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Ringling Seriously Unwelcome in Norfolk

Written by PETA | February 24, 2007

I spent yesterday morning handing out leaflets outside the Ringling Bros. Circus, which is having its last desultory gasp in Norfolk this weekend before it bullies the elephants and other animals back into cramped boxcars and chains them up for the trip to whatever city it’s going to inflict its weird, sadistic little show on next week. There are a lot of cities that give Ringling a really hard time when it comes to town, as activists all round the country rally round to get the word out about the circus’s long history of animal abuse, safety violations, and the occasional child pornography scandal for good measure, but I’m fairly sure they dread the Norfolk shows more than any other stop on the tour, as the whole office takes a field trip to opening night, along with a bunch of local activists, to make sure that everyone attending the circus gets the elephants’ side of the story as well. Apart from the inevitable middle finger or two, most people are really cool about it and grateful for the information—we always hear stories from people who have thrown away their tickets or vowed never to take their kids to an animal circus again. This year some prospective circusgoers even promised to come out leafleting with us on the weekend, which, well, you can’t ask for more than that. Anyway, here’s a video.

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  • mary panos says:

    It’s been said many times beforewhat is keeping the USDA from shutting down Ringling and othercircuses forever?is the USDA getting kick backs fom Ringlingsurely they are psychotic

  • K says:

    Who would have thought that happygolucky sugarcoated circus music hid all that animal abuse? Surely not the children they try so hard to brainwash it with. It’s about time these Aholes are being exposed.

  • K says:

    Spanky the Clown Porn Charges?! WTF “Behind the clown nose… supporting an industry that trades in the exploitation of children.” No REALLY?! He works for the CIRCUS for pete’s sake! They feed on brainwashing these poor children.

  • Craig Petersen says:

    If there was ever a definition of ‘Hell on Earth’ these innocent animals that live out their lives in circuses would surely be fitting. Sadly most people are beyond clueless about these matters. They either don’t know or don’t want to know just what life is really like for animals in the circus. And the USDA? Oh please give me a break. This ‘do nothing’ ‘headsup we will inspect you at’ department of the government is beyond useless and nothing but a drain on resources. They drag investigations out seemingly for ever never impose any meaningful punishments all the while the animals in question continue to live out their ‘Hell on Earth’ existence. Until things change and I mean really change animals will continue to be treated like this for decades to come. It’s going to take major legal action against the USDA to get things changed for the better. Sooner or later vigilante justice is going to prevail in order to get the attention these animals need. I’m sure someone going to the circus and inflecting a sadistic attack to the handlers while in view of the animals may also change things. Sadistically beating an animal handler with their own tools of destruction while the animals look on may give the impression to the animals that not all humans are the same. If Ringling Brothers ever comes to my town you can be assured I’ll be there protesting. And if you Ringling Brother douche bag animal handlers get in my face well let’s just say I’m not the one who’s going to end up taking a trip to the hospital. The sad fact that Ringling Brother animal handlers and others of their ilk are lower than a pedophile is nothing new. Most of them are either on the run from the law cannot hold jobs anywhere else or have long criminal records. These are the kinds of people who are the stuff of child molesters abusers spousal abusers drug addicts and maybe even serial killers. They have certainly proved beyond the shadow of any doubt that they’re sadistic animal abusers. To me animal abusers are nothing more than a wast of skin. They pick on the most defenseless beings and the sooner the USDA pulls their head out of their back side and takes real action the better. And to everyone else wake up and smell the coffee. Animals are NOT ours to do with as we see fit they are NOT our property they are living beings like you and me. And it is our responsibility as the stewards of this planet to set the example for others to follow. P.S. To the moderator of this site you have no idea what great restraint it took to type something like this up. Normally it would be chock FULL of colorful expletives that would make a drill instructor blush.

  • tim says:

    I love it when elephants fight back!!!

  • Phyllis says:

    Ringling was in Atlanta the week before they were in Norfolk and activists here protested everyday sometimes twice a day. One of the best signs we had came from PETA and said RINGLING BROTHERS 23 DEAD ELEPHANTS AND COUNTING It seemed to me that every person waiting in line or going into the arena read that sign and especially the kids. It generated a ton of interest was impossible to argue with and helped us reach out to people who thought that Ringling treated the elephants well and had “a good conservation program” for elephants. One woman who read the sign came up to me and after hearing the details lamented that she had just bought the DVDs that Ringling was selling. I offered her a free PETA DVD about elephant training. Shegratefully took it made her friend take one and then asked for another to share with another friend. She also vowed never to return to Ringling again. THANKS PETA for always making speaking for the animals so easy and so effective!

  • Evelyn says:

    I hate these !! stupid lossers. They will pay for their actions I will pray for them to stop abusing animals and get a real job.

  • douglas says:

    i am sooooo happy to hear that you guys got some people to avoid to go to the circus! congrats. i really can’t believe they have the nerve to come to Norfolk for four shows! keep up the amazing work.

  • T says:

    Post pics of your demo please!!!

  • mary peterson says:

    When will the atrocities against elephants stop?how much more evidence does the USDA need to shut Ringling bros circus downseems they are dragging it out a long timewhy?????