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Response to the Atlanta Falcons Press Conference

Written by PETA | July 24, 2007

Falcons Owner Arthur Blank gave a press conference this afternoon to present the Falcons’ official position on the Vick case. Here’s what PETA told the media about our reaction:

PETA commends Arthur Blank and the Falcons for not being satisfied with a voluntary leave of absence for Michael Vick. Regardless of the outcome of the trial, truckloads of illegal dogfighting equipment and 66 dogs—many of whom had injuries associated with dogfighting—were seized from Vick’s property. Based on those facts alone, a voluntary leave of absence would clearly not be satisfactory.

PETA also commends the Falcons for drafting the paperwork for a four-week suspension, mentioned by Blank as a “first step” in disciplining Vick. We continue to call on the NFL to suspend Vick immediately and to permanently bar him from the league if convicted of the charges detailed in the indictment.

PETA appreciates Arthur Blank’s statement, “How anyone could participate in dogfighting is incomprehensible to me,” which echoed the feelings of many millions of Americans and football fans.

Because of the Falcons’ willingness to suspend Vick, PETA is canceling plans to protest outside the Falcons’ training camp on Thursday. Instead, PETA will demonstrate outside NikeTown stores nationwide, demanding that Nike—which has stated that it will continue to sell Michael Vick merchandise—drop its corporate partnership with Vick.

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  • ann says:

    michael vick is not human he is a thug animal killer criminaland coward too. some of the black people here like to play ” the race card” AND pretend they are legally both blind and deaf so they just deny the truth or they are the one who got free tee shirts free ac from him? i wish someday there is a miracle so these people can see and hear again so they will learn the horrible crime their ” bro” has done to the innocent and helpless dogs. 6 yr jail time is not enough vick the thug should go to jail “one yr per dog he and his gang tortured and killed”.i figure it should be about 100 yrs gee then he can ROT IN HELL. it makes me sick to my stomach to learn the crime he and his bro has committed. peta is not perfect yet but they are doing the best they can.

  • heather ray says:

    I think as a vet tech that this is so wrong. they have oulawed pits in the city of denver because of them being to danerous. i think it so wrong that someone so high profiled is going to get away with this and the dogs suffer. Put him away and let him think about what he has done and then see how the dogs like him ater that. DO NOT KILL THOSE ANIMALS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michele says:

    Okay are Henry Moore and “just shut up” really that retarded? To “just shut up THIS IS AN ANIMAL RIGHTS ORGANIZATION!!!! And Henry Moore can you even read? There is plenty on PETA’s website about hunting. If you actually took the time to check things out before shooting off your big stupid mouth you MAY have noticed the main PETA webpage where it says “Why Animal Rights?” Dumbass!! And clearly all of you here claiming to be responding because you are “bored” need to go find something productive to do somewhere else because you will never convince any of us real animal lovers to start believing that it’s okay to hurt an animal just because some psychopathic assholes decided to breed and train it for fighting. Jeffro you might want to rething your “treehugger” comment as I do not find that to be insulting at all since it clearly is your plan to insult us woo I’m really hurt by you AS IF!. Most of us animal folks here are into the environment too people who have compassion for animals usually are caring people overall and I for one am proud to be doing what I can to save the planet in addition to as many animals as possible.

  • chris says:

    fuckin hippies

  • Robin F says:

    To big? Herm If you care to take the time to post comments on this site voicing your outrage at what you consider racism perhaps you should cut the ebonics and poor spelling. You discredit yourself and appear to advertise your lack of intellect on both the front and back of your Michael Vick jersey. Try very hard to understand this…there are millions of us who dearly love animals. It is 100 evident that Michael Vick is involved in this criminal offense. I don’t care about football Nike Coke black or white. I care about cruelty pain and horrific treatment of these animals and I will never bow down to the likes of you and your babbling random comments.

  • Diana says:

    Boy some of you people really take the cake oooops. I mean veggies. How some of you so called do gooders can think this is a race issue is beyond me. I think you think it is a race issue for the obvious reasons. The issue here is it is against the law to do whatever with dog fighting. It is cruelty to animals. Do you understand that cruelty to animals. It is disqusting to think what happens to those poor animals. What part of that do you not understand He had all th equipment and whatever on his property. Wake up! And you other morons who think Peta is to blame for this oh my god get real. Why because they have the balls to do something and you don’t.

