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Ron Jeremy Kicks the Bucket

Written by PETA | April 15, 2008

Yup, our pal Ron Jeremy has signed on to PETA’s KFC boycott, because he’s a firm believer in, um, doing chicks right. Before I get too carried away with the sexual innuendo here, let’s take a long, hard look at what Mr. Jeremy had to say about KFC. Good stuff, and thanks, Ron, for coming through.

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  • nancy says:

    u go ron i wanna go vegaterian 2! I never ate at KFC in my life! fck kfc!

  • Liz says:

    Thank You Ron for helping to spread the word about KFC cruelty! I try to do my part I have been a vegetarian for 2 years and just turned vegan in February. I also do not bye any wool or leather products. But yea Thanks again for helping animals. 333

  • jerry says:

    Ok chicken lovers….how do you intend killing these birds in a humane way ? By the way i liked his speech but just because he did porn does that mean we should all rise to his speech no more than we should rise up to a speech given by a no name .

  • Teacher says:

    Good for you Ron. Regardless of anybody’s opinion of the adult industry you’re using your fame for a very good cause. Saw you on the Surreal Life and you’re a mensch. Hopefully you’ll raise awareness of the horrific conditions of KFC and Yum Brands to the point where financial pressures will force a change. Most people don’t know of your past career as a specialed teacher. Make a difference in the world way to go!

  • Bob says:

    In the past as in Nazi Germany and other places people were ignorant of inhumane treatment of people. Now we have a society that is more open and informed. It is a good thing to have an opinion either side of the coin. I want it to remain only a opinion. I can not stand people anywhere that thump their chests or throw blood on people wearing fur and boycotting loudly and boisterly in front of a public restuarant. We all have a choice and we all have a right to walk away and we also need to remember that ALL people are not the same either morally spiritually or sexually. It is like someone thumping a bible in your face when you are an athiest.

  • Hannah says:

    Way to go! I just turned vegetarian yesterday and i feel proud of my self!

  • mike says:

    Damn all this talk about chicken is making me hungry. Some super greesy chicken would really hit the spot right about now.

  • Gemma says:

    I host a demo every third sunday of the month in Seattle in front of a KFC. Thanks for speaking up for the chickens. Gemma

  • Vitor Ribeiro says:

    Thanks man for your contribute to a better World! VitorPortugal

  • Leslie says:


  • Just Me says:

    I knew Ron Jeremy was a good person when I watched the dvd about him called “Porn Star The Legend of Ron Jeremy” Uncut Unrated Edition 2001 There were birds nesting on his apartment’s balcony and CRPPING ALL OVER THE FRICKIN’ PLACE but he wouldn’t disturb them. Now that’s a kindhearted humane being. And who better to promote a boycott of KFC than the KING of CCK! I’m SO jealous of you Ron! GRRR!!! LIFE is JUST NOT FAIR! Take care. And get more sleep guy! I haven’t watched the dvd in a long time but were you ever tested for sleep apnea? Are you a vegetarian? It could be good for your uh “circulation”. Not that you seem to have any problems with blood flow. Move to Maui Be Well.

  • Joly says:

    I think that it’s a good thing to protect animals from cruelty. I just wish that people would be as concerned for unborn human children.

  • MeL says:

    Ron Kicks Ass!!!

  • Laura Sarmiento says:

    Ron I had a completely wrong impression of you until I saw you on the surreal life. You are a very compassionate person with a good heart. You’re awesome! Laura

  • jana degadoi says:

    I STARTED WORKING FOR kfc in the fall of 1999. I was offten asked how we got the chickens so big and i would say I have no clue. And then they asked is it true that the chickens are cruelty treated and agin I said Ihave know clue. After watching the video I’m embaressed to have worked for them for 5 years and I OUR MY FAIMLY WILL EAT AT KFC EVER AGAIN!!!!!!

  • Darlene says:

    I totally love Ron Jeremy! Its wonderful he is taking a stand against a big company such as KFC! I HOPE RON CONTINUES I LOVE TO SEE AND HEAR MORE ABOUT HIS QUESTS

  • alberto paquola says:

    Thank you Ron!!! Venice Italy

  • lynda downie says:

    I have to admit I didn’t know who Ron Jeremy was til I read this. Oh! I’m proud of him for using his influence to help chickens abused by KFC.

  • Jennifer Cohen says:

    Thanks for being a voice for the animals Ron! The chicks appreciate your support!

  • olivia says:

    thank you very much its hard to get through to america when nobody even knows your name. however you can really help out alot of people because your voice is well recognized and it means very much to many people that you are standing up for what we believe in animals being tourted is wrong beyound belife. it would be different if it were humans of course cause we can speak and say help me but these POOR HELPLESS creatures dont have a voice. and thank you once again for giving them one. kfc is messed up and they need to sort their priorities out.

  • Luke Thomas says:

    Though I’m vegan and think eating flesh quite repulsive I also know in the real world most people don’t think this way. KFC is hideous with their suppliers torturing animalsand chickens are quite intelligentcan you imagine how it would feel to live in a small closet with another one or two people having to smell feces diarrhea sleep in diarrhea and the stench so bad it burns one’s lungsthen beaten terrorized every second thrown around like garbage living with broken bones. There is no excuse for this and this world is NOT civilized to allow these atrocities to go on and on. Have mercy on the helpless.

  • Deborah Kemp says:

    Yeah good on Ron Jeremy for speaking out against KFC. I never eat that greasy crap anyway. However I understand that Mr. Jeremy is a porno star what the ! I thought one had to be good looking with a nice bod to do that kind of work. I bet one wouldn’t see any unattractive women in the business but that’s another story for another website I guess.

