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Reaching Out to Paris Hilton

Written by PETA | June 12, 2007

ChinaDaly/Creative Commons

As PETA Vice President Dan Mathews pointed out in his letter to Paris Hilton today, the pair of them now have a common bond: they’ve both spent time in the big house. Dan’s hope is that Paris’ experiences being locked away with a bunch of disgruntled chicks will give her just a bit of insight into the lousy conditions that the chicks who are routinely crammed into tiny cages for KFC have to suffer on their way to the fast-food chain’s buckets, and he’s asked her to narrate a brief video for PETA detailing KFC’s abuse of birds. Dan, who obviously has a soft spot for imprisoned celebrities, has had success with this tactic in the past—when Martha Stewart was incarcerated, she was so moved by his letter that she gave up wearing fur and later narrated an anti-fur video for us, so here’s hoping that Paris will have the same open-minded response to this little overture. As Dan points out, “Unlike inmates at the jail in L.A., these animals get no reprieve or medical treatment.” And Paris has plenty of time to mull it over. You can read the letter here. Dan_letter_to_Paris_Hilton_in_prison.jpg

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  • Jessica says:

    Hey PETA! I just wanted to say that I LOVE animals A WHOLE LOT! In a matter of fact I want to go to college to go into becoming a vet technician! I really want to help animals! I just graduated high school and I’m going to college this fall. But if I became a vegetarian would I be saying that I’m better than animals? A lot of animals do eat vegetables but others are meat eaters such as lions and bears. I consider animals on the same level as humans. We are not better or worse than them because we all are mammals. You see we all have hair or fur on our bodies and we are all in the same category. So why should I become a vegetarian?

  • Brittany says:

    The thing about Paris and I don’t keep up with celebrities is that she would do ANYTHING to feel better than other people. I guess celebrities feel good when they wear the dead flesh of an animal. How terrible.

  • Joy says:

    Ok can we all quit arguing with a 15 year old?!?!? There is no point in wasting your fingers typing. The people who are here that know PETA is a good thing should not let a 15 year old bother them. I have been vegan for 9 years. I have grown up with my family eating meat all around me and making fun of my choices. I still let it slide they know my side of it and can understand but they still after all this time will not change. I just recently was able to get my Mother to buy organic grain fed free range chicken eggs. We as a group have bigger battles to fight than a 15 year old who has nothing better to do than post rebuttals. As far as what the comments are suppose to be about Paris Hilton I cannot disagree more. I cannot stand Paris Hilton! I would not like her being a spokesperson for PETA. She is an unreliable person. My ex was good friends with her. And all I can say is I have numerous pictures of her snorting coke. So a person like that in my opinion would not be a good person to have speak out on behalf of animals. She can speak out on behalf of skanks everywhere but not animals.

  • Kim says:

    Two thirds of all Americans are now FAT or OBESE ! Could it be from stuffing their jowls with lots lots of meat? The average life of a pig is 15 years but in a factory farm they are allowed to live to the ripe old age of 6 months!! We force feed factory farm animals full of hormones to fatten them up for the slaughter. Nine BILLION animals are slaughtered every year in our factory farms!! Maybe some people who don’t agree with some of these views should take a look at the undercover videos shot in factory farms. It might make you think twice the next time you walk past that ham. As far as fur? Fur is no longer a necessity that was needed 150200 years ago when people had no other way to stay warm. It is worn as a fashion statement only !!!! And what a useless waste of a life just so someone can wear fur trimmed boots etc. I challenge anyone to view the undercover videos shot at FUR FARMS!!! If you have an ounce of empathy and compassion… it will break your heart.

