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Rule Britannia

Written by PETA | January 10, 2007

These pictures kind of tell their own story, which, as I interpret it, is that a lot of MPs are pretty hacked off with the MoD for being so bleeding stroppy about the Queen’s Guards’ kit, innit? Or, translated into American, dozens of British politicians gathered outside parliament yesterday to call on the Ministry of Defence to ban the use of bear fur in making the well-known caps worn by the palace guards. Either way you look at it, it’s pretty damn wonderful—and it’s a big coup for PETA Europe in its quest to save Canadian black bears from a horrible fate. Great to see so many politicians getting involved in an issue on behalf of the British public, which—like most reasonable publics—is overwhelmingly against turning bears into hats without a bloody good reason.

PETA bear fur MP protest with Glenda Jackson and others.jpg

Glenda Jackson, Mike Hancock, George Galloway, and dozens of other cross-party MPs protest the use of bear fur in The Queen’s Guards’ caps outside the Houses of Parliament

PETA bear fur MP protest - Mike Hancock, David Lepper, David Taylor (left to right).jpg

Mike Hancock, David Lepper, and David Taylor standing up for bears

PETA bear fur MP protest today- Glenda Jackson.jpg

Oscar winner turned MP Glenda Jackson with a Canadian black teddy bear

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  • Hannah-xo says:

    I’m soo glad Peta won this battle! And btw…what do ya mean translated into american? Its our bloody language in the first place!! P

  • Michele says:

    What would be so difficult about completely changing gasp! the type of hats that the guards currently wear so that they do not even resemble fur?? That way they do not have to worry about the effects of rain etc on the appearance of the hats and of course there would be no more need to cause horrible suffering to the bears. I happen to be from Canada and no I do NOT support the seal hunt either! and am often given the “excuse” from the illinformed that hunters would lose their way of making a living if we stopped the culling of the black bears. I am pretty sure that the people who ran the slave trade found other means of employment once slavery was abolished and one would not be able to justify continuing such a practice based on the fact that someone would lose their job! I never did see the attraction in wearing dead bears on one’s head or on any other body part for that matter and I don’t imagine that fake dead bear fur looks any more attractive! The British Ministry of Defense needs to take a stand on this issue and spare these bears from any further suffering.

  • jack coventry says:

    my felicitations to all these crossparty mps and to great actress glenda jackson. since a long time i admire her courage and staediness in protecting animals she fights also against hunting and she made a beautiful film about saving turtles together with ben kingsley who is also a great animal protector! god bless you all!!!

  • Chris Overton says:

    Still we’re talking hats here. I yet to hear a compelling argument for hats in the nowfamous hat vs. bear struggle.

  • Mateo says:

    Wow I didn’t know Glenda Jackson had become an MP!

  • pb says:

    While I’m all for the Queen’s Guards to use false fur on their caps I think it’s going more difficult than anyone had thought. Not so long ago I received a email from the secretary of MoD saying they are proposing to use synthetics and faux fur but at the moment but having difficulty making it suitable. When false fur caps becomes wet unlike real fur it loses it shape and rigidity and until they find a solution to this it’s going to be hard to use faux fur. I’m pleased that the MoD is aware of the problem hope soon that the use of real fur on the Queen’s guard hat is going to be a thing of the past. Keep up the Good Work!!