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Rescued Thoroughbred Is Now ‘Little Winner’

Written by PETA | November 23, 2011

Remember Coming Home, the sweet little thoroughbred who, discarded by the racing industry, wound up in the hands of a kill buyer? She was on her way to a slaughterhouse in Canada when PETA, working undercover at an auction house where hundreds of horses are sold every week, stepped in. Today, she lives on a luxurious ranch in New Mexico—and even though she never won a race, in the eyes of her adoring human companions, she’s a champion. She even has a new name to fit her new position in life: Little Winner.

WLKY TV in Kentucky recently visited Little Winner, who pranced in her spacious new quarters, as secure and happy today as she was world-weary in May. Another horse, Georgia’s Boy, is profiled in a second installment of the news story. The great grandson of Triple Crown Winner Secretariat, Georgia’s Boy’s lineage didn’t prevent his owner from abandoning him to slaughter. Thousands of thoroughbreds meet the same fate every year. We’re working hard to end that, and by clicking here, you can join our efforts.

Every horse deserves to be a Little Winner.

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  • HorseGurl says:

    I am currently wrting an opinion/Reasearch Essay for my college course, and I am writing it on the cruelty of horse racing. Little Winner is one of the lucky ones who is saved, but not all of them are like this. Stupid asswhole breeders over breed the animals and discard the offspring if they arent “Good enough to race.” Grow up and get a life horse racers! Thanks for helping PETA!

  • Diane says:

    Horse slaughter, as all animal slaughter, is wrong. These animals have been taught to trust humans, only to have their trust betrayed. The human race is one of the cruelest. Why don’t people have any compassion?

  • too all of you.. says:

    Yes, horses that are sick/disabled should be killed if it’s to the point where they are suffering being alive.. It’s the way that they are killed in slaughter houses.. whats wrong with calling a vet and humanely putting a horse down? If you cant afford a simple injection, then you shouldn’t have a horse in the first place..

  • sunlily says:

    My friend just went to a horse auction, and seen a trailer with a FREE sign on it with one horse inside… when my friend left the auction their was 6 horses in the trailer with free sign on it!!! It’s sad to have to agree with horse slaughter here, but…. If breeders would stop breeding so many horses, and everyone paid more dues to register their horse to help pay for the horses retirement. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, but everyone wants that money!!

  • Keep an OPEN mind says:

    I am an avid horse lover and have had them since I was very little. I have seen what happens with out slaughter houses, they are needed. A lot of horses that are sent to slaughter need to go. They are usually very aggressive, sick, disabled, and it is actually more harm to keep them alive then to put them down. Horses are livestock just like cattle and pigs. Without the slaughter houses we saw the prices fall and many people in the horse industry suffered. It is a nessasary thing, even if it is sad, at least in the US it is human compared to that of Mexico. (One place they were being sent.)

  • Christine Kapetanios says:

    Slaughter houses are the creation of the human plague. No other creature has caused so much destruction and suffering. If there is no other option then for the love of what’s left of our humanity, humanely euthanize. Humans are a disgrace. We are surely the lowliest of creation when we treat other species so horrifically. Wake up or remain the plague. ‘Until he extends the circle of compassion to include all living things, man will not know peace.’ Albert Sweitzer Nor are we worthy of it.

  • Disaggre says:

    YOu kno you guys try to save horeses even if there blind or serisouly injured…..If i was a horse that was blind or was majorly injured i would rather you kill me the keep me in misery

  • Manashwi says:

    Hi….I saw few videos……believe me its horrible and I couldnt stop my tears through out. I am an animal lover and love all kinds of animal…..I have even stop eating non veg since years…… I feel that we eat and enjoy our food but only a true animal lover can understand the pain behind this………..I really feel to do something about the abuse to animals but I dont think I an celebrity who can actually do for all beautiful animal created by god……we as human being have no rights to beat an animal who cant even speak as when we die we are answerable for our sins…………..Please Please its a humble request from core of my heart do not abuse any animal pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

  • Iris says:

    That’s so sad! But I’m glad she has a good home now.

  • Horse Lover 4ever says:

    I can’t believe that Canada still has slaughter houses. I wish and hope that all close down and those whom can not be saved and live a happy and healthy life shall be humanely euthanized. Which I am sure almost none of these horses would end up having this done to.