  • debera says:

    all you idiots out there greed is the issue here in every way shape and form. there probably already is a cure for every disease known to man but the pharmaceutical companies are too busy selling drugs and making money. these drugs still have serious side effects so they really never needed to be tested in the first place. look on the warning labels of everything in your house and it still says “if swallowed seek help hello think of the poor helpless creatures that suffered for no reason the products are still dangerous…

  • evelyn austin says:

    Paris have someone bring you a cd player and watch the cruelty to animals so we can wear their fur also watch the circus animals being trained you have the voice to get this out to the public.Dog fighting Icould go on and on please protect our animals

  • Kelly says:

    Haley The comment you made…”Like animals are the pictures of perfection. They eat meat too! Lions tear other animals apart! But I’m not allowed to eat a chicken? Or wear my furry snow boots? That’s idiotic.” Well Haley YOU are idiotic to me. Are you putting yourself at an animals intelligence level? They are animals they have no conscience. They are not aware that they are causing pain to another living breathing feeling creature. They are driven by instinct. We are supposed to be smarter aren’t we? We have a choice animals do not. We are aware that when we kill an animal it feels pain! If you want to be as smart as a lion go ahead and kill animals for your food. As a PETA supporter and vegetarian I am a little smarter than that.

  • Amy says:

    Why do people keep going on about cats and the fact that most of the birds etc that they kill dont get eaten. The fact is predators are programed to kill we on the other hand no the difference between right and wrong. Humans have developed the ability to live without meat but predators like lions cant thats what makes it wrong for animals to be killed for food when there is no need the problem is humans are selfish and greedy. As for fur no amout of fur is going to make anyone look good look at J Lo with or without fur shes still got a evil heart and a fat arse

  • gary fair says:

    on 1 of the peta sites it said engrid follows f.1. grand prix so why doesnt she try the f.1. drivers like. lewis hamilton?.. some may even be vegan..

  • Phil says:

    In response to what ever prat wanted Fergie to do a PSA for KFCFergie wears fur!!!

  • Iris says:

    Haley Your “room with a steak” comment has no foundation. Obviously the situation is impossible as you stated yourself so why ask it? It is like asking you “if you were locked in a room with the rotting cadaver of someone close to you would you eat it?” The answer to your steak question PETA supporter’s or otherwise means nothing.

  • Michele says:

    Haley you would really listen to the ramblings of one selfdefined “expert” on animal testing rojo and ignore actual medical research??? You are a fool just because you are only 15 does not give you an excuse to be completely ignorant. Rojo penicillin was almost never made available as an antibiotic because animal testing was shown to be problematic. Here is a quote from Sir Alexander Fleming who discovered penicillin “How fortunate we didn’t have these animal tests in the 1940s for penicillin would probably have never been granted a license and probably the whole field of antibiotics might never have been realized.” But Haley and rojo you think you know it all so you can just live in your own worlds that would be LaLa Land for you guys and be foolish and cruel. Get off this site if you think animal activists are all out to lunch “sunshine” from above says it all for me! And regarding eating steak NO I would not eat a steak if it were the only thing in the room and I think most of the supporters of this site would say the same. If you want to go ahead and eat antibioticgrowth hormonee.coli filled pieces of dead animal cholesterol well all I can say is “bon appetit” that means “Enjoy” in French.

  • Mike says:

    Haley it’s interesting to see that you think that everybody who belongs to PETA thinks they’re perfect. They don’t. Also no matter how you try there’s no way you can go through life without harming other living things. But that’s not the point. What most PETA members subscribe to is to do the least harm. And when did compassion and concern for other living things become undesirable qualities?

  • The Don says:

    Haley as you are just 15 years old you should profit more from the positive side of animal protection and not critizize the steps which PETA is making an active animal rights fighter has not an easy life this I can tell you because instead of 15 years I have 55! Because from your writing I may suggest that you hate animals because you love people but I think you can love the two and fight for the two with equal measure!

