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Rock Charlize Theron’s Style: ‘Fight Breedism’

Written by PETA | June 9, 2009

Everyone is sexiest when sporting compassion, and Charlize Theron proves the point! Out for a stroll on a Malibu beach the other day, not only did Charlize take along her two lucky rescue dogs, she also brought out a message to help all dogs by sporting PETA’s newest “Fight Breedism” T-shirt.


Smokin’ body and a love for shelter mutts? Now that’s hot.
Credit: X17online


Want to mimic Charlize’s style? You can buy one of our “Fight Breedism” tees here.

Written by Shawna Flavell

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  • etom says:

    PLEASE BRING BACK THIS SHIRT!!!!!! I WANT TO BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!

  • Alysha Edelman says:

    Go Charlize Theron! Good for her! Celebrities have this amazing platform to use their voice! They can bring a lot of publicity to important issues.. like animal rights! We all need to speak up for aniamls who can’t speak up for themselves! End animal cruelty! Go vegan!

  • Caroline says:

    It’s good to see celebrities promoting animal advocacy.

  • Deborah S. Van Damme says:

    I admire Charlize Theron for using her power as an established and well respected actress to promote animal rights issues. We need many more individuals in the entertainment business to reach out and openly support animal rights as Charlize has done.

  • kris says:

    I love it 3

  • Lily says:

    I love Charlize Theron! Arrested Development is my fave. Mr. F!

  • Will Smelson says:

    i would pay extra for Charleze’ tee shirt especially if she worked up a lather in it