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What Could Replace the Lorax? A Chicken!

Written by PETA | March 30, 2012

The Lorax is what? The Lorax is whose?

The Lorax is property of late Dr. Seuss!

Yes, he is the Lorax who speaks for the trees,

Which factory farms will chop down as they please.

Now someone has taken the Lorax away

From the doctor’s dear widow, or so people say.

OK, it’s a statue—though that hardly counts

Since our planet still suffers in massive amounts.

The Lorax may speak for the truffula trees,

But the Amazon basin plants—who speaks for these?

It’s meat and it’s dairy—it’s honey and eggs,

While the Earth hardly stands on its last pair of legs.

Buckets of chicken are bad like those big SUVs;

No cutlet’s as lovely as truffula trees.

No more should the wild plants all be cut down

When tofu’s available all over town.

So PETA has offered a bird figurine

To stand in for the Lorax, who’s so pure and so “green.”

We hope Mrs. Geisel will take in our bust,

Before piglets and chickens all crumble to dust.

For he is the Lorax—he’ll yell and he’ll shout

‘Til all Earth’s animals will run out.

You want to be friends with the air, Earth, and water?

Then simply go vegan—with son and with daughter.

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