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More on the Running of the Nudes!

Written by PETA | July 13, 2007

Last night, PETA’s Lisa Lange made an appearance on The O’Reilly Factor to talk about the “racy” alternative to Pamplona’s hideous Running of the Bulls. The story brought tons of new people to the Running of the Nudes website last night to see what all the fuss was about, just in time to see all the amazing new pictures that’ve been put up there.


You can click the image above to check out the updated site, and if you let me know what you think of the new pics, or of the Running of the Nudes concept in general, I’ll pick one commenter to win one of the highly coveted Running of the Nudes novelty pens, starring a naked (depending on which way up you hold the pen) Annamarie Lytle.


Just as an FYI, while all comments are welcome, if you leave a rant about Running of the Nudes being a shameful display of skin that’s corrupting our nation’s youth, I will assume that means you don’t want a nudie pen.

P.S. I just got word from those laugh-a-minute party animals up in our Legal Department that if you want to be entered to win the pen it means you’re down with our terms and conditions.

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  • anton says:

    Whatever happens in Spain is only the spaniards business and concern. We dont need anyone to give us lessons in philantropy mostly if they come from people in whose country it is possible to ride the lighting for murder The day that bullrun are banned in Spain There will be 5 star hotels on Mars

  • M says:

    Kelly are you joking? You cannot compare brown v board with animal rights. Know why? Because they are fucking animals. Not humans. None of us here are for the brutal killing and senseless torture of animals. Understand that Kelly. However we do see humans above animals. We are better.

  • Franky Vee says:

    Another reason why I need to move to Europe and an excellent cause for truth justice and the Spanish and PETA way. Of course I wonder whether humans are more brutal to other humans than they are to animals. Either way it’s very sad. All life deserves a chance to live a decent and fair life. Life is hard enough as it is already. Thanks for spreading some beauty beauties?in the world instead of the ugliness that most thrive on with the bull run. I would more likely spend my money to go to THIS event than the stupid bull run. I could go to Washington if I wanted to see the Bull run.

  • Kelley says:

    Fabulous peoplethe guys and girls are all cutie pies. Cedric has the nicest smile ever!! Running of the nudes is cool though because the men and women are all equally united in trying to get attention for a good cause. It’s not like they are using their bodies to try to sell us crap like alcohol or chicken wings Hooters. If I were younger and in Europe I would be there!!

  • vegan4animals says:

    I was so happy to see the PETA interview on a major US television show getting the word out about bullfighting. It’s blatantly disgusting and evil and even O’Reilly was able to agree. Then O’Reilly hits her with “fish don’t feel pain” which was LAUGHABLE! I mean who is the numbskull who thought that little gem up? A nervous system is designed to transmit sensory impulses such as pain and fish have nervous systems so duh! This is why fish flee predators. Anyway progress is being made because claims such as “fish don’t feel pain” and “mercury in small amounts is fine” LOL! are the last straws for animal eaters to hang on to. There was a time when you couldn’t even get someone like O’Reilly to agree that stabbing bulls for entertainment is wrong and must be stopped. So yes I see progress! Pretty soon they will understand that eating animals is cruelty merely done for “mouth entertainment”. If this event was in the US I could go but the trip over to Spain is costly. It’s great seeing European animal lovers in action though. I foresee this event getting bigger and bigger.

  • Susannah says:

    I think the running of the nudes is not only hilarious but makes its point very well because it publicizes the cruelty of the bullfight “culture.” A friend who is my age was a bit shocked I think but if I were 21 and gorgeous I’d be there in a New York minute!

  • Ana says:

    I love the enthusiasm of the activists!!!!!

  • Philadelphia says:

    I saw the video of these charming runners and they were many! In our times about 20 years ago we were few and not so naked and sexy. But times are changing in favor of the bulls! Let’s hope that it shall be the present generation to celebrate the international abolition of bullfighting!

