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What’s Kim Kardashian’s Body Count?

Written by Heather Faraid Drennan | November 17, 2011

Unless you live in a sensory deprivation chamber, you probably get queasy at the mere mention of Kim Kardashian. But wait! PETA’s new billboard should give the reality TV star a much-needed reality check—at least when it comes to her furry wardrobe, which often features the pelts of animals as dead as her brief marriage.

Kim © StarmaxInc | Foxes © Patricia Kullberg/

We’ve contacted Kim several times about the notorious cruelty of the fur industry, in which animals on factory fur farms are kept in tiny wire cages in all weather extremes and are genitally electrocuted and even skinned alive. In fact, Kim’s compassionate sister, Khloe Kardashian, posed naked for a PETA anti-fur ad and kindly showed fur-farm video footage on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. But the hardest thing to keep up with is the number of carcasses that Kim wears.

Hopefully, our arresting billboard on Beverly Boulevard in West Hollywood will inspire the entire Kardashian klan and other shoppers to follow Khloe’s example and leave fur off their holiday lists.

When Kim is ready to put an end to her much-publicized relationship with fur, PETA will be happy to take her discards and donate them to the homeless. She can even help us pass them out! I’m sure there’s an E! special in there somewhere.

You can get in on the action, too—donate your furs to PETA today.

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  • KEISHA says:

    Para aquellos que en Europa no están familiarizados con esta prostituta llamada Kim Kardashian es famosa por hacer porno y haciendo suyas las torturas más horribles, las palizas y el despellejamiento de animales vivos para los numerosos abrigos de piel que luce con orgullo.

  • vanessa marie says:

    she is disgusting.

  • zoe says:

    erm tell me if i am wrong but did her sister do a campaighn for peta were she said she would rather go naked then wear fur ?

  • Nikki hailey says:

    You go PETA! Kim k is a pretty girl but does look very ugly when wearing dead animal skin on her body,not to mention how many pieces she really has just hanging up in her closet.I mean she really should get a grip,and speaking of fake…I’ve never heard of Khloe saying anything to Kim about the fur she does wear…just saying!!

  • Kathryn says:

    She has deffinately crossed the line. I don’t think it should be illeagle to kill animals. But, there should be a law on how animals are killed. More painless, I mean really, what good to you get out of skinning them alive? Exactly, you only gain about a dollar more, not only that, it’s more work to make sure the animal doesn’t get away. I don’t mind if a person kills an animal painlessly, uses all animal, and only kills animals for survival. But Kim using animals for style is just wrong!

  • kittycatsurf says:

    i was a kardahion fan till i saw this picture and the divorce the kardashions are FAKE kim married that guy so she can get money tmz ok magizen paid for thoose wedding pictures pls kardashions are fake

  • Barbara says:

    Her and her sister are the new Trollsons. Keep up the good work, PETA!

  • Janet says:

    NO ONE should EVER wear real fur pelts…NOT EVEN THE HOMELESS!!!!!  An individuals economic status or whether the pelts were donated or purchased should not allow a “get out of jail free pass” for this unforgivable offense.

  • Animal Keeper says:

    Really Sandy? Your only defense is, “That picture was from years ago.” Open any magazine which features Kim K. and you will see multiple, up to date pictures of her wearing animal fur covering her humongous behind. Her disrespect for the suffering of animals far overshadows her disrespect for the institution of marriage. She is lacking regard in both areas, and deserves any criticism in both. It is Kim K. that is hungry for ATTENTION!

  • noone says:

    I can’t believe that she would wear fur after watching those videos! I can’t even comprehend her detachment from reality when it is in her face like that. She is a sick individual.

  • KRISTINA says:

    It is not surprising that someone with her low intelligence and self-centeredness continues to wear fur! I would have taken the billboard a step further.

  • Cindy Yelle says:

    THANK YOU PETA ! I am so glad you brought this fame hungry lost cause to light ! I LOVE THE BILLBOARD PLEASE PUT UP MORE !!!!!

  • Rod says:

    they are all a bunch of self-adoring, condescending, sanctimonious morons who prey on the public for fame and fortune. I believe what goes around, comes around. Wait for the nest seaso of their show entitled, “The Fall of the Kardashians.” I don’t even know why this is worth the attention it’s getting. They are a some pathetic self-proclaimed celebrities. Reality stars are NOT Hollywood stars! It’s a pity that some people think that the only way to Hollywood is joining a reality show. I really hope their show gets cancelled. There are better shows ABC can put on that timeslot. Shows that makes more sense and more entertaining, not a show about sluts.

  • rachiecakes says:

    Love this idea, Kim and all other celebs that wear fur are just ridiculous. Are you that happy to show off how much money you make…and in this case with no talent!

  • Sandy says:

    Do you guys need attention THAT bad? You’re taking her divorce as a way to get publicity out there? That picture was from years ago.

  • Missy says:

    Kim seems too self centered to care about what animal she is hurting!!

  • jjamus says:

    fantastic, love the billboard!

  • Ericka says:

    I find it so funny that her sister did a PETA ad but obviously she is so closed minded to sit there and wear that. IT IS DISGUSTING!

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    I actually feel sorry for the Kardashians. They are doing well by the standards of the world because the world says what they do is acceptable. They are rich now, but they will be poor later.