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More Ringling Employees Speak Out

Written by PETA | February 15, 2007

We held a big press conference in our offices on Tuesday to discuss the allegations of two former Ringling employees, who recently contacted us to tell us about their firsthand experience of the circus’s abusive treatment of animals. Both employees, who worked on the animal crew, told us they witnessed routine abuse behind the scenes, including a violent beating of an elephant which lasted 30 minutes. It was really nice to see some members of the media show up to hear about this breaking news—sad as it sounds, normally with this sort of thing we have to take all our clothes off (or at least show a little leg) to get some attention. But this is a great sign that people around the country are really starting to come round to the idea that animal circuses need to go the way of bear-baiting and cockfighting (there are only two states left that are still being ass-backwards about cockfighting) as something that was probably a really lousy idea in the first place.

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  • Liz says:

    All circuses should be banned if the performing animals are being abused in any way.

  • Lisa Scharin says:

    I would like to know if THe USDA or Humane Society was contacted and sent to the circus to confront this person. Two years ago Clyde Beatty Brothers were in South Carolina. I videotaped a man behind the scenes hitting an elephant with a broom stick. I contacted the USDA Humane Society PETA and others. I was told by the USDA that the man involved was questioned and fired! I hope that is true! I hope to videotape more undercover videos when the circus comes and I would like to ask anyone with a camera cameraphone etc. to so so too. The more videos that are shown of the abuse the more people won’t go to the circus and the more of an opportunity and possibility that animals will be removed from ALL entertainment! Let’s make it a campaign that won’t be ignored!

  • Kris Shulfer says:

    since i had my son in 1992 i have never once taken him to a circus even when they would come to our town because i was aware of the abuse to the beautiful elephants and then they wonder why they attack humans they deserve to feel what they were inflicting on any animals to me that would be proper punishment and i am very glad the employees are finally coming out with this !! yeh!! sunshine stevens point wi

  • Peggy Johns says:

    I just watched the circus video showing a poor elephant being struck repeatedly. JAIL TIME is what that jerk deserves for beating a defenseless animal.

  • linda g says:

    i wish our president would be concerned about animals over here. worry about things in this country. please stop the circus from performing anywhere. animals should be free. that’s the way GOD would want it to be. animals can’t talk however if I had the chance I would put hooks into the so called trainers right where it hurts the most…..I only hope in my lifetime that congress would pass the bill outlawing the circus. linda from new jersey

  • kelly says:

    If the owners of Ringling Brothers had instead hired the exCIA operatives to stalk people in say a civil rights organization then papers like the New York Times would have been criticizing them and broadcasting their evil deeds. It was frustrating not to see such behavior exposed more by the press It is nice to see the media realize how bad these circus owners really are how sadistic they must be to let this go on in their own company