  • Marianne Christensen says:

    Spanish culture that includes animal abuse and crueltyThe way they treat the poor galgoes the way they treat the bulls before and after the bullfights and the way they treat the horses and their foals in the Rapa das Bestas una Fiesta de caballos en Galicia. I saw it on a spanish television channel where they even let a boy ride on a foal and they forced the horses to lie down in a very cruel way almost like the cowboys do in rodeos. And besides that the way they treat their farm animals in Spain in general nothing to be proud about. I really wish that their one day will be a common improved animal welfare protection law which shall be in force of all the EU countries. I live in Denmark.

  • natasza says:

    my mistake apologize to the moderator n.

  • natasza says:

    i posted something yesterday but it seems that the moderator didn’t consider it too good to put it up although i didn’t call names to anyone. keep the good vibes you’ll go far. n.

  • alma espanola says:

    anton yo soy espanol y te digo que las corridas de toros son criminales! comprendes? tortura no es cultura! T O R T U R E I S N O T C U L T U R E !!!!!!!

  • anton says:

    Whatever happens in Spain is not either your business or your concern if you are not a national of this country

  • natasza says:

    this blog is really something. ok i see the logical goes like this disaproove everything you ignore compare extremes be unrespectful with those you disagree call names to appear more self secure support your point of view with notyhing but fury show disdain to those different lie about what you don’t know those who don’t know either will maybe follow you repeat mottos leave logic and experience aside use big words use stereotypes they spread like powder feel part of something by joining in but not asking yourself be negative it’s easier than being thoughtful do not pay attention to anything but what you say keep calling names. whenever you forget the fact that people are able to think you become an animal. whenever you treat a person like an animal you become an animal. i still preffer to be human erratic and respectful. i still see dialogue as a way to understand things and i would never think you’re all a bunch of motherfucking fascist ignorants supporters of naif and vague philosophies. cheers to all of you n.

  • doug says:

    im going next year!!!!

  • Kelley says:

    Robertif it looks like a duck quacks like a duck walks like a duck etc. it is a duck. Animal abuse is animal abuse and I don’t care what arguements you use to pretty it up with. Using the excuse of “we’ve always done it that way” is lame. I am glad you were not on the Supreme Court when they were deciding Brown or any of the other landmark Civil Rights cases. You probably would have voted to keep segregation instead of in favor of changing OUR society for the better.

  • Maureen says:

    Every year participants are injured or at times killed by the Bulls in Pamplona. That is fine by me they are obviously a bunch of masochists and sadists and deserve what they get. It is criminal what these animals are forced to go through and the Spanish people should hang their heads in shame to allow such brutality. To claim Bull Fighting is part of the culture only shows how some countries are still living with the mentality of the middle ages. The Running of the Nudes celebrates life and hope and the other represents death and despair.

  • Geoff says:

    I call bullshit Robert. If your culture has a tradition that’s fucked up then it’s a fucked up tradition. That’s just the end of the story. For more on this topic please see such popular traditions as “slavery” and “female genital mutilation.” Or how about “throwing the Christians to the lions?” Some traditions just need to be eradicated and there’s no point dancing around the issue. Kelley has every right to talk down about bullfighting. Sorry but “culture” is a shitty excuse for committing atrocities.

  • Robert says:

    Kelley. Telling somebody to move forward from their culture is one of the most ignorant things posted here. Yeah this is sad but it is something that they grew up with. Just because you dont agree with what they grew up with doesn’t give yopu the right to talk down on another person’s culture. Cheap shot on your last sentence. Think about what you said when youre eating paella.

  • Kelley says:

    Bull fighters dog fighters cock fightersthey are all the same scumbags no matter where they come from. I feel very sorry for anyone who derives their sense of national or cultural identity from activities which foster animal abuse. It is time to move forward Natasza and Lori. Surely Spain and other Latin countries have more to offer the world than this???

  • rosario marrapodi says:

    to all the defenders of coward bullfight this here read the book of nobel prize winner ernest hemingway ‘Death in the Afternoon’! actually he was an admirer of this shame but at least he spoke the truth there’s everything coward cheating and brutal manipulation behind it and the horses are just covered in order to avoid the audience seing their intestines hanging out of the belly and imagine this is not from me but from ernest hemingway you bloody primitive m f!!!

