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It’s OK, Kirstie Alley, Pigs Are Cool

Written by PETA | March 25, 2011

After making comments implying that Dancing With the Stars contestant Kirstie Alley was a pig, George Lopez tried to apologize, saying that he “misjudged the joke.” Kirstie wasn’t buying the too-little, too-late act. Well Kirstie, we would have rejected the apology too, and here’s why:  

  • Even though they can’t shake it on the dance floor like you can, pigs enjoy listening to music. (“The Big Pig Song” is rumored to be a favorite.)
  • Pigs have outstanding long-term memories, which means that soon they might be the only ones who remember a certain “misjudged” joke.
  • Pigs love to be fresh and clean and enjoy taking baths. And they don’t sweat at all. If I had that ability, my time in the gym would be a lot more pleasant.
  • Pigs have many similarities to dogs, including their ability to learn names and perform tricks, such as sitting for a treat. When was the last time that someone insulted you by comparing you to a smart dog? (“You border collie!”)
  • Pigs are social, playful, and protective of each other. Hmm, do we see a lesson here?  

REL Waldman/cc by 2.0

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Lisa says:

    I am soooooo with you Rachel … it is an insult to be called human. All animals in my eyes are wonderful and I feel honored to be around them, not so much humans tho. Humans have become too selfish, hypocritical, judgemental, materialistic, etc.

  • Rachel says:

    These stupid people need to find a better insult to use other than pigs. Nothing about pigs is insult worthy. I would consider it more of am insult to be called human.

  • Maya says:

    The term “You dirty pig” is as prejudice to me as saying “You horrible black”. I think pigs are amazing. That’s proabaly why they are my favorite animal.

  • says:

    That little piggy picture is adorable! Pigs are such nice creatures! I would not be insulted if I was compared to them.

  • Barb Falls says:

    Pigs are beautiful animals and it is an insult to them when you refer them to another person. Go Vegetarian.

  • Mac says:

    Kirstie Alley is a brilliant dancer! She is a lovely person too. Pigs are lovely…why are they used as an insult? I have so many animals I can’t pick a favourite, they are nicer than most of the humans I know.

  • kathy says:

    Pigs are intelligent and social. He certainly meant it as an insult because he’s ignorant. However, I would take any likeness to a pig as a compliment. I mean, they’re adorable.

  • DM BUSCH says:

    Mr. Lopez isa jealous person