  • Ana says:

    IVANA…Jeffro is CORRECT about what I wrote. And I must admit that you are a perfect target for people that do not agree with animal advocacy your comments make it easy to criticize animal advocates. Maya thank you for your kind comments. I greatly appreciate it.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Jason Hall Nice try! Are you actually saying that because Michael Vick is African American he should not be investigated? Do you actually have the temerity to assert that an African American or anyone for that matter should get a pass on such charges because of their race? Barberity and cruelty know no race!!!!!!

  • helpanimals says:

    I hope you’re all aware that people with a financial interest in maintaining the status quo are actually PAID to try to discredit groups such as PETA.

  • Ana says:

    just shut up What did YOU do about 1 2 and 3? Once again the “A” in PETA stands for “Animals”. Injustice against animals should always be protested. That is why there are educational materials against racism and the use of drugs distributed in schools. PETA tries to educate others about the injustices animals endure and how advocates can make positive changes for animals everyday. Compassion and an open mind helps.

  • Manny says:

    Jeff there are other organizations that support what is going on in Iraq there are many thousands who stood up and protested during Rodney King situation. But the fact is that PETA is dedicated to the well being of animals. That is it only to animals. Try to process that concept and post again if you have any further questions as to why PETA is not involved with IRAQ Rodney King ETC

  • Elliot says:

    D Campbell please tell me how the NFL is a fascist organization? You can seriously tell me that the NFL is comparable to the Nazi’s. Chances are you have never played a down a football in your life and you know absolutely nothing about the NFL or sports in general so please STFU and stop watching football. If Michael Vick is indeed guilty then he should serve jail time. However if he isnt then you people owe the NFL Michael Vick and the Atlanta Falcons organization a huge apology. You guys have jumped the gun on this case and have truly embarrassed yourselves and your organization. Over the years Peta has become a punchline instead of a respected organization that is trying to help animals and that is because of cases like this.

  • Ivana says:

    Kimberly you are a demented person no question about it.LOL I am dog owner and dog lover dumb bitch. I dont need anything to make me feel better at the end of the day this is out of anger that someone can do this to poor animal. Talking to you honestly will be a waste of time since you are a b. Go get a life loser and who the hell was talking to you ??? LOL wow stupid people Bg Herm your post was amazing.

  • just shut up says:

    I really think that the focus point to ruin a prominent african american figure in our community is straight up disasterous. I only got a couple of questions to ask. 1. Why is peta not protesting the countless Americans that’s in Iraq? 2. Why did peta do any protesting when Rodney King gotten beaten up by the police? 3. al Sharpton!! What about the Duke Lacross players that he made a mess of?? and I did not still hear an apology for that!!! Look I am glad that you people are not God! for all the mistakes that I made and I know that you peta protesters also made I am glad that I can get on my knees and ask the Master for forgiveness and he did it and he didn’t chop my head off for every mistake that I made. So when you out there protesting about MV7 think about your own iniquities and get down on your knees and protest for forgiveness!!!

  • Jeffro says:

    One thing I want to stress is that a pet is way different than the dogs being bred to fight. Their whole life consists of training and getting ready to fight. That is all they know. As where a pet is something that has grown onto you and you have grown onto them. You love your pet. Im not saying Dog fighting is right but im saying that comparing the two isnt either. If you have animals at home as pets would you say that domesticating a once wild animal is right too? Putting them in kennels when they sleep and feeding them terrible dog food like Pedigree or Purina with processed foods and potentially harmful bacteria that will in turn make them sick or even kill them. Is that humane. Animals were here before humans. Humans adapted animals did not. Like Big herm said its a part of life. It will be here forever just like racism and drug use so worrying about this wont change anything. Also what would happen when you PETA weirdos go and save these animals and then they are given to a home with a family and the dog mauls a baby girl. Then what? Who are you going to whine to then. Would you say that a 3 year old girl antagonized the animal to a point where it made it ok for a Dog to kill them. I dont think so and I know anyone in their right mind would agree. However Im not so sure that people who support PETA for this action are in a right state of mind.

