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Russell Simmons Stands Up for Ducks

Written by PETA | November 1, 2007
Rochester/Creative Commons

Phat (adj.)
1. Cool.
2. Pretty Hot and Tempting.
Yo, Jack, that 1996 Toyota Corolla of yours is a pretty phat ride!

Fatty (adj.)
1. Consisting of, containing, or resembling fat: fatty tissue.
2. Pathology. Characterized by overproduction or excessive accumulation of fat.
Are you really going to eat that fatty, diseased liver, you sick freak?

Alright, now that we’ve got the definitions out of the way, here’s the big news: Phat Farm clothing and Def Jam records founder Russell Simmons just approached the Chicago City Council on PETA’s behalf to urge them to oppose efforts (funded by what may well be the sickest, most unethical industry on the planet) to repeal the city’s ban on fatty duck liver, or foie gras. Here’s what Russell had to say to the Council:

“Cruelty is wrong, regardless of whether the victim is a child, a dog, or a bird. Let’s come together to oppose all cruelty and injustice. I am asking that you support keeping this compassionate law in place—a law that Chicago can be truly proud of.”

You can check out Russell’s letter below, and for a little taste of what goes on in the foie gras industry that’s currently pressuring Chicago to repeal its ban, check out this story about 15,000 ducks who burned to death this week at a Hudson Valley Foie Gras factory farm. When asked for comment, Hudson Valley owner Izzy Yanay expressed his deep regret about how much money this is going to cost him. Anyone else feel like these people should be out of business ASAP?

Thanks, Russell, for everything that you do.


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  • Ian says:

    Thanks Russell. You represent a good role model.

  • Caboose (anti Combine. Go Gordon Freeman) says:

    Michele I dont obsess with artillerythe real definition of guns

  • Ariel says:

    Hi Michele! I had the exact same suspicions! And I agree with you too about its word du jour “socialist.” The sad thing is it didn’t get a grip on the real meaning of it in school. It needs to to a LOT of homework about a LOT of things!

  • Caboose says:

    You don’t like it when I post about FIREARMS not guns. Guns are artillery pieces.? Well why don’t you criticize the other seemingly ic comments on this site from others like you? I’ve always known about Govts and other topics so shut up.

  • Rebecca says:

    Russell is my hero

  • Caboose (neutral, blue army. Blood Gulch Outpost Alpha) says:

    Who is “God”? Menonreligious.

  • Michele says:

    Caboose sounds suspiciously like Mr. Chief or the former halo snipe. I think you better spend more time doing your homework after school and spend less time obsessing about guns etc. I guess you must have learned about socialism last week in your social studies class since that seems to be your word “du jour”. It is getting pretty old but then again I always know where to find a good cure for insomnia if I need it…

  • Ariel says:

    Realist and I use that anonymous loosely So God made animals to eat eh? “And God said Behold I have given you every herbbearing seed which is upon the face of the earth and every tree in which fruit of the tree yeilding to you it shall be as meat…” Genesis 129 “My body has never been defiled by animal flesh.” Ezekiel 34

  • Caboose (neutral, blue army. Blood Gulch Outpost Alpha) says:

    Ariel Where did you get the claim that I was cruel to animals?

  • Ariel says:

    Per comment by MARS “And Ariel is the resident finger pointer!…I guess she figures the rest of the people here are to stupid to figure out who’s who without her “guiding hand”.” Yes I am the “resident finger pointer.” But no obviously animal rights’ activists are not stupid to figure out who’s who. And actually it wouldn’t be difficult for serious newcomers to figure out who are the anti’s are due to their nonsensical comments. However as an animal rights’ activist it is in accordance with my convictions for the SAKE OF THE ANIMALS to point out the RESIDENT IGNORAMUSES the anti’s. And I would also like to point out that second to victories for the animals there is nothing more that ar’s activists appreciate better than knowing that we are hitting a nerve with the anti’s. So my appreciation is extended to Mars and Caboose thank you for letting me know that I have hit a nerve in what may be a tiny bit of you having a conscience although unfortunately still proving yourselves to be heartlessie uncompassionate towards animals. And when there is no reasonable amount of conscience and no compassion for animals then therein lies a void to being a whole human being who would also be unreasonably unconscienable and uncompassionate towards fellow human beings in peril.

  • rojo says:

    rayo why does it matter where dogs are raised for food. You said “dogs aren’t meant to be food” when they clearly are just not everywhere. I’m told they’re quite tasty. Better than rat. Now you’re getting all emotional over dogs this site been rubbing off on you? “Don’t bother killing it humanely” Do you see the human in humane? It is this that seperates us from lions etc.

  • rojo says:

    rayo why does it matter where dogs are raised for food. You said “dogs aren’t meant to be food” when they clearly are just not everywhere. I’m told they’re quite tasty. Better than rat. Now you’re getting all emotional over dogs this site been rubbing off on you? pantherlion

  • Arlene says:

    Way 2 Go!

  • Realist says:

    It’s a duck.. God made animals to eat… Don’t torture them or abuse them a quick and painless death should really be the only standard.

