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Who’s to Blame for Half of All Animal Testing?

Written by PETA | May 10, 2011

If rats, mice, dogs, and monkeys were choosing public enemy number one, they would probably go with Charles River Laboratories (CRL), which breeds and sells millions of animals every year to laboratories around the world, supplying half of all the animals used in experiments. CRL is the second largest U.S. importer of nonhuman primates sold into experimentation slavery, importing more than 7,000 monkeys in 2010 alone.

A PETA “mouse” and “monkey” protest CRL’s animal abuse at the company’s annual meeting.

CRL also performs torture-for-hire for other companies, in which dogs, monkeys, rabbits, rats, and other animals are force-fed poisonous compounds, have their skin burned off with chemicals, and are forced to inhale toxic substances. The animals may endure severe abdominal pain, convulsions, paralysis, and bleeding from their orifices before they die or are killed.

With a sordid history of violating the regulations of the Animal Welfare Act, CRL has failed to do even the bare minimum for animals in its laboratories. Shoddy surgical methods resulted in the protracted misery and eventual death of a dog, and sick and injured animals are routinely denied veterinary care, including rabbits with skin lesions that were more than 4 inches deep. CRL workers sent a cage—with a monkey inside—through a high-temperature cage washer, which boiled the monkey alive, and CRL cooked 32 monkeys to death as a result of negligence.

To help animals abused by CRL and other laboratories, see PETA’s tips on fighting animal experimentation.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • linda long says:

    I would like to know what do about the company in the town where I live that I’m almost sure use’s live animals for testing and part of them come from the local Animal Shelter. You can not get in the place their guards everyplace and a huge fence. This is a testing for Pharmaceuticals? They keep growning. I know of one man that worked with the Cows that they ran test’s on and he said he could not hardley take it but had to have the job. Years ago this same place was paying $25 for dogs, have no clue if this is still being done. How do you prove something like this is going on?

  • jaki lucas says:

    i am appalled that this is happening to these poor defenceless creatures i hope the employees of these labs get their bad karma and rot in ****….

  • John says:

    The company does not care so I think that the employees pictures be shown oublically. They are the ones doing this. Why should they remain anonymous?

  • Carla* says:

    Ditto MA Moore!! I hope that one day we’d learn that animals are NOT ours to experiment on, entertain us, feed us, whatever… the whole nine yards!! God help humanity!!

  • blanca says:

    ignorance is bliss…so let speak up people! Lets give theses animals voices!

  • Nisha says:

    Reading this made me feel physically ill. What right do these people have to treat animals this way?

  • MA Moore says:

    In my humble opinion, I firmly believe that they should do their “experiments & research” on violent prisoners and leave the innocent animals alone!