  • D Campbell says:

    My wife and I have 2 cats who are brother and sister. We have had them for the full 14 years of their lives and consider them our children. We love animals and don’t like to see them get hurt of suffer. We both like to watch our local NFL teams but we consider the NFL to be a fascist organization. The Falcons are not one of our teams and we are not fans of Vick. That being said we have a hard time supporting casting down the mighty fascist hand of the NFL on some one prior to proven guilt or innocence. Each year we have become more disrespectful of the law more likely to cast the first stone embellish the facts throw someone in jail without due process patriot act or get whipped up into a shark feeding frenzy to the point of hanging him from a tree in Marrietta GA like Leo Frank. I’m just not comfortable encouraging the NFL to be judge jury and executioner. For me right now I have the patience to wait for the verdict and see him get his due punishment if he is guilty. Then let PETA push the all mighty hand of the NFL into castrating him.

  • Ana says:

    Jeffro is your life so boring that you need to repeat yourself and continue to insult others you disagree with…. BTW…school is out and writing vile diatribes against others is counterproductive and calling others names is juvenile…. Thanks to everyone who is compassionate and is an active animal advocate.

  • Jeffro says:

    This is for IVANA if you knew how to read you would know that ANA did care about animals. I said that worrying about a dogs and other animals is a waste of time. All animals will die with age eventually as will humans. And also what the hell does the NFL have to do with dogs anyways. Why should he be kicked out of something that in no way is related to the allegations against him. You just want something that makes you feel better about yourself at the end of the day becuase your life is so depressing this is the only thing you have to look forward to. To Big Herm. THATS MY FOLKS good call on the retard class. Except I think it should be a lifelong class for these PETA people and it should also be associated with self esteem issues class as well. PETA weirdos



  • Kathy Garrey says:

    What is wrong these dimwits who think there is no difference between hunting and dogfighting? One shot to the head ends it all for the hunted but the dogs the dogs are forced to fight for their lives every day and when the day comes that they loose a STUPID fight then it’s over for them. A blind man smoking crack could understand that.

  • Jaclyn says:

    I know a lot of people are saying… wait what if he’s innocent… we’re jumping the gun “throwing Vick under a bus…” IF I WAS VICK AND IF I WAS INNOCENT I would have come out publicly and said Hey look I DID NOT participate in the dogfighting please believe me the courts will soon find that I am innocent and you would have seen that I was honest about all this. That’s what I would do IF I was innocent. AND NO this is not a racial issue it is a dogfighting issue it doesn’t matter if the person running the “business” is male female whatever race… the actions are still wrong.

  • A says:

    HUNTING IS UNFORTUNATELY LEGAL. DOG FIGHTING IS ILLEGAL. PETA DOES NOT MAKE THE LAWS!!!!! There is your answer to tat question.really nothing else to say. As for Race issue ask Al Sharpton and Russell Simmons what they think. Oh yeah there is PSA from a NFL player on this sight with his dog! U should watch it might make you think..pssss he is black oh no how do you play the race card there?

  • A says:

    Hey Jason from Atlanta there are African Americans standing up… big ones Al Sharpton and Russell Simmons and plenty others. Since you are so out spoken on the judgment and color issueplease tell me where did you stand on the boys at the Duke lacross case? You assumed them innocent until proven guilty of rape correct?????? Please spare me the race card. Don’t play it this is not a game!!!! On the hunting magazines and fishing I can find you more than a handful of issues with African Americans. Colin Powell big time fisherman. Do your research there are plenty of people other than “white” on the covers and in these magazines you just haven’t bothered to pick one up. Oh and as barbaric as it is HUNTING IS LEGAL.At least the last time I checked and I do my research before I throw punches!

  • Ivana says:

    Big Herm great point. People like Ana should read your post since she thinks worrying about dogs is a waste of time. Only evil heartless person can say this.