  • animalfriend says:

    to lori andersen obviously you have just one thing common with pamela the lastname! furthermore i have to tell you this after the bullfights have you been behind the scene for to see the horses unwrapped? go to tell your fucking story to another sucker you dummy!!!!!!

  • lori Andersen says:

    I grew up in Colombia. The Bullfights where I lived lasted two weeks nine fights daily during the chrismas season. I attended many fights over the years and I have never seen a horse injured by a bull because they had padding surrounding them. Even in a fight where three Bullfighters fought from horseback with thier mounts unpadded there were no injuries to the horses. I did however witness many bullfighters who were injured. The fighters weigh in at hundreds Lbs the bulls at tons. The cultural significance of the bullfight was an amazing part of my youth and I strongly feel that there are other more serious issues that PETA should be concerned with. Rather than trying to ban a cultural eventlike Bullfighting that has been part of the fabric of that culture for Hundreds of years. The Running of the nudes is a little too gimicky and ineffective. LA

  • Stevie says:

    Ok rather than argue here I’d just like to say sometimes you have to pick your cause because there IS so much injustice in the world. To give one cause all of your effort is sometimes better than giving EVERY cause a little effort. In most of our cases we chose animal rights. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as we give it our best. And damn do I wish I could have been there P

  • BullyDawg says:

    Natasza you said this in one of your posts “i’d kill any animal to save your life would you do the same for anyone you care?” I think many of us though I don’t presume to speak for them would defend the lives of someone we loved. If a pit bull was attacking mine or anyone’s child and my only choice was to kill the dog of course I would do it. Same if any wild animal was attacking a human even if the “wild animal” is a human intruderI’m a big believer in the “castle doctrine”. But there is a BIG difference between killing an animal in defense of myself or others and torturing animals for no other reason except for “entertainment” and “culture.” HUGE difference! Viva PETA for a great turnout!

  • The Don says:

    natasza defending the abominable badtreatment of animals during bullfight shows a really villain character bullfight has nothing to do with culture but with dirty business. there are just the ganaderos the landowners in spain who want to keep the business running. i was in spain and i know the situation because i talked with hundreds of people who are against bullfights and other who approve them! these animals have no chance at all. before the ‘fight’ they are mutilated blinded and beaten with sand sacks and the banderillas in their neck are laming their muscles. they open the stomach of the horses with their horns. so it is also a criminal awful action against the horse who was all the time the most humble loyal and devoted friend of men! loving bullfights is an evil illness called ‘nekrophilia’ that means people who just can be sexually stimulated by seeing blood! if you still aprove such a criminal and insane ‘entertainment’ then please know that me i would not save you but the bulls!!! TORTURA NO ES CULTURA ! ! !

  • natasza says:

    kelly where are you from? have you ever been to spain? people with prejudice often judge other’s people thougts as wrong just by not knowing what they’re talking about. i don’t support frivolous thinking nor i’m ashamed of having a position about things although it’s not the trendy one. superficial thinking about things that are not understood is something to be ashamed of moreover when you try to apply that thinking into other’s people’s minds not really knowing what you say. do you really consider animals at the same level than humans? i still think there are differences. i’d kill any animal to save your life would you do the same for anyone you care? don’t spit so much restrained hate on people’s oppinion kelly there’s nothing to be ashamed on sharing thougts. cheers n.

  • alan says:

    Even seeing just a couple of these pics it looks like an absolutely brilliant turn out and what a great idea it is. I just want to congratulate everyone who organised and took part in this event your all stars. All going well if its on next year i’ll be there

  • kelly says:

    It is terribly disappointing to read yet another lame excuse for animal abuse as “culture” by someone like natasza Is it any wonder that there is so much injustice if the ignorant and backwards think that such abuse can just be explained away as cultural entertainment? People who abuse animals very often treat other people unjustly. There is no hope for humanity if the uncivilized continue to spit on society and commit abusive acts Shame on you natasza.

  • natasza says:

    should you understand anything about culture you would understand something about running in front of the bulls in spain. theres much to do in many fields about injustice and a non balanced world than complaining about billfighting. but thats just like all the things there are to do instead of treating animals like people… cheers n.