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Read KP’s Dog Blog!

Written by PETA | September 26, 2007

KP and Darby

Karen Porreca, or KP, has been with PETA since the very beginning, and she’s done an incredible job managing our kickass editing staff and editing hundreds and hundreds of pages a week herself (we generate an awful lot of text here) to ensure that everything we put out is lucid and professional, and that there’s never a word out of place. Karen is also always the first person to recommend a holistic remedy when you have a cold, or give you the number of a good reflexologist. Which, well, everyone has their thing, I guess.

KP was my boss for the first year that I was at PETA, back when I was an editor for the organization myself and spent my days obsessing over em-dashes, misplaced modifiers, and dangling participles (OK, I still obsess over those things, but in those days it was actually useful to someone), so I’m very excited to announce that she’s writing a new blog for PETA, which will be focusing on how to keep your canine companion happy and healthy, with an emphasis on weird hippie stuff like holistic medicine and chiropractics. In all seriousness, the blog is a ton of fun, and it’s a great resource for anybody who loves dogs—and if you’re into alternative medicine, there’s probably gonna be a good deal of that for you too.

So head on over to KP’s Dog Blog when you get a chance, and let her know what you think. Also, if you have time, I’d be very grateful if you could scour every word of the blog—and if you can find any grammatical errors (even just, like, a comma out of place), report them back to me.

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  • plumbing says:

    Dogs are used to be our best friend. I’m so glad you have your cute and adorable dog. I’m fortunate to have an opportunity to read your blog.

  • Fancy Dress says:

    I had great hopes of getting out for a quick ride sometime today. As I walked out the door, rake in hand, it really felt like a great day for a ride. Temperatures never made it out of the mid 40’s and we never saw the sun, but for some reason it did not feel very cold.

  • Plumbing pipe says:

    PETA was very reliable regarding animals issues. I salute them for taking so much care for animals and I’m really thankful that there are still foundation that pay attention for other living creatures.

  • Robert Hirschi says:

    robert do you admire the way cats torture and kill birds lizards mice…? Yes I do! Do you admire the way a dog will eat absolutely anything including feces?

  • Caboose says:

    d4g 814g!

  • Gerry Ardigliano says:

    My past experience when I had dogs and cats was filled with incredible wisdom from Karen. Her holistic nutritional knowledge surpasses all conventional and most holistic veterinarians today. Her advice will add years to your companion animal’s life.

  • rojo says:

    robert do you admire the way cats torture and kill birds lizards mice…?

  • Ana says:

    Robert Hirschi I totally love cats also. I share my home with four lovely cats! A cat blog would really be nice too.

  • Robert Hirschi says:

    Why isn’t there a cat blog then? I’m totally down for AR and have been veg for over 20 years but I can’t stand dogs. I do all I can to help them but I’d never have one and I’ve never met one that I like. Now cats on the other hand. They represent every trait I appreciate. They are the coolest animals on earth. Certainly the coolest animal on earth deserves a blog if one of the most annoying animals gets one.

  • Veronica Soto says:

    Congrats to Karen Porreca on her new blog. She seems like a really great person a truly dedicated animal activist. Darby is soooo cute in their picture. Thanks for the info!

  • jimbo says:

    more like the dawg blawg.