  • aroon says:

    Can someone Please post the names of all business that are in anyway associated with Fuc Vick ? I want to urge the citizens to put pressure on those companies to stop doing business with Vick and if they dont we will stop shopping in such places. BOYCOTT the Falcons the NFL Nike Home Depot owned by Arthur Blank and every other moneymaking businesses associated with this pathetic barbaric shameful individual called Vick. SHAME SHAME SHAME

  • Gary says:

    You people are all just dumb.

  • Big Herm says:

    Who are you people to say that the law is not based on race….this country was brought up through racism and bad habits die hard….anyone one of the jury members could be racist and not show or state it….they will jus sit by and not even take the case into consideration and jus stick with their guilty verdict. As for NIKE dropping Mike Vick prior to him be convicted is why you people should be attending retard class 3 times a day. Only a moron would relate their pair of nikes to a criminal case against one of their promoters. NIKE aint losin sleep over this bullsht thats for sure…fck catchin Z z Z ‘s there countin $ $ $ ‘s in their sleep. I own a pitbull and love animals but just like everything else in life dogfighting is a part of it….its illegal jus like everything else and its not goin away so quit crying and accept it…jus like drugs you aint gotta use em but accept the fact that they arent gonna go away because one person or a million people vioce their opinion…take your fingers off the keyboard and shove em up your asses.

  • pussy cat says:

    big herm peta is an animal rights organization! are there so many stupid people in this world that it has to be repeated on every page! kobe bryant’s case didn’t concern animals. on the other hand you talk about racism! i don’t shut up in front of criminal actions also if a black person is committing them! so this means you are a racist protecting crimes of black people. it doesn’t mean if someone is black that he is free to do every kind of crimes he likes just because his ancestors were put to slavery 150 years ago! such an attitude is intolerable cheap and mean! i’m an italian and i saw italian people treating animals bad! this doesn’t mean that me i’m the rascal but the italian who did it!

  • AUDREY says:

    I am appauled at how some have put racism to blame for the rosponses of Mike Vick’s indictment. He has been charged for a Federal offense so there is clearly some evidence that leads to his accusations. Don’t you think? I can respect your knowledge of the law that the facts should be recognized before passing judgement on one’s indictment but it’s Federal people! The law doesn’t judge by race but by facts the fact is this “Mike Vick” this “NFL God” has been accused of a serious offense. So it is human nature to grow hatred for someone that has been accused for such a cruel inhumane act. With that said I think that ignorance overides race any day!!

  • Laurie Hermosa says:

    How come you are going so easy on the Atlanta Falcons? Is suspending a player for 4 games enough for breeding dogs for fighting killing animals if they don’t meet the fighting requirements then holding these horrific fights and having these poor dogs suffer with bleeding painful wounds. You are willing to attack ships that are fishing but you are spineless not to insist that the Falcons and the NFL kick this player out of the league and never pay him another dime. Groups like you make me sick….I wonder just how much the Falcons donated to PETA to keep you from demonstrating.

  • rob Jones says:

    I think what Vick did was horrible and I think if he is found guilty he should be banned from the NFL for life. However while we wait for the trial to begin because he is under contract and is part of a union the NFL cannot even if they wanted to suspend him without pay I tis in his rights to still get a paycheque because he is under a legal union binding contract. While I normally don’t agree with some of you tactics I do commend you for taking swift action against NIKE however I believe trying to get him suspended without pay is like banging your head aginst the wall any labour lawyer would make sure he got paid.

  • Jeffro says:

    You guys need to stop. This is ridiculous. Are your lives so boring that you need to sit and worry about something that the law is already taking care of. Maybe you hippies need to go get some real jobs. Tree huggers!!!!!!

  • Dana Ponder says:

    I do agree that everyone is innocent until proven guilty..but it is pretty obvious at this point that Vick is guilty…how else can one explain 54 pit bulls being seized from the HIS property showing signs of dog fighting…rape stands..and break sticks and steroids? Keep in mind I dont buy the bull crap of “I did not know what was going on” He also said the same thing about the drug charge. I am also sick to death of hearing this is a race issue..this has nothing to do with race at all this has to do with actions and character of a person who should uphold the law to the best of his ability for he is after all a idol for many young children. This does not have one thing to do with the color of someones skin I could care less what color the person is that participates in this barbaric activity I only care about justice being served and Vick not receiving special favors because of his income or job title!!! The only race card being played here is the fact that he is a star football player and may be excused of his actions due to his income and ability to play football!!! I can not even start to understand how anyone can support him at this point unless they too are involved in some illegal activity. How can one be cruel enough to think that dogs trained to viscously tear each other apart in front of a crowd for money is ok? How can anyone think that electrocuting a wet dog to death or slamming it to the ground so hard it kills it is OK? What kind of monsters do this and what else are they capable of? How could Vick be stupid enough to throw his multi million dollar career and the respect of America away over dog fighting? I do not care what race gender or age group participates in this sick and barbaric activity it is sick and anyone involved should be punished to the highest extent of the law!!!!!!!

  • Big Herm says:

    Since you morons are gonna be standing in front of Nike Town for the next few weeks do ya mind swoopin me up a pair of “Leather” Low Black Nike Air Max’s and a Authentic Mike Vick Jersey preferrably derived from some type of animal? You people are pothetic and the only reason im expressing my opinion on this website is because i am bored out of my mind and it is hilarious entertainment to read some of your crybaby proposals. Have any of you people ever owned multiple homes all over the country? Do you think because his name is on the Home that he lives there let alone even visits the home? Did you think maybe he trusted friends and family in one of his many homes and the only thing that links him to this home is simply his ownership? When Michael Vick is proven guilty in a court of law then i will be disappointed and upset to lose such a great player who changed the game of football since coming in. Yes its messed up what was goin on in that house but its even more messed up to try and ruin one’s life based on allegations. The PETA is just like every other person or corporation attackin a wealthy black man in this country trying to send him back to the ghetto or in jail. Im surprised the PETA didnt protest animal cruelty when Kobe Bryant beat up the pussy cat.

  • kelly says:

    Isn’t the NFL and various teams just basically organized crime at this point? The Godfathers are covering madly for one of their guys

  • Henry Moore says:

    Hello PETA I see that this organization is attacking Michael Vick with a lot force. So can you tell me what is the difference between Dog Fighting and Hunting? At least if that dog wins it can live another day. When that Deer in those crosshairs it is over. I think that this is more of race issues then anything. I do not see you all attacking Hunting and Rodeos. This is just an example of that Double Standard that is here in America.

  • Grady Williams says:

    OK yes dogfighting is wrong. I personally don’t agree with it. I am a Dog loverowner. But everyone knows PETA hasn’t been on anyone’s radar for the last 5 to 10 years. So now here is PETA’s chance to help destroy another person life for the publicity and sponsorship money. EVERYONE KNOWS ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. If PETA didn’t have any financial gain from this situation the protests and all the constant interviews wouldn’t be happening. GMW

  • Santino Roccaforte says:

    to jason hall your comment is sooo stupid first of all pls read the petafiles and then you shall see that the protests concern every kind of animal abuse bullfight dogfight cockfight slaughterhouse fur vivisection etc. if you are coming now here and talk from racism this is ridiculous there are every kind of rascals in this world no importance of the colour but if there is a black asshole he has to be called like this and vick is one! it doesn’t mean that just because he is black i’m afraid of him and his iniquities and shut my mouth and if you are a falcons fan it should be your duty to protest against this horrible animal abuse never mind if you are black or white! capito? this is the real attitude!

  • A says:

