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No Room in Their Moving Van—or Hearts—for the Dog

Written by Alisa Mullins | March 25, 2013

If you’ve ever wondered why we have a dog and cat overpopulation crisis, which is so bad that 6 to 8 million “pets” enter animal shelters every year—and that’s not even counting the millions of strays who never make it to shelters—look no further than Halley. This mother dog was left to survive as best she could after her owners moved away and left her behind like an unwanted sofa on the curb.

Halley miraculously managed to survive by herself for several months until a passerby called PETA to report having seen her roaming the streets. She appeared to be nursing puppies, but neighbors who had heard the puppies crying weeks earlier hadn’t heard a peep out of them in nearly a month. We feared the worst.

Our cruelty caseworker advised the passerby to set up a feeding station for Halley at a vacant home in order to discourage her from straying further away, and we got in touch with local members of Unchain Oklahoma, who set about trying to trap the skittish dog. When they arrived at the property to set up a humane box trap, they found the puppies hiding under the house.

The little ones were whisked off to a veterinarian. After several days, the volunteers managed to trap Halley, and she was spayed and reunited with her pups. The family—minus two puppies who have already been adopted—is being boarded while permanent homes can be found. (You can see more photos of them on Unchain Oklahoma’s Facebook page.)

If you suspect that an animal has been abandoned or is being neglected or abused, please err on the side of compassion. Always call authorities. If you’re mistaken, the worst that can happen is that you’ll put a few more miles on an officer’s odometer. And if the authorities don’t respond, contact PETA.

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  • Esme says:

    PETA: what should I do about my dad’s neighbor who keeps his dogs in humane conditions and tied up on pathetically short chains? He won’t let me take the dogs even when I offered to pay for one of them.

  • doug cooper says:

    We really need legislation to pass laws in the interest of these pets. A crime has been committed, now we need penalties passed into law. This is not the way a civilized nation shows compassion for these poor animals. Are we Barbarians?

  • etienne saint vregord says:

    Such people should never have pets, I’m so pissed at indifference people who do not bother to care about their own dog, but choose to leave the poor dog out there somewhere , there must be something wrong with that kind of people. This will not go unnoticed, one day the punishment will overtake them. There are too many devils on earth, hope we get rid of them one by one in some way 🙁

  • etienne saint vregord says:

    I hope people who leave their dogs one place, and then driving away, will be exposed to something sad once 🙁

  • JC says:

    We need a law for scumbags leaving their pets behind to die, They should be punished as criminals….

  • Lia says:

    I would love to rescue one!! How much is the adoption fee?

  • Cynthia Sheptack says:

    God has a place for people who throw animals away like garbage and its NOT Heaven! May God bless and save all the animals.

  • Janna Adamo says:

    Pups and Mom at my Vet Hospital. Email me for adoption information and see my photo album on facebook for more recent photos of Mom Halley & pups Ciera, Ali,Fawn, Taz, Conan.