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RIP, Vicky: 10-Month-Old SeaWorld Orca Dies in Captivity

Written by PETA | June 17, 2013

Another SeaWorld orca has died prematurely in captivity—this time, heartbreakingly, the deceased was a mere 10 months old. The infant, Vicky, died over the weekend at Loro Parque, an amusement park in Spain’s Canary Islands. The cause of death is not yet known—there are reports that she had been behaving unusually in the preceding days.

Vicky was the offspring of Kohana and Keto, two SeaWorld orcas on display at Loro Parque. Senior SeaWorld employees oversaw orca training at Loro Parque when Keto killed trainer Alexis Martinez by ramming him and dragging him underwater. Kohana, who is Keto’s niece—inbreeding is another sad outcome of captivity at SeaWorld—rejected Vicky, as she had previously done with her first calf, a male named Adan. It likely didn’t help that Kohana had been taken away from her own mother after just 19 months—ocean-dwelling orcas carefully guard their calves, and young females help the mothers care for them.

What You Can Do

SeaWorld’s reckless disregard hurts orcas and endangers those who come into contact with them. Please tell SeaWorld that you won’t visit its parks so long as it imprisons marine animals, and spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, urging everyone to follow suit.

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  • cmg072960 says:

    young orcas dont breed in the wild until age 15,and they go outside of their pod there is no inbreeding.They are captured so young they dont have time to learn from their mother how to care for a calf of their own.Sea world is breeding babies to family members,thats disgusting,orcas arent guilty of that in the wild so who is the animal here?Seems to me orcas have more morals than some people.Their families stay together for life.Humans tore them apart,kidnapped their babies,and breed tbose babies for money.I wouldnt want to take my child to a place that does this and tries to teach my child to respect marine life.What a bunch of degenerate hypocrites

  • jayne says:

    Shame on all those involved. When will they realise that sea creatures belong in the SEA.

  • Yuliya Guru says:

    All this free cruelity…it must your can’t you see what we see?? how it’s possible? how can it be just ok, all this deaths..we must to love all lifes and this beautiful planet..

  • Dove Rosenbaum says:

    Captivity for the killer whale is not natural. Their graceful fins go lopsided. It is imperative that killer whales be returned to their natural environment. Sea World depends on ignorant customers who do not know the true crime of using killer whales for unnecessary spectacles. These creatures are being held against their will. It is not right and I will join the effort to see that this torture of innocent creatures is ended.

  • Lauren Mortimer says:

    This makes me feel so sad. Can’t believe animals lives are lost for OUR entertainment. Someone needs to stop this. Now.

  • em says:

    SEAWORLD should be shut down. Close the inhumane prison. Future humanity will look back at human history with shame. The breeding program is repulsive. Employees of SEAWORLD are as responsible for the nightmare that SEAWORLD is as are the owners and profiteers

  • DAN says:

    There is a movie coming out soon about SeaWorld called BlackFish and if you have not seen the trailer it will STUN YOU. SeaWorld you should be ashamed.. I will never grace the doors of your parks again.

  • Shari says:

    This poor little baby whale never knew what freedom was! Shame on SeaWorlds breeding program.

  • franco says:

    All in the name of greed. Animals are superior to us, BY FAR!