    This is a long comment but please take the time to read we have been misinformed by the NFL yet again. Commissioner Goodell You look good to everyone in the press by suspending Vick from training camp. Well the TRUTH of the matter is you are actually HELPING VICK. You suspended him until after his day in court. Why well because if an NFL player does not show up for the first day of camp they are in breach of their contract and fines are enforced. You covered his butt and your own because after his day in court he is allowed back to training. This way he isnt breaking the law by not appearing in court which he would have been thrown in jail for not appearing nor is he at risk of suspension without pay. So most people think you did an ok thing in the right direction but you actually are a coward covering your butt and your best player aka…Animal abuser. Now Vick has to pay no fines gets a few days off with pay and can return to train after court for the season. Maybe this is the reason that Arthur Blank is upset with the fact that you went with the decision before speaking with him. He has the right to be angry the team owners are ones that elect you and Blank wanted to have his say but you were more concerned with keeping Vick happy and making it look as if you were doing something good. By doing what you did YOU are supporting Vick and should be as accountable as he is. Are you also helping pay his attorney fees? Well not directly but by not suspending him without pay you are just not directly. So keep these cowardly statements to the press coming as you dig that hole deeper and deeper. Now maybe more owners and coaches of teams will be watching your action because you may one day go over their heads leave them out to dry and cover your own ass. I need to add this studies have found that people who have the ability too do these actions towards animals have tendencies for other forms of violence. I do hope that Mr. Vick does not have the wrong button pushed at a game or on the field and explode on a player in the locker room or a fan on the side lines.May turn into more than just flipping off fans. If so than you cannot use your defense well he has no prior history record of any reckless or dangerous activity. Was it him or his brother that stomped another players leg in college after the play was over? Has anyone talked to people he went to school with or old girlfriends what about his 2 other cousins in Virginia that want nothing to do with him.

  • A says:

    Let me start by saying that I have been a life time NFL fan a Redskins season ticket holder fantasy football fanatic and Nike owner for most of my life. I also a life time dog owner as are my entire family. I am the grandson of a retired Chairman of the Board of Directors of the American Kennel Club. The actions or should I say lack of actions on the part of you and the Nike are pathetic. I am saddened by you lack of swift action and your failure to address the situation regarding Michael Vick. Federal prosecutors have indicted one of your “star” endorsers and all the Nike can do is cover it’s on behind. I look forward to this case being over Vick serving jail time Vick being released from the falcons Nike Coke and all the others canceling his contracts and you being removed from your job for the losses your company will suffer due in part to your lack of action. I have canceled my season tickets stating that “I did not want to support a league that is more concerned about covering its own interests than doing the right thing”. I will not knowingly purchase Nike products Coke products or any other products Vick is paid to endorse. Ask almost any dog owner and the response will be the same… I will choose my dog over your unrespectable product every time! I will enjoy SUNDAYS WITH MY DOG! Oh Yeah my dog now has new chew toys and all of them have a “swoosh” on them. Doesn’t “Nike” mean victory? What is Greek for despicable? Paul A. Dunn Raleigh NC

  • Jason Hall says:

    I checked out the debate on Mike Vick and I really think theres something else going on with that situation.I think this has become a racial issue other than just dog fighting.Really just look at that protest how many African Americans did you see?Well thank you is that stating a fact that not to many of them worrying or stressing the whole situation of a dogfight.What can be the reasonwell let me see because hes the highest paid black quarterbackor because Mike Vick is well known over the world.Will this be sought about if it were Peyton Manning Tom Brady or any caucasion athlete that most people know about?Come on open your eyes theyre picking at Mike Vick for a reason and you can see it in your own eyes.Even if Mike Vick is found innocent his image was still disrupted by a society that make choices that they feel are right.What about people that hunt down innocent animals for sport is that right is that humane.When they kill them animals they cut they’re insides out and stuff them with different material cut the skin off of the animals to put it to usecut the heads off and place on the wall for decoration is that not cruelIf not then what is it?Is it fair that right now that dogfighting is bad but hunting wildlife is not.Lets be for real for a second I feel that no matter what season or month it is every animal should have their right to choose if they want to die and not by the hands of hunters that love the sport of shooting animals.Im not saying that dogfighting is a good thing but what category does hunting fall under.Do you see people protest about that when the season comes up or if they see a hunting magazine and its a picture of a dead animal and a man standing over it with a rifle in his or her hand.Well what are you telling this world that the laws that are passed to us from the government are good for only a portion of our population.That hunting is good during the right season but dogfighting is neverbut are they both sports and are they both cruelty to animals.Im not saying that what happened to the dogs were right but Im saying that everyone should be treated equally because of whats happening right now is getting african americans outraged because laws are made because of superiority over another race.Just think about yourself an animal is an animalhunting falls under cruelty to animals too.But knowbody that I know right now is still protesting about that.Leave Mike Vick alone because his name has been in alot of things the herpes incident which is personalmaking a gesture at the croud out of frustration from his teamfalsely accused for having a secret compartment in his water bottle to hide marijuana and whatever that is happening right now.Wait until the court decide whether he’s guilty or not and attack on other issues in the world like soldiers getting killed everyday in Iraq and other things that are plaguing our country.This situation is way to small to be so big of an issue.Im sticking with Mike Vick and I guarantee there are others like me that feel the same way and that aren’t poiinting their finger at Mike Vick.If you are a Mike Vick fan then stand up because he needs you right now because people are juding him before the judge.He needs your help.My name is JasonIm from Atlanta and I am a falcons fan.

