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Royal Baby Gets Animal-Friendly Prezzie From PETA U.K.

Written by Michelle Kretzer | July 10, 2013

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are being showered with baby gifts in anticipation of the arrival of their “little lambkins.” And PETA U.K.‘s offering is a gift to animals as well as the Royal newborn. In lieu of the traditional sheepskin blankets that Britons often bestow on new parents, our U.K. affiliate has sent the newest Windsor a faux-sheepskin throw to help make sure the baby’s first few steps are steps in the right direction.


In a letter to Prince William and Duchess Catherine, PETA U.K. explained that sheepskin is the product of cruelty to animals—sheep raised for wool often have their tails cut off, are castrated without any pain relief, and undergo other things that babies wouldn’t like. Because they are paid by volume rather than the hour, shearers often rush the job, leaving the animals with cuts and gashes and even sometimes amputating protruding body parts. When they’re no longer wanted, the sheep are sent to slaughter

And PETA U.K. didn’t forget about the proud parents. The group included some celebratory faux gras and vegan caviar to help make the Royal baby’s arrival a royally kind occasion.