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Did Your Salmon Dinner Kill a Sea Lion?

Written by PETA | September 22, 2011

In just three months, 180 sea lions and seals off the coast of Canada have lost their lives because they had the audacity to eat fish that farmers wanted to kill themselves. Many were shot by Canadian fish farmers, who are allowed to shoot animals who try to scoop a fish or two out of massive ocean-based aquafarms. The rest died from drowning when they became entangled in the aquafarms’ nets. We don’t even have a guess as to how many birds were killed for daring to try to take a fish.

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The human taste for fish has exhausted the oceans to the point that 90 percent of large fish populations have been exterminated in the past 50 years. Fish farms only exacerbate the problem because it takes several pounds of wild-caught fish (used for feed) to produce 1 pound of farmed fish. Fewer fish in the ocean means fewer fish for seals and sea lions to eat, so is it any wonder that they are attracted to fish farm “all-you-can-eat buffets”?

Our neighbors to the north aren’t the only ones who want to keep all the fish for themselves. A bill in Congress would allow the U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service to shoot any sea lion caught eating endangered salmon from the Columbia River. Ironically, humans, who are the ones responsible for dwindling salmon numbers, can continue to eat all the salmon they want.

The real solution to the depletion of salmon stocks is considerably less violent: Stop eating fish. And ask your representatives not to support any legislation that promotes killing sea lions.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Carley says:

    It’s Pretty Sad That People Thinks Is Okay To Let These Poor Sealions End Up Like This.. What Sick People Live In Our World.

  • Andreea says:

    @maynard This planet doens’t belong to the parasites called humans. Animals have a right to their natural foo supply. Animals take waht they need, while humans have no limit when it comes to devastating this planet for greed and personal profit. Disgusting! When will humans be shot for slaughtering and eating billions of innocent animals each year.

  • Sandra Rusby says:

    Sea lions are really special. Let’s respect them and enjoy them for the amazing creatures they are.

  • ciao18 says:

    You people really should be ashamed of yourselves! Killing sea lions. Did your mother taught you to become murderers??

  • MK says:

    The ripple effect for people eating fish…. I am so flabbergasted by this, people need to step up and do the right thing and not kill seals or birds who depend on fish as a natural part of their food source. Who would have thought that the world had to come to this, it is evil and must stop!

  • John says:

    And what coast of Canada would that be? Surley not the East Coast, as sea lions are not native there. And what I read, the huge majority of sea lions killed will certainly incur in the United States.

  • christine wouters says:

    please do not support any legislation that promotes killing Sea Lions.

  • christine wouters says:

    please do not support any legislation that promotes killing Sea Lions.

  • Edele says:

    Humans. The only species capable of such inhumanity. When will we learn to live with our fellow earthlings on this planet ?

  • annmarie says:

    What an absolutly joke are you kidding me killing sea lions over eating fish well what the hell do you think God created all these animals for the food chain duuuhhhhh

  • maynard says:

    Sea lions kill millions of salmon, why don’t you care about the salmon. One sea lion will eat dozens of salmon everyday. They just sit in the locks and gobble them up as they come to the river mouths to feed, its a slaughter. The seals should be shot to protect the salmon runs that are endangered