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On the Road With the Circus

Written by PETA | August 27, 2007

My friend and colleague Jason Bayless has been on tour with Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus for three long months now, and I figured it was about time we had a look back at his tireless efforts to make sure that anyone who goes to a Ringling event in any state gets the elephants’ side of the story too. Check out the slideshow of the tour that he sent me today:


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  • Yvonne Grotke says:

    To Circus owners elephant trainees God put these beautiful helpless creatures here same as he put you. If your thinking is they should be tortured then so should you. I thank the Lord for Peta people trying to show what this nation stands for. Someone said “A nation is only as great as the way it treats animals” May all the misery you cause come back to you as you close down your circus. A Peta supporter Yvonne Grotke

  • betty gale says:

    can not wait to see ringling bros go to hell and free the animals good job. peta!!!!

  • Julibeth says:

    Mike Q I almost thought that you were for real but then I realized that it was just sarcasm. I was about to type a whole twenty page speech about animal rights and how much I dislike you. You immitated peta haters so well that you got me for a fool for a few minutes. Nice job in getting your message through about how ignorant and ludicrous peta haters are. You see I felt so angry at first because I am a PETA member and a pretty proud one too.

  • Shari says:

    Just wanted to thank you for the information given at the circus in Charlotte NC this past weekend. As promised I did check out the website and have shared that information with numerous coworkers and friends who also attend the circus here. As a result NONE of us will ever support an organization such as Ringling Bros. and Barnum Bailey Circus. Thank you for taking your time to educate others about this horrible abuse!

  • Negrita Linda says:

    The Gasca Brothers mutilate torture abuse and neglect animals working at their circus. Also because of the famous lust extravaganza rituals performed with threatened animals they are known as the “bestiality bros”. There have been reports lately of a neglected chimpanzee “Panchito” who was taught to smoke had his teeth taken out and was forced to perform oral sex to Raul Gasca!

  • Pam says:

    Funny how the ignorant simply don’t get irony.

  • Jake says:

    mike love the steak joke. don’t forget the ecoli!

  • Danielle says:

    Thx Mylie Good Luck in Sacramento! Danielle

  • Mylie says:

    Hi Danielle. Jason’s blog can be found at I was also at all of the demos in Everett! Thanks for coming out.