  • Natasha says:

    Thanks Ron for backing a wonderful cause. Everyone should bycott KFC. If we all stick together we can make a difference

  • Tara says:

    LOVE IT!!!!

  • Kelli Pence says:

    I’ve met Ron Jeremy several years ago. He’s a great guy very funny!! What he does for animals is great.

  • Sasha Auffrey says:

    Ron Jeremy is the coolesthe’s so perverted it’s awsome. And he hates KFCwow….i didn’t think I could like him morebut i do. Keep up the great work Ron!!!!!!!!

  • Nancy says:

    Good for you Ron! KFC should be an industry leader in all phases of poultry handling. It is abhorrent to see any animal being treated this way. Thanks for standing up!

  • yvonne williams says:

    Kudos to Ron Jeremy…i went vegetarian a year ago however even if i ate meat i would NOT purchase from KFC after learning of the practices that go on in these factory farms. You are a great humanitarian we need more people like you to stand up and speak out!!!!

  • Mindie says:

    Thanks Ron We need more people like you and stand up for what they believe in!!! Become VEG you will love it!! God bless you!!

  • Tracy says:

    THANKS JEREMY. Very well said! I stopped going to KFC when I heard about the horrible practices at their factory. If they changed the way they treated birds I would certainly stop boycotting them and I would stop telling EVERYONE I know NOT TO EAT THERE because of the inhumane practices.

  • Rocki says:

    Good for him. Peta needs all the supporters it can get

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Hey Kurt!! I can tell you from experience going vegetarian eating organic etc etc does NOT give you an automatic weight loss program. Only reducing calories does that. I’m only 112 but I gained 16 pounds after I developed my wheat allergy and went vegan and wheatfree. I think the real scenario is that there are many reasons why folks are buying local and organic. Practicing a good environmental lifestyle has become a political and social statement attending local farmer’s markets and bringing reuseable bags has brought people togehter to discuss how we won’t stand for big corporations and opressive materialism govern our lives and our Earth any more. It is also about health and looking good yes but diets are fleeting whereas I see the same people at farmer’s markets and health food stores every week attending town meetings to halt quarrying and logging on our local mountain and becoming a community that sticks together. It is so much more than just looking like a tv celebrity it’s about social change. And yes we do indulge in chocolate bars more often than I care to admit!!!

  • Kurt K says:

    Maya I have noticed the market for healthy foods is on the increase. But you have to take that with a grain of salt in my opinion. Though there are many out there that do want to simply lose weight and become healthy for strictly health reasons I also believe many people are dieting and exercising not to be healthy necessarily but to be skinny! I believe you can have a little gut and still be very healthy I know a guy who out weighs me by a 100 pounds and his cholesterol and blood pressure was lower than mine. And mine is not high at all! I just think that too many people are eating healthy just to fit a certain mold to look like the magazines want them to look! Maybe I am just to paranoid but I get a little annoyed when people give me crap when i decide to drink a coke or eating some fatty foods. Sometimes you have to let your hair down!

  • Marite O. says:

    That guy knows what he is talking about. He must be a PETA member! If he is not well he should be!

  • Maya, CVT says:

    LOL Well Kurt are you officially throwing me out of my own country? just kidding You’re so right that our country is driven by money but have you noticed that more people are using reuseable bags buying organic and buying more healthy foods for their pets? One scientist hypothesized that people tend to marry people who they consider nice among other traits. So humans have evolved to become more compassionate. It’s just a hypothesis but I think there may be some validity there. Hopefully with awarness through animal civil and women’s rights campaigns our society can evolve even further!! ‘

  • Doctor Arcobaleno says:

    I just love Ron Jeremy’s whole personality! He came really into this world for a higher purpose!

  • Kurt K says:

    Maya that won’t happen. You know that money drives everything in this country. That is the beauty of capitalism and a freemarket society. Only when governments start to instill regualtions on its people do you lose what is means to be an American! Freedom of choice! You can choice to leave or stay. I’m not suggesting that you leave Maya. Just in case you take that the wrong way!

  • Sharon says:

    Thanks Ron I’m boycotting the colonel too and hope everyone else is sticking to it until they feel the pressure way to go !!

  • Dr.Breen says:

    So you die for joining the KFC boycott?

  • Dan says:

    Don’t worry he still eats out.

  • Mark says:

    Now what is he going to eat?

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Ron Jeremy seems like a very intelligent and compassionate guy. I love seeing REAL men in our society!! Yes! I wonder if it’s realistic that companies like KFC can truly pull off humane treatment of chickens with such large volume and demand. I fear that the only way to ensure humane treatment is for our society to go largely vegan vegetarian and semivegetarian. Once the demand for meat plummets and the prices go up it will only then be realistic for farmers to both allow their farm animals to live the good life outdoors and treated like horses or pets and also for the farmer to be able to make a living. That means most of us will need to go vegan much more often and meat and fish eaters will need to pay much more for animal foods but that won’t be a hardship if meat eaters only comsume meat once a month or so. I think it’s the only way to go humane with farming.

  • Mark says:

    What is he going to eat?

  • Pamela L. says:

    Way to go Ron! You have been a great help to the animals in many ways. What about a “Surreal Life” show about celebrities who are animal advocates and vegetarians?

  • Laura says:

    I heart Ron Jeremy. Him wearing a PETA shirt on Surreal Life was wonderful.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Thanks Ron for backing the causeyou’re a good man.