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Ringling Hurts the Planet Too

Written by PETA | March 7, 2011

Ringling Bros. Circus hauls elephants and other animals from city to city chained inside reeking railroad boxcars, but its truck caravans (Ringling has three separate shows) also travel tens of thousands of miles every year shipping caged tigers, birds, and other animals. A staffer with one of the circus’s units—which travels 30,000 miles annually—admitted that some of the trucks only get about four miles to the gallon!  

While Ringling was squandering our planet’s resources, PETA members carpooled and stripped down to the bare essentials to protest the circus’s performances in Champlain, Illinois. Check it out:

Contact PETA’s Action Team to arrange your own car pool and demonstration when Ringling shows up in your town!

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • PETA says:

    Lucky, animals held in captivity are denied everything that is natural and important to them; every aspect of their lives is controlled and managed. While starvation and disease in the wild is unfortunate, no artificial environment can adequately fulfill every animal’s individual need to roam, play, forage for food, or select mates. PETA believes that animals meant to roam, fly, or swim freely don’t belong in cages.

  • lucky says:

    If wild animals don’t belong behind bars… Then where do they belong? In the wild where they can be hunted by poachers and killed by other natural predators? These animals at least have shelter from the rain, cold, snow, etc. They have food and water whenever they need it. I’m sure those animals have better treatment than most humans.

  • skyloz says:

    Pork: Just like eating a dog