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RIP Soupy Sales, the Prince of Pieing

Written by PETA | October 23, 2009

“A pie has to hit … and explode into a thousand pieces so you see the person’s face and see it take away his dignity.”
Soupy Sales

Legendary comedian, television host, and film star Soupy Sales has died at age 83. The funnyman, who claimed he’d been hit by 20,000 pies in his lifetime, was an inspiration to many animal defenders. Big names like Mickey Rooney, Frank Sinatra, and Sammy Davis Jr. clamored for a chance to be pied by Soupy. Animal abusers try to “duck and cover” from the Soupy-inspired tofu-cream projectiles that have been hurled by animal advocates over the years.

On this day, let’s honor Mr. Sales by taking a few moments to reflect on some of our favorite pieing moments.


The queen of cold, Vogue editor Anna Wintour, was fuming after a European anti-fur demonstrator launched a special delivery right to the fur hag’s kisser.
Anna Wintour
I imagine those kids’ squealing laughter was deafening as they watched an anonymous “chicken” splatter Ronald McDonald with a vegan cream pie.
Ronald pied
Procter & Gamble’s then-CEO John Pepper’s speech was interrupted by someone who was fed up with the company’s cruel product tests on animals. Nice tofu-cream beard, John.
John Pepper


So many pies, so many laughs. So many thanks, Soupy. Animal defenders couldn’t have done it without you.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Chloe says:

    McDonald’s tries to cover up the fact that their chicken and pork comes from Tyson by selling healthier options like bagged salad and rotten fruit. But they can’t cover up the fact they still use cruel chicken killing. I have boycotted McDonald’s as has my Mom. I refuse to read Vogue since they advertise fur animal tested cosmetics and recipes with meat. They are the cruelest magazine no offense to Madonna’s hit song. PG have no heart and no matter what protesters and animal rights groups do to try and get them to stop all animal testing they still continue the cruelty. They say they only test on rats and other rodents but undercover investigations show they are lying. They use rabbits monkeys rodents and aquatic species. PLEASE STOP THE CRUELTY HEARTLESS PEOPLE!

  • emma says:

    what!!!! theres talk about jail time for someone who threw a pie?? A PIE!! are some people for real or what..what about jail time for the people who are skinning animals alive and beating animals for no reason? a flaming pie??? dont make me laugh no wonder this world is f$d up.

  • Kon says:

    Mike Sorry for double posting but I agree Mike. Sadly the person throwing the pie will still deserve jail time but god bless that person for throwing a pie for a cause.

  • Kon says:

    Its fine that your pieing people in the face for what you believe in but its a little hokey just to say RIP Soupy Sales just to go “Hey look at everyone we pied in the face for animal rights.”

  • Banning the Carriage says:

    well logical perspective…we’re here to help! see torturing and killing animals is wrong. get it? no? read the sentence again. slower this time….torturing….and killing….animals…is……..wrong. pieing someone who supports these things is well not too high a price to pay. let us know if its still puzzling to you.

  • Mike says:

    Logical I didn’t call you an idiot. I was merely pointing out that your original comment was ridiculous. I think we can all agree that if anyone deserves jail time in this situation it’s the furwearing murderers such as Wintour and her fellow hags. I think that is the truly “logical perspective”. Mike

  • Logical Perspective says:

    Nevermind that I’m an idiot and I don’t understand real issues.

  • Michele says:

    Mike well said!!

  • Mike says:

    Logical Perspective So it is ‘logical’ to let people who are responsible for the death of countless animals live freely? You really think that throwing a pie at someone deserves jail but the monsters who sentence millions of animals to death every day should walk free with no punishment? Wrong. Mike

  • Pam Ernest says:

    I hope the “pieing” of animal abusersexploiters NEVER ENDS as a lasting memorial to Soupy Sales!!

  • Logical Perspective says:

    I hope those who pied respectable individuals without their consent are sent to jail.

  • berta says:

    From Russia With Love… …GO BEARS!