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The Real Story Behind Eggs

Written by PETA | August 26, 2010

Chickens in battery cages


Ever since half a billion eggs were recalled because of a salmonella outbreak, people have been talking about food safety regulations. Animal welfare issues have been mentioned, but they need to be considered more seriously. The following are some facts to help you tell the hens’ side of the story:

There’s cruelty in every carton of eggs:
Ninety-nine percent of hens used by the egg industry are confined to filthy, crowded battery cages. In June, the owner of one of the egg farms involved in the recall—and of the company that supplies chickens and chicken feed to both farms implicated in the outbreak—pleaded guilty to cruelty to animals and paid more than $130,000 in fines and restitution following an undercover investigation by Mercy for Animals.

Salmonella spreads like wildfire on factory farms:
Under squalid factory farm conditions, it’s easy for salmonella bacteria—which live in the intestines and feces of animals—to spread from bird to bird and from birds to people. Vegan foods don’t naturally harbor salmonella bacteria.

Avoiding eggs is the best way to prevent salmonella poisoning and reduce animal suffering:
A salmonella vaccine that has been used successfully in Britain is available, but American regulators don’t believe there’s enough evidence to show that vaccinating hens will prevent people from getting sick. It’s obvious that our food safety regulations are not all they’re cracked up to be and that the safest and kindest way to prevent salmonella poisoning is to stop eating eggs altogether. PETA is urging Iowa schools to stop serving eggs to children in order to help protect them from food poisoning. You can opt for egg replacer, scrambled tofu, and other tasty vegan foods.

Written by Heather Moore

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  • Marissa says:

    I must have been a brilliant kid bc I quit eating eggs at age 3 and have hated them ever since!! Grossssss!

  • Olivia says:


  • Ade says:

    I only eat free range or organic eggs. I hope that they are treating their chickens very well. That is what I believe to be true based on what I have learned over the years. For a long time I did not eat eggs. I eat them now and so does my spouse because they are a good food and whole protein. We feel better and more balanced with eggs in our diet. It is important to buy Organic and pay attention to where all your food is coming from. Watch the Chem Trails Trailer on U tube and how it relates to Monsanto.

  • Colleen Fraser says:

    Stop eating eggs? This will obviously prevent you from being harmed by them but the egg industry and government health authorities need to clean up and enforce effective laws which both allow for decent poultry lives and safe nutritious eggs to again be available to consumers. The increased present cost of healthy food versus the lesser cost of the improperly raised and poorly regulated food that we now have offered to us is less expensive in the long run. Once the eventual health care costs are added in for years of pesticide hormone and antibiotic laden food before we even consider the immoral conditions in which these suffering animals have existed throughout their short miserable lives the wiser road is spending more now for moral healthy food. If we are going to end their lives to supply us with food do we not at least owe them a decent natural animal life first? A person’s treatment of creatures who fall under his jurisdiction is the true measure of that person. Step up and speak out against agricultural animals’ abuse and victimization and the need for healthy change in our food products.

  • maureen says:

    MMMMM I’ll take that injection along with added growth hormonesanitbioticsseems all we try to do is mask the real factors. I would like to know who in the USDA has capitol gain in the farming industry and who has stock in itoh yeah and do their kids eat eggsmeat and poultry?What gives? seems as though our Gov’t isn’t doing a thing except more bandaid therapy.And at whose cost ours or THEIRS?Whose POCKET is being lined with dollar bills while ours is lined with Dr. bills

  • Susan Pateracki says:

    The largest problem is the Factory Farms. People will continue to get sick and sometimes fatal. I almost died from Salmanila in February. Bottom line is we need to force these Factory Farms closed. Our country needs to start supporting the American Farmer and ban any Factory Farms. They are cheaper because they don’t take care of the animals.Dead and alive crammed into cages full of feses. Enough of this being accepted and this is just the tip of the iceberg. I predict many people dying if these Factory Farms continue. Animals are abused tightly caged all their lives and sick. The meat still goes to the consumer. WE need our country to enforce these closures and support the Farmer with Cattle that graze in pastures and chickens that are free roaming. Our Farmers took pride and care of the animals. Do we have to see many children and adults dying before something is done ab out it.

  • john pinkston says:

    I too hate the way chickens are treated in the chicken industry from life stile to slaughter. So I visited a chicken farm. The owner was very friendly and gave me a personal tour .I learned something that no one ever speaks about the genetic creation of birds to live only 18 weeks then die of heart failure. hatch lay eggs then die of old age in 18 weeks. it is something to think about. scares me.cant be good for you.

  • Chloe says:

    Most people in America are too cheap to buy organic or fake eggs regardless regular eggs being recalled from certain chicken farms. The chickens are kept in battery cages and denied enough to spread wings and stretch legs. Plus there has been cruelty charges against the Iowa farm. There are videos of employees poking and shoving the chicken into the cages and burning them with lit cigarettes and lighters. The owner of the farm won’t do a thing about it no matter how much PETA and the USDA and Obama have urged them to stop.

  • kristie says:

    yes please buy cage eggs let chickens have free range how cruel are some people?? i buy only free range eggs i have been to where they live thats how i know that they have a good home

  • VeggieLover4EVAR says:

    Imagine how nice the world would be without battery cages. These people need to realize that money isn’t the main object in the world. BANISH BATTERY CAGES! BOO BATTERY CAGES! BAN BATTERY CAGES! 3 B’s! Don’t forget them! Spread the word!

  • ocean17 says:

    the real story of course is unbelievable and totally barbaric cruelty.

  • Jenn G says:

    I wouldn’t wish salmonella on ANYONE. I got that illness from handling reptiles when I used to work at a pet store and it was horrible. I lost a lot of weight literally lived in my bathtub and couldn’t work for over a month. It is heartless to wish that on people because not everyone knows what happens to animals for meat and dairy. I am a recent vegan and can say that I honestly didn’t know the depth of animal cruelty before a handful of months ago. To wish for people to suffer as I did for eating an egg is heartless..

  • Sheila A. Leavitt says:

    I have welltreated wellfed freerange chickens. I eat their eggs. I despise factory farming but I have no problem eating eggs from my own hens now a geriatric 13 and laying not so many eggs anyway. Comments?

  • 3000 says:

    Loueber Are you serious?? You want people to get sick and maybe die from this?

  • suzanne says:

    Kurt K I think loueber is referring to the fact that caging laying hens will become illegal in the UK in 2012 D

  • Gina Baseiro says:

    Now imagine that for your entire life you don’t get to go out and play nor do you ever get to see the sun. Not only that you are a slave. please by cage free eggs. Think before you eat.

  • James says:

    Ignorance is Ignorance. We’ve all been there at some point in time. It’s through these types of experiences that the views of society have begun to change.

  • Kurt K says:

    Loueber What is it about 2012 you are so ready for? December 23?

  • Noelle says:

    While I totally agree that cage free or free range eggs are the way to go the media and animal rights groups are way overplaying the salmonella card. Properly cooking eggs kills salmonella. I’m a vegetarian who eats only pastured eggs and as long as I cook the eggs I’m not worried about salmonella.

  • Loueber says:

    Although i hate to see people ill things like this make me happy when i see people get ill from using animals for selfish reasons. I hope ALOT more people get sick. People are blind to life and what is going on around them and they need pain or punishment or something that hurts them to realize how they are hurting innocent creatures. Cant wait for 2012.

  • Diana George says:

    STOP the hideous and disgusting practice of battery hen farming for the sake of those poor animals and their miserable lives and human health. Animals deserve kindness and respect anything less is less than human!