  • ben winegard says:

    I think it is really disgusting to throw Vick under a bus when he has yet to be convicted of anything. PETA should be very concerned with due process and the letter of the law. The ideal in this country is innocent UNTIL PROVEN guilty. Unfortunately because Vick is highly visible and bound to help PETA get attention the philosophy here is guilty UNTIL PROVEN innocent. If somebody protesting for animal rights was arrested I am sure you would all clamour and rightfully so for due process. If your child was indicted for assualt manslaughter or some other horrendous crime would you write them off. You seem to care alot for dogs but little for people. Has it ever occurred to you that if innocent Vick has suffered extreme emotional and physical harm from your group. He is a human being with a right to trial. I am deeply ashamed to be a animal rights supporter associated with PETA. Vick is innocent at this point period. If he is convicted then he should go to prison and you may smear him all you want.

  • marjolyn says:

    I commend PETA for its actions and I will be at the NIKETOWN protest. I am also telling all my friends. It will be the first protest of my life that is how affected I am by this situation. My heart is aching over this. Thank you Peta for giving me a place to be heard.

  • Billjr says:

    I am an big time dog lover. Needless to say the allegations in the indictment are clear illustrations of barbaric heartless behavior. However at this point they are just that allegations. I am a student of constitutional law and civil liberties and I have to say the “due process” clause of the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is as explicit and definitive as sure as this is America. It amazes me and repulses me to no end that your organization has already convicted Michael Vick without having heard both sides of the issue. Vick very well may prove to be guilty beyond reasonable doubt but at this point there is a presumed innocence. Once upon a time I respected your organization but this looks more like a call to protest and boycott of opportunity. You have a highprofile athlete accused of some very sick and gruesome things not convicted mind you but accused lets use this to get our voices heard damn the judicial system. Screw the U.S. Constitution. We are going to convict this guy for the prosecution. Shame on all of you. Shame on PETA. You have lost a fan.

  • Bill says:

    I work for a children’s after school program. We use sports to teach character sportsmanship honor etc. Vick has disgraced sports so I’m glad the Falcons are taking this seriously. If Pete Rose could be kicked out of baseball for something as trivial as a gambling problem there is no reason to tolerate a disgrace like Vick.

  • Michelle says:

    BOYCOTT the Falcons the NFL Nike Home Depot owned by Arthur Blank and every other moneymaking businesses associated with this pathetic barbaric shameful individual called Vick. SHAME SHAME SHAME

  • carmen says:

    How do I know if there will be demonstrations I can join in my area?

  • christine weitz says:

    Clinton Portis of the redskins thinks it’s ok for Vick to have dogfighting on his own private property…Demonstrate the Redskins too!!!

  • Brianna Fritchey says:

    Well that’s good to know. I’m glad we’re making progress somewhere in this case. It amazes me that there’s still people that are supporting Vick because he hasn’t been convicted yet as opposed to when Michael Jackson was indicted and everybody dropped him like a hat and even after he was cleared it still tarnished his reputation and now he’s the punchline of every joke! Is it just because animals are involved that nobody seems to give a crap that he broke the law? It’s kind of difficult to believe that he didn’t know about a dogfighting ring right under his nose what with all the drunken cheering and the death wails of kittens being ripped to shreds as a warm up before the dogs start fighting to the death and the dozens of injured and starving dogs that just happen to be sitting all around. Oh and let’s not forget about the fact that they all took part in murdering the losing dogs. Pretty noticable if you ask me and well… anybody else with eyes ears the ability to put two and two together?

  • backwoodz says:

    Vick for president because you guys are fags