  • Ariel says:

    “Cruelty is inevitable but it is not wrong.” RayO credentials blank “The Bible’s emphasis is on the good treatment of animals not just forbidding of cruel treatment.” Billy Graham evangelist notes top 10 “Most Respected Living Men” every year since 1948

  • Ray-O says:

    I don’t a flying fornication as to what happens to that duck. It is fowl and its meat is delicious. As for dogs being raised for food in the East and not in the West there’s a good reason for it when man domesticated dog the dog was the one who helped him get the meat to eat! So naturally we made him a companion. Notice that I called the dog a him. He is a friend and a companion so the gender matters. Ducks however being mostly food are its. Don’t bother killing it humanely. You don’t see a panther giving an antelope a shot before taking a knife and using it to cut his internal organs. You see him rip up the thing!

  • Caboose says:

    people have no feathers Jaquie

  • Mars says:

    And Ariel is the resident finger pointer! There heshe is! I guess she figures the rest of the people here are to stupid to figure out who’s who without her adding her “guiding hand”.

  • Darla says:

    Tell Russell to stop his exwife from wearing FUR and I’ll be impressed until then I think he is a hypocrit.

  • Caboose says:

    Arielsocialism fer animals anyway

  • chlooe says:

    dese ppl r sik!!!!!!!!!!!!in a bad wai dey shud b killed like dey slaughter dey animals as a punishment

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    AMEN Ariel. Missed being here but our state was on fire still trying to connect people and their animal companions. I believe that Russell is also a Vegan he was on Bill Maher’s show Real Time and spoke about it. Way to go Russell. The animals thank you for your voice.

  • Jaquie says:

    I never knew this kind of cruelty existed until my sister told me i happened to see it on the tv recently the geese were terrified to see peopletheir feathers looked matted and wet just imagine the pain they were in they looked so sick and to think that this is allowed what kind of people eat Foie Gras? How can we help to stop this?

  • rojo says:

    rayo dogs are raised and meant to be food in several countries. Ducks like any other animal should be killed with the least amount of distress possible.

  • Ariel says:

    To any NEWCOMERS who are seriously interested in learning about ANIMAL RIGHTS’ Please be aware that there are frequent commenters on here who are ANTIar’s. Their comments do NOT reflect our beliefs. Generally their comments can be distinguished by their nonsense. Today’s features so far are RAYO and Caboose. THANK YOU RUSSELL SIMMONS for being such an admirable man!

  • silvia says:

    Russell what you are doing is great. i really admire you keep up the great work.

  • Pamela L. says:

    I agree with Russell Simmons statement in the paragraph that starts with “Cruelty is wrong unfortunately I wasn’t able to make out his letter to the Chicago City Council. What a kind caring person Russell is. His statements and actions are making a big difference in the war against Foie Gras. I was devasted to learn about the warehouse fire that took the lives of those precious ducks. The thought of this horror is agonizing. Although Hudson Valley Foie Gras may not be concerned about the suffering of the ducks I know there millions of us out there who do care. I regularly visit ponds around my home and I love to visit with the ducks and geese it’s such a joy. Foi Gras is very wrong and cruel it always has been and always will be until places like Hudson Valley Foie Gras realize that it will be an uphill battle for them to continue and close their doors for good. We can’t bring back those innocent little ducks but we can honor their memories by doing everything we can to speak out against the Foie Gras Industry. My hand written letter will be on it’s way today.

  • Canaduck says:

    Woo! Go Russell Simmons!

  • Kris Shulfer says:

    Thanks Russell!! You are a true rockstar!! You do awesome things for the animals I see it alot and I love when celebs use their celebrity for a great cause!! PETA is definately one of many great causes!!

  • Ray-O says:

    Compassion? When’s the last time you saw a lion be compassionate towards a duck? I don’t care how you kill a duck. Cruelty is inevitable but it is not wrong. It isn’t the same with a dog because dogs are not meant to be food. But the dog would easily eat the duck.

  • Caboose says:

    Yo thats phat wat your doin’ dawg but it is imperative to strive for something more effective than just a rule on parchment. U be Trippin.

  • liliana says:


  • Ana says:

    Thanks Russell!! RIPthe 15000 ducks who perished in the fire. Izzy Yanay you are morally bankrupt! Shameful!

  • little big woman says:

    all my love and sympathy for russell simmons! i admire his steadfast attitude and i just wish that there would be more men like him in this sad world! since years his warm and positive personality is shining like a lighthouse over the oceans! russell you are an inspiration for us all and thank you for fighting on our side with you we are feeling strong! you are a sunshine in my life!

  • Carla says:

    15000 Ducks parished at a Hudson Valley Foie Gras Factory Farm. I just hope these ducks died a quick death because they all were at one stage or another in their lives in becoming foie gras and we all know the day by day sufferings that go on in each of their lives. Shame on Hudson Valley! And guess what? We don’t care how much $$$ you lost! Way too go Russell Simmons!! Can’t imagine the thought process of even trying to get myself to eat a diseased liver! Maybe send one to Izzy Yanay Perfect timing!

  • carolyn says:

    what a awesome man

  • Jaclyn says:

    He is such a cool person! Hey I have a question his ex wife it is his ex wife right? Kimora has a reality show. She was draped in fur during one episode. Was that real fur or is she compassionate like her ex husband ex husband? and ws draped in faux fur?