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Rob Zombie Does Not Eat Flesh

Written by PETA | September 24, 2007

umusic/Creative Commons

If you’ve been following Rob Zombie’s career, you’ll know that he’s been successful in a number of different arenas, from his groundbreaking work with White Zombie in the ’90s, when this blogger was a young alternative-music junkie (“More human than hu-man! More human than hu-man!”) to his successful solo career, and more recently in his mega-hit slasher films House of 1,000 Corpses and Halloween. A lot of people who have watched the gore-fest that is this summer’s Halloween get more squeamish when the young Michael Myers mutilates animals than they do when the killer graduates to human victims. Well, it so happens that this touches on one of PETA’s major campaigns—to raise awareness about the well-documented link between cruelty to animals and crimes against humans.

With that in mind, PETA VP Dan Mathews wrote the following note to Mr. Zombie:

“We at PETA would like to thank you for making clear in Halloween that people who commit acts of cruelty to animals are likely to move on to humans. Although audiences wince during scenes showing the young Michael Myers mutilating animals, following it up with the school counselor articulating how this is the first step to becoming a maniac was perfectly done. Hopefully, with the attention focused by your movie on this link between animal cruelty and human violence, more people will recognize the warning signs among people they know and deal with it more forcefully.”

Not only was the cat used in this scene fake (of course), but guess what? Rob Zombie is an ethical vegetarian, and has been since 1982, when he saw slaughterhouse footage in high school. Turns out that some zombies don’t eat flesh at all. Who knew?

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  • Not sure how you can ever consider vegetarianism to be ethical, there is arguably more suffering in a glass of milk, or lump or cheese, or pack of eggs than a pound of steak, because the animals are kept alive longer to experience more horrible treatment and they still have a horribly violent death at the end.
    Why do we ever consider vegetarianism to be more morally justifiable than meat-eating? I was vegetarian before I was vegan, and now I see how morally blinkered I was.

  • Necrotizing fasciitis says:

    comparing killing and or torturing an animal and a human are way too far apart to be a valid arguement, animal’s dont have the same complex thought pattern’s as people do. i do not believe its cruel to eat meat. ALSO people say human’s are biologically created to be vegan’s but in accuallity only omnivore’s and carnivores have k9 teeth and have the stomach acid to digest meat, if we weren’t supposed to eat meat we would all go crazy and die just like cow’s when they eat meat :3 there’s my arguement 😀 forgive my grammar and spelling if i messed anything up

  • maria says:

    Awesome. I love Rob Zombie.

  • weRstillNotFree says:

    NEVER KNEW! WOW…LIKE HIM NOW! it’s what’ll get me more familiar now with metal than i already am …

  • Woody says:

    Wendy you’re on the Internet. use it before you post a dumb question ok? Google Search “ethical vegetarian.” Sheesh.

  • ethical vegetarian says:

    Although ethical vegetarians enjoy the benefits of the healthy diet and lifestyle of vegetarianism they are not vegetarians because of health reasons they are vegetarians because they want to minimize cruelty and death in the world. Good health is just a pleasant sideeffect.

  • micheal foster says:

    Man your the bomb! your music inspires me. its the best peace

  • Velvet Dread says:

    one thing wrong with the link posted by Judith http://www.av1611.orgrockozzy.html this is from one persons view point and unreliable as a view of ozzy. i love both ozzy and zombie btw so im biased also. just thought id let people know who happen by this blog… and not all meat eaters are evil satanic people there are only the hand full which certain people choose to exaggerate and only pick this as fact … a biased opinion. satanic worship is not about slaughter again only performed by twisted individuals but about oneself and not to fight against “good” which is “god” but to be yourself and your own king. i do not agree with these individuals for cruelty to animals but modern living has made these conditions which have to stop the world is over populated and to combat that government and whoever answer this by the barbaric ways that are now wrongly common. keep fighting for animal rights … and not for everyone to be a vegetarian

  • Capt Spaulding says:

    I love Zombie and rare Ribeye steaks!

  • sally says:

    thank you jenny!!

  • jenny says:

    wow some of you people just cant imagine that rob has a heart and dont like meat why you see his movies and think he is blood thirsty he just makes movies its not real and he is a preformer grow up

  • sally says:

    Haverhill High showed that movie in the 80’s….LONG before he became Rob Zombie. He also doent worship the devil.

  • mazdabastard says:

    Doesnt it seem hypocritical that he would have you think that he is a badass satanist when he finds the treatment of animals upsetting. Does he sacrafice tofu to the devil? Im just saying it seems a bit retarded.

  • joe says:

    I’m a fan of zombie and i had not clue he was a vegetarian. Myself I am an omnivore. But then again I don’t get slaughter house food.

  • sally says:

    So what if Rob has used dead animals in his movies? He doesnt eat meat. He grew up hanging out in cemetaries like everyone else as there was nothing else to do in this town does that make him anti christ? NO!. god I was just waiting for someone to slam the guy.

  • kris says:

    idiot doctors still think you need meat to survive. while millions of vegetarians are discovering healthier lifestyles. let them die like the fools they are.

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Mike as a matter of fact the Hippocratic oath does only apply to humans. Especially since I do not engage in medical treatment on animals. Although there was that one time while quail hunting Oliver my bird dog tore open his belly skin on a barbed wire fence and I had to sew him up on the tailgate of my truck. He is such a good boy. Judith did you finally realize that Ms. Newkirk can’t be elected president?

  • Ariel says:

    Ana Mike Judith I think our Dr. Faux “harvestologist” aka bloodlust killer took the “hypocritical” oath. …and then Ana he would have to be admitted to an environment that would probably be strange to him a hospital maybe a veterinarian hospital. Judith I have to say that it was so pathetically laughable that Dr. Faux had the time to research on wikipedia about Ingrid Newkirk’s nationality concerning why she would not be able to hold a U.S. executive office. Such desperation! Keep up the good fight too! I admire all of you!

  • Michele says:

    I have noticed that while the PETA supporters on these blogs have been providing clear factual responses to Cochran the “Faux” doctor’s good one Judith! comments have deteriorated into defensive arrogant silly nonsense. Hmmm if you can’t stand the heat… Oh well at least he is providing us with some amusement these days!

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    You are right Ana All he is is another Bully on Board. And we all know he is a Faux Dr.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Have a great holiday killing things Christopher. I guess the Hippocratic Oath only applies to humans.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Mel Mel You’re referring to a lactoovo vegetarian and yes the animals are killed that supply dairy and eggs. Veganism is hopefully the direction most of us are moving in. Remember also that a lactoovo still consumes many strictly vegan meals. So maybe not as ideal as a vegan diet but still a great step in reducing one’s cruelty quotient.

  • Ariel says:

    Dr.?C. Providing that I recall correctly in your initial blog you said that you were seeking an intelligent debatediscussion as well as intending to offer your “expertise.” With that I have tried to maintain a civilized discussion with you including my last blog as well as most other ar’s activists have also. Evidently you are unable to recognize civility because as your comments continued they became increasingly childish to say the least definitely showing a “true positive” in your last response to me. So with that in mind I am finally going to bring to attention some well I will say “insights” about you that I have long been aware of aside from and perhaps including the obvious. Meet me in a more current forum heading so that my comments will not be missed. And if necessary I will repeat them under other headings.

  • Ana says:

    Ariel Thanks for your logical and compassionate comments. Cochran’s useless commentaries have gotten really tedious and boring. Don’t bother to respond he just enjoys playing the lout with bows and spears and describing to the “angry herbivores” his killing sprees. Yawn!!! Keep fighting the good fight!!! Perhaps a hunter will mistake cochran for vermin and…..

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Ariel Not to worry you live in the city so I am not amongst you. Anyway I will not have time to enjoy my visits as much with my new friends the angry herbivores as lots of exciting trips are in my future. I’m headed to Arizona for a beautiful week in the desert hunting Gambel’s quail. Then on to Massachusetts for sea ducks then back here to the nirvana for deer quail trout…the list goes on. Sorry got to go the white bass are en fuego over at Norfork…

  • Mel Mel says:

    What IS an “ethical” vegetarian? If it’s wrong to kill an animal for meat why isn’t it wrong to kill them for dairy and eggs yes they are killed

  • Mylie says:

    Yay! Mad props to Rob Zombie and other infamous horror movie vegetarian legends like Clive Barker Dario Argento and Larry Fessenden. Creators of horror films have always been instrumental in getting an animal rights message out there on the big screen and to the mainstream. Whether in the form of showing the link between violence to animals and violence to humans or classic themes like in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre where it is frequently noted that Meat is meat equating the consumption to human flesh to that of animal flesh. It was also brilliant to see in the Argento directed film Pelts the way in which trapping and killing raccoons for a fur coat eventually destroyed the trappers life. Kudos to the masterminds who are making films that start conversations about animal rights and ultimately save animals’ lives when people become educated and make compassionate decisions.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    I must agree with Guil. The poor pig’s head is the truth. Also after an animal is murdered on film you can always bet that that act will be carried out in “REAL LIFE by some freak. You read about it all the time. It’s all about the money and how much they will make… When will they learn? Maher and Newkirk 2008

  • tammye says:

    Rob Zombie Rocks!!

  • Franki says:

    Rob Zombia a veggi?! Who would have thought…I’m glad he is tho. for your comment if you think PETA lies then why are you on our site ? Have a nice day everyone

  • Agatha says:

    Excellent musician wonderful film productor and so charming ! But now he is also “ethical” veg ! I love this guy more and more ! A vegan french fan

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    Mike Have fun with this great music man and OZZY. But first you must go to this site and read about the wonderful OZZY who Rob will be performing with. http://www.av1611.orgrockozzy.html This site will tell you more about Ozzy than I am sure you want to know. When OZ worked in a slaughterhouse he would think hard about the different ways that he could kill the animals and he did seem to enjoy it talking about their blood. ENJOY YOUR CONCERT……

  • alisa says:

    Aside from being an amazing artist musically and theatrically him being a vegetarian only makes him even more sexy!!! There is nothing more attractive than a compassionate man! Rock on Z!

  • Ariel says:

    Dr.? C. I have been an ar’s activists for years…and ever since I have been reading this blog site unless I missed or misconstrued something I can honestly say that no one has ever accused meat and fisheaters of being cruel people in and of themselves just for that reason. So I don’t know why you are looking for “evidence” of yourself not being a cruel person. I suspect you are more so looking for support for your consumption habits especially on an animal rights’ blog site that is certainly not going to be condoned by ar’s activists…but would only be supported by meat and fish eaters who you can find plenty of anywhere. As ar’s activists our comments are more geared towards the cruel people who are totally unconscienable heartless and uncompassionate. For example those who participate in the barbaric conditions of animals preslaughtering slaughtering them on the conveyor belts while being conscious and without pain meds scalding them in hot water while still alive the atrocious conditions of caged animals raised for consumption and as you have read about the mad scientists who conduct insanely barbaric needless experiments on animals in labs also those who promote dogfighting and cockfighting. these are just to mention a few. Those are blatantly cruel people and there is no other way to think of them. I hope you can agree with at least that much Our comments on this site about people being cruel are directed to those who condone animal cruelty. As for the “hunters” there is not much difference from those cruel people because “hunters” have bloodlust desires to intentionally kill innocent beings which is a violent “crime” to a compassionate civilization. I will end by saying as animal rights’ activists we not only promote doing good for the animals but also do good for humanity by exposing and acting upon those cruel activities done by actual cruel people. And I think it is a very scary thought that those types of people are among us and allowed to perform their cruelties.

  • Marisela says:

    I saw the movie It was great. It does show that when you are cruel to animals and kill them the next step is human suffering and murders. I knew he was a vegetarian but I was confused bc i didn’t know he was going to include the death of animals. But hey the were fake. I thought they were going to show Michael kill the mice they didn’t. Rob Zombie rocks! I am glad he did this movie it was also touching.

  • Katherine says:

    Gotta say that is too cool. As an animal lover with numerous pets from birds to horses it is wonderful to know that someone can do wonderful horror movies and not be advocates of animal cruelty even in a pretend world.

  • Guil says:

    The cat may have been a fake but the severed pig head on display in Zombie’s “The Devil’s Rejects” was not straight from the horse’s mouth he mentions it on the DVD commentary plus it’s confirmed by some of the creators of “Saw 3” in their own film commentary. It’s very nice that he’s a vegetarian and all but what kind of vegetarian insists on using pieces of an actual dead pig in his movies where a fake one would’ve done just as well? Sorry I just don’t see the difference between somebody buying the remains of a slaughtered animal and eating them or buying the remains of a slaughtered animal using them as a film prop and then throwing them out. I’m a Peta member and I support you guys in pretty much everything but maybe next time you send a letter to Rob Zombie ask him to stop using real animal body parts as set decoration in his movies?

  • Tina says:

    Huge fan of his. I love horror films and can’t wait to see this one. I am glad that the movie has a message along with the gore. Glad to know Mr. Zombie has a compassionate soul.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Wendy An “ethical” vegetarian is one who becomes so out of concern for animal suffering and perhaps the environment. If you go veg strictly for health reasons there is no “ethical” component but the animals are still happy.

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Finally some evidence that those of us who choose to eat healthy meat hunt and fish aren’t cruel…I have never nor do I ever intend to commit a violent crime towards a human. I can only conclude that my efforts to improve the world around me are not in fact cruelty to animals. As a matter of fact I do a fair amount of good things for humans. Sure I make a living at it but so do the people working at PETA. It’s great to make a living doing something worthwhile and helpful. The more time I spend here the better I feel. Con Amore per tutti!!

  • Jacob Hollis says:

    I see no proof of this article at all only mention of his name and a picture. Since it’s PETA I have to assume they are lying.

  • Kenna says:

    Wendy Someone who is a vegetarian for ethical reasons as opposed to health or other reasons.

  • Craig says:

    I am an avid Rob Zombie fan. I’ve always enjoyed his music and movies. Knowing that Rob is also a vegetarian is welcome news it will just further my resolve to buy more of his music for my listening pleasure. Now while his music may not appeal to some all I ask is give it a chance you’ll be asking yourself ‘why didn’t I discover his music sooner’.

  • Mike says:

    My Wife And I Are HUGE Zombie Fans!!! Can’t wait to see him with Ozzy in November!!

  • Wendy says:

    What exactly is an “ethical” Vegetarian? Pardon my ignorance.

  • BullyDawg says:

    Okay I know now the cat is fake but I still don’t think I could see this movie. At the very least I would have to walk out of the theater during that scene and come back later especially if the cat looked like one of my shelter babies!. I’m too sensitive I guess.

  • Carla says:

    Right on! I’m a fan of Rob Zombie but never new he was a Vegetarian!