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‘Runway’ Designer at Wrong End of the ‘Gunn’

Written by PETA | September 6, 2011

Of all the reasons why Project Runway is turn-off-the-phone-and-lock-the-door must-see television, the inimitable Tim Gunn, whose superb taste is surpassed only by his kindness, is at the top of the list. On last week’s episode, Gunn, ahem, shot down designer Josh Christensen when he tried to use real fur. That wasn’t about to fly with PETA’s 2009 Man of the Year, who promptly told Christensen to part with the pelt, saying, “We’re fur-free.”

Christensen must not have known that Project Runway has a strict fur-free policy, thanks to Gunn, who narrated PETA’s fur farm exposé and  sent it to furry designers. If any Runway fans weren’t aware that designers have to go faux or go home, they are now.


Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Lakeview Belle says:

    Thank you Tim Gunn and PETA for enlightening me. I had heard this kind of stuff happened but I couldn’t imagine the cruelty that these poor helpless animals suffer. I just wasn’t as aware as I thought I was. OMG!! I cried my eyes out in a total emotional heap watching this video. How can any thinking person do this to any living creature??? This should be mandatory viewing for anyone who wants to purchase a fur.

  • vickie johnson says:

    I am so aggravated on how people treat pets. I work very close with animal control here in Oklahoma and it is sad what people do to animals just here in this small town. It doesn’t seem to matter how hard you work to help these animals = it just keeps coming. I pray every day – “Lord please help me help these babies”. When will it end? I believe Never – because there will always be cruel people!

  • Rebecca Haley says:

    Tim does rock! I’m a visitor here & I notice that some department stores have “fur vaults”. They probably have them at home as well. Why are department stores still selling fur? Because unintelligent, vain people buy them! I wish they wouldn’t.

  • PattieB says:

    What an inspirational guy. It makes me so happy when I read things like this. I am trying to get EBAY to stop selling fur on their site, but because I’m not very good at computers, the petition is going slowly. If anyone here feels they could sign, the link is below.

  • BR says:

    I couldn’t even finish watching. After I saw that poor animal with hir fur ripped off… I want to cry. My heart sunk. U already knew a this but to actually see it… :,( It hurts. Good for Tim Gunn. I’m glad there are people who don’t live by the motto, “ignorance is bliss.” How sad for the animals. My heart aches for them.

  • Steve Wright says:

    Good for him. This is one of the major problems with the fashion industry. I have to wear suits pretty much every day for my job and am interested in learning more about where I can get good quality suits that aren’t made with any type of wool or other animal materials. Can you shed some light on this for me?

  • Marin says:

    HURRAY! All the more reason to love Tim Gunn! <3

  • melissam says:

    I LOVE project runway good to know it’s cruelty free!

  • eddy loomans says:

    Tim Gunn rocks!!