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PETA Calls a Foul on the Use of Live-Animal Sports Mascots

Written by PETA | November 21, 2013

For its 200th episode, the popular HBO sports show Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel delved into the world of live-animal mascots. PETA’s vice president of communications, Lisa Lange, was interviewed to discuss PETA’s stance and efforts to end the use of live animals as sports team mascots.

If you have HBO, please tune in and then go to HBO’s website and leave comments.

Animals don’t belong in a sports stadium. Costumed human mascots can lead cheers, react to the crowd, and pump up the team—all things that a frightened animal cannot do. We can never replicate a tiger’s natural habitat, and hauling big cats like Tom the tiger, held captive and alone in a glass enclosure, to games week after week is a throwback to a much less enlightened time.

Tom the Tiger Mascot

The Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel “College Mascots” episode will be available on demand as well as rebroadcast for the next month on HBO. Please check your local listing guide for air dates and times to tune in. Be sure to spread the word to educate friends and family, too—with the help of PETA supporters like you, sports fans everywhere can become more aware than ever that animals belong in the wild, not on a sports field.

Be sure to weigh in with your comments on the HBO Real Sports forums. Join the conversation on Twitter by tweeting @HBO and using the hashtag #RealSports, and connect with Real Sports on Facebook.

Want to take further action? 

Please write to schools that still use exotic animals as mascots. Ask them to send the animals to an accredited sanctuary. If you are a student or a graduate, inform your alma mater’s officials that you will not attend athletic events or donate money—both huge sources of universities’ revenue—until they discontinue their live-animal mascot program.

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  • Patty Shenker says:

    Lifetimes of misery & suffering for wild animals to be mascots for sports’ teams?! That’s not fair play; that’s criminal. Please stop this & send them to sanctuary.

  • tamara says:

    When massive events start to lose their appeal, there are always brainless twits who utilize live animals as a draw. It truly hurts those of us who genuinely love animals to be free, and have to watch the uncreative, stupid, and ignorant ways those who can’t think of anything else to do, behave. Animals can’t compete against the power of money; and money should be used for their sanctuary…..why not spread a little green this way, you fools?

  • Los animales han de vivir en libertad, en sus hábitats… No más zoos, no más circos usando a animales, no más inocentes enjaulados.

  • Fran Bryerton says:

    These majestic animals need to be in a sanctuary where they can live normally not confined to a cage like a prisoner to break their spirit. Shame on you.