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Righteous Retailer Pulls Big-Top Tees

Written by PETA | August 13, 2009

In news from the “elefriend” front, yet another kind company has promised to stop promoting Ringling Bros.


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After talking to some very persuasive PETA peeps and learning that Ringling beats elephants when it thinks no one is watching, Spanish women’s clothing chain Zara has vowed to pull all Ringling T-shirts from the racks of its more than 1,300 international stores.

Gracias, Zara, and might we suggest carrying this trendy tee instead?

Written by Amy Elizabeth

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  • Fluffy says:

    Zara has won a new customer by pulling these tshirts off their racks. Good job PETA and good job ZARA.

  • ann marie rutter says:

    why isnt the government doing more to change the laws to protect animals from such horrific cruelty i mean how hard would it be any way people should just stop paying to have animals beat and tortcherd because thats what there paying for when they go to a circus just dont go how hard is it.

  • Elaine says:

    I like Zara clothes and I’m glad they’ve pulled the shirts. Way to go PETA!

  • Carla says:

    I LOVE PETA!!!!!

  • Carolyn Cavallo says:

    THANK YOU ZARA AND INDITEX FOR NOT SUPPORTING AND PROMOTING RINGLING AND BARNUM BAILY CIRCUS. I want your product now that you have severed ties with the horrible circus. I WILL LOOK FOR YOUR STORE AND PRODUCTS IN MY LOCAL AREA. Humanely yours Carolyn Cavallo Philadelphia

  • Tamra says:

    That is awesome news!! I wrote an email too! Hey if any of you have some free time please help me out at examiner dot com. people write proringling articles and we could use some help writing comments. just do a search for ringling and they will show up.

  • Alexa Peters says:

    Thanks to all the persons involved to help this cause… it must stop asap! Thanks to Zara to support and be concerned in this matter now I have more reasons to buy there

  • Julie says:

    Very exciting news! Thanks to PETA and Zara for helping to prevent animal suffering in circuses.

  • Brian alfano says:

    How do I get a PETA shirt to help the elephants

  • Antoine says:

    Meg I want that TShirt too!!! PETA put that one back in print.

  • Darien Midwinter says:

    Thank you Zara. I’ll be looking out for your brand when I shop for clothes.

  • vaish says:

    Very happy to know that a big company like Zara turned their backs off to ringling bros circus!!!!! Thank you Zara!!!!! I wish more and more companies discourage circuses and animal abuses in the world.

  • Laura says:

    nice work Peta. And a big thank you to Zara for doing the right thing!

  • Timothy says:

    Glad to see Zara is another company that will discontinue their assocation with Ringling Bros.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    I own a unique Ringling T shirt that excites comment every time I wear it. I got the shirt from PETA. The front of the shirt screams “ABOLISH SLAVERY Boycott the Circus.” Under that is a picture of elephant feet chained to a trailer. Under the photo it states “Circuses will stop abusing animals when we stop giving them money.” On the back of the shirt is this I have very short hair so everyone can read this “After my three years working with elephants in the circus I can tell you that they live in confinement and are beaten all the time when they don’t perfom properly. A sworn testimony of former Ringlng Employee Tom Rider.” Every time I wear this shirt people I have never seen before ask me to stop so they can read the back. They ask me if I ever worked for Ringling and I tell them no but I refer them to PETA’s website to find out about Ringling and other circuses that use animals. I also tell them about Kenny about the death of the tiger on the circus train a few hot summers ago about the baby elephant who drowned after running into a swamp to escape his trainer and how the crime rate always seems to go up when the circus comes to town. I hope to buy a new shirt just like this one soon as this one is fading fast. It is a tremendous conversation opener.

  • emma says:

    I recieved an email from inditex telling me that these tees was being pulled off the shelves yesterday and it really made my day knowing another company has turned their backs on that horrid circus. thankyou so much zara it really does make a difference.