people must stop going there to watch the “Show”, you are actually watching abuse for profit. It is not natural for these beautiful animals to be kept as prisoners. Do you want your kids to see animals abused? That’s what you are doing.

  • I support the cause whole heartedly. I cannot watch Blackfish.. It’d surely crush my soul. 🙁 I will, however, encourage other people to watch.

  • J wilkin says:

    Ignorance & politics, wow that’s a shocker!