  • Haley says:

    To “Your Conscience” Just because I proved that your organization is full of crap doesn’t mean that I’m stupid. A weak person who has weak viewpoints usually says the things that you directed toward The Eyes and me. All I’m asking for is some consistency. Don’t speak out of both sides of your mouth. If you hate euthanasia don’t support it. It doesn’t make sense. And I’m sick of people saying how evil humans are. Like animals are the pictures of perfection. They eat meat too! Lions tear other animals apart! But I’m not allowed to eat a chicken? Or wear my furry snow boots? That’s idiotic. Also notice how no one said anything in response to the bloody comics that PETA creates. Probably because you recognize that it is sick method PETA tries to use in order to convert the children into tofueating PETA pawns. Ive tried to see PETA in a good light but I really cant. Sure abusing animals is wrong. Im not saying that we should bathe in the blood of every land and sea animal. But why cant we eat them? Or use their fur? Heres a hypothetical situation If you were stuck in a room and the only thing in that room to eat was a steak would you eat it? Of course you would. Those morals of yours would go flying out the door too quick. But Ive met some PETA people who said they would rather die first but thats just a front. As for the medical research argument Rojo said all that really needs to be said. And for your information I have adopted my share of stray cats in my fifteen years of life. Can you say the same?

  • Me says:

    Haley is 15 years old says it all!!!!! Maybe when she has had a life she may understand what is going on around her.

  • Mike says:

    Rojo regarding your statement “Successful vaccines for poliorabies mumps and measels involved animal testing in a pivotal role ” this is just a bit of what I have found out I’m just going to copy and paste. The inventor of the polio vaccine Dr. Sabin stated under oath before the US Congress that the polio vaccine was long delayed because of misleading results in nonhuman primates “…the work on prevention of polio was long delayed by the erroneous conception of the nature of the human disease based on misleading experimental models of the disease in monkeys.” Measles was known in the 10th century and possibly as early as the 7th. The first vaccine was prepared in 1758 when Home took blood from patients with measles and gave small amounts to healthy children. It was not until 1954 when Enders and Peebles grew measles virus in vitro in the testtube that a modernday effective vaccine became possible. The original vaccine was made from the virus isolated from a human child. Named the Edmonston strain of measles it was used for decades to make all the measles vaccines. The vaccine is still made via in vitro means. The fact that mumps is caused by a virus was proven by studying humans suffering from the disease and by in vitro work. Further in vitro work then made the vaccine possible. The original rabies vaccine was effective on animals but killed humans. In vitro research led to the vaccines we have today.

  • animalfriend says:

    to rojo polio mumps rabies aspirin peniciline etc. all these famous medicines were found before they were tested on animals! hans ruesch did a huge research and wrote his famous book. there everything is proved and documented. the book’s name in german is ‘nackte herrscherin’ so i think in english it’s called ‘naked empress’ the dismantling of medical science. i think you can find it on google with the name ‘hans ruesch’ or his association ‘civis’. i knew him personally years ago this man sacrificed all his life for the mistreated animals you can trust him! he made a famous documentary ‘the suffering of the animals’ spoken by famous actress julie christie who at that time was president of the vegetarian society in england. this film is very interesting! it shows the electrocution of an elefant by edison when he wanted to show his invention of electricity. furthermore it shows the military experiment of the atom bomb on the bikini atoll where thousands of animals were killed specially donkeys and cows for testing the deadly reaction of nuclear weapons. after you saw that film you shall surely understand that there are some people in this world who do not anymore much appreciate their own species! check it out!

  • sunshine says:

    well haley looks like you logged onto the wrong blog page!! you have no chance winning any arguments against any PETA members…clearly you know little about PETA and why extreme measures must be taken to bring awareness to people and celebs as well!! they need to be made aware of where the fur comes from they wear on there bodies and if you feel that is drastic.. tough shit!! it needs to be done. and i am very proud to be a PETA member and as far as you coming on this blog saying how great KFC is it takes alot of balls and you may be opiniated as are PETA members you need to find another playground to mess with this is not the place for you!! I am proud of what I do for PETA and will defend any and all things we do to help animals everywhere!! because no matter what you think or say we are changing the world everyday!!! peace.

  • Mike says:

    Rojo thanks anyway but I’ve already volunteered for a drug testing and got wellpaid for it by a pharma company. It’s not really a matter of saving a mouse. It’s more a question of losing a human life. Animals tests cannot be predictably extrapolated to humans. If a drug does poorly in animal tests it will probably be shelved even though it might have performed admirably for people. Disease occurs on a molecular level and this is where we differ widely from other species not to mention from one another. For the best results you have to be treated for your own specific genetic makeup pharmacogenomics etc.. Some people had success with Vioxx but many didn’t. Naturally Merck can now use animal testing as a legal shield since Vioxx had to have by law “passed” animal tests. Animal tests or not you are ALWAYS ultimately going to be the guinea pig. Curing mice of cancer hasn’t be seen to be a step in the right direction for humans even though the war on cancer was declared decades ago. We’re also attempting to replicate diseases in animals that never naturally occur in them. The drug Thalidomide causing phocomelia is one of the most notorious examples of a drug that caused no problems in a multitude of test animals they finally produced it in the White New Zealand rabbit by megadosing it and in monkeys with ten times the normal dose but was teratogenic in humans. The drug company’s belief in the veracity of the animal tests delayed the removal of the drug from the market causing untold and unnecessary human pain and suffering. Anyway the fact that some drugs pan out after animal testing is more a matter of luck than science. To quote my own post “In 1996 108000 Americans died in hospitals from adverse reactions to FDAapproved drugs properly administered by licensed medical professionals as reported by the Journal of the American Medical Association. In the same year 2.2 million Americans had adverse reactions to FDAapproved drugs. All these were drugs that had passed animal tests with flying colors”. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association 1997 Vol 277 pp 3016 adverse drug reactions to animaltested drugs costs the general public over $136 billion dollars a year in healthcare expenses. If you are openminded read the book “Sacred Cows and Golden Geese” by Dr. Ray Greek and Dr. Jean Swingle Creek. They have more recent books but “Cows” is certainly a good one. We can do better in the 21st century.

  • Keith says:

    INGRID NEWKIRK is a ” Saint ” for all animal welfare. she is outspoken and will never be silenced while just causes abound. Long Live ” PETA ” and all the wonderful Celebs that lend support.

  • rojo says:

    mike It is a big claim to say animal research has held back medical progress. Perhaps you could site some specific examples that mouse cancer can be cured at all is a step in the right direction for the human variety. Sucessful vaccines for poliorabies mumps and measels involved animal testing in a pivotal role. Training on animals accelerated learning about organ transplants. Animals play a part in virtually every cure or anaesthetic developed. To downplay their importance is naive at best. Animal testing for perfumeshampoo type experimentation does not have my support but such testing is vital for modern medicineso far. Do feel free to volunteer for testing though it may save a mouse or three.

  • Mike says:

    Thanks Your Conscience! And to think this all started with Paris Hilton. I hope she reads the posts and decides to do the PSA.

  • shadowfax says:

    haley if there are animals to be euthanized you are surely not the one to adopt them so care about your own problems and don’t try to find a rope for to hang others!

  • Your Conscience says:

    Mike I applaud you!!!!!!!

  • Mike says:

    Haley in case you’re unaware there is a huge cat and dog overpopulation problem in this country. Every year millions of animals must be euthanized because of this problem. These animals have nowhere to go and noone to take care of them. Euthanasia is a sad fact of life for them and will continue to be until people are more diligent about spaying and neutering something PETA constantly advises to do. So please don’t give me this crap about hypocrisy. Two of my friends bottlefeed orphaned kittens every week at the local humane society but even there euthanasia has to take place. Nokill shelters usually just divert the animals to a another place where someone else has to do the tragic but necessary dirty work. If PETA were actually found to criminally harass a person then like everyone else they can be charged under the law. If you’ve studied history then you’re no doubt aware a lot of our freedoms only came about by people brave enough to contest illconceived or unjust laws. Morality should always take precedence over the law. As Theodore Roosevelt said “To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.” Please don’t stereotype by saying “you people”we’re all individuals and all different. PETA does not trivialize the Holocaust. There are many Jews and Jewish vegetarians that fully agree on the idea PETA was promoting. They correctly comprehend it to be a comparison not a trivialization or denigration. Animal research has held back human medical progress. We’ve already cured various cancers in the mousewouldn’t it be great if we could do likewise for humans? In 1996 108000 Americans died in hospitals from adverse reactions to FDAapproