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Roadkill: Meat Without Murder

Written by PETA | June 5, 2007


Here’s another classic from the PETA vaults, which I came across a little while back and filed away for summer barbeque season. The website, which you can find here, starts off like this:

Summer’s Nearly Here! Toss Some Roadkill on the Grill!
PETA is urging die-hard meat lovers to help save animals by scouring the streets and turning vehicular victims into vittles. If you’re wondering why the world’s largest animal rights organization would encourage consumption of roadkill kebabs, read on!

Roadkill_car.jpgAnd on it goes. As usual with this sort of pro-vegetarianism campaign—see, for instance, Eat the Whales and Say No to Pot (roast)—the underlying point is the same as ever: “Eating animals is weird and gross, and it sucks for the animals involved.” But the sad fact of the matter is that a lot of diehard meat-eaters just zone out when you say stuff like that to them. Telling people that you’re thinking of firing up a roadkill barbeque, however, tends to wipe that long-suffering “preached at” look right off their faces. And the message is ultimately the same: “Dude. Go vegetarian.”

Anyway, that’s my two cents, but please do check it out for yourself and let me know what you think.


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  • Humpy says:

    Er Rojo…are you sure primitive human beings derived “energy” from proteins? Then again while we are speculating on theories of evolution I had a thought. One way to see it is as you put it humans derived “energy” from animal meat proteins so they spent less time gathering berries. So there was lot of free time and no Xbox to ‘kill’ free time. The free time was therefore devoted to brain development. This would also act as a good argument in favor of kids not playing Xbox since that would aid in brain development. But I digress. Coming back to the post. To eat animal meat and save time from gathering berries humans had to first kill the animals. And the primitive humans were not usually as armed as ..well say Sarah Palin. That means endangering human lives lives in faceoff with animals equipped with defensive and offensive organs. Humans may have got hurt some probably even dead. We have a sort of tradeoff here lose some humans and the rest develop brains faster. Or eat berries save lives and let nature take its time…hmmm…trick question.

  • Iña says:

    what can you say about ROADKILL PLUSH TOYS???

  • rojo says:

    rama I’m talking a little further back in time. the energy derived from animal proteins allowed the development of the human brain. Less time was spent gathering and there was excess energy available that the brain could use. I respect your philosophy it just happens your ability to do so is as a result of meat in millenia past.

  • Rama Das says:

    dear rojo let me focus on the following point there was just a part of our ancestors indulging in meateating! Above all from the western part of the world. But there was a great mighty kingdom thousands of years ago Bharata ancient India ruled by rightous kings like Rama Bharata and Krishna. They lived in a splendour you cannot imagine and no one of the whole population was hungry! They had a complete vegetarian lifestyle and respected all living beings above all the cows which were the milk giving mothers and the bulls were ploughing the earth. They lived in perfect harmony and wellness! And for to prove that this is no fairytale this here their science knew an even smaller entity than the atom called the truti and they had a specific name for spaceship vimana! For everybody who is interested in ancient Indian history there are several publications obtainable the Bhagavad Gita the Mahabharata which means ‘Great India’ and the Sri Caitanya Caritamrita which means ‘the nectar of Sri Caitanya. pls know that also ancient China was not the same as it is today! There lived the socalled immortal wise tao practicing people in the holy Wudang Mountains! They established the whole chinese culture of dignity and respect towards nature and all living beings following the eternal laws of the Tao! Taoism is the thousand of years old philosophy of noninterference with nature and her living beings a conscience of complete freedom for all which i’m practicing! please consider!!!!

  • rojo says:

    The main problem with roadkill is you just don’t know how long it’s been there unless you did it yourself. Pulling broken bones out of your meal isn’t particularly appetising nor are there the safegaurds associated with meat handled properly in an abattoir. Our omnivorous ancestry contradicts the assertion that “Eating animals is weird and gross”. Billions of people around the world enjoy animal protein on a daily basis.

  • K says:

    grimaces How do meateaters not see the connection?!

  • Robert Rodriguez says:

    Love the last part. Sent an email to my meateating coworkers. They’ll get a kick out of it.

  • claudia marrapodi says:

    I prefer to stay on my vegetarian diet!

  • Giselle says:

    Me no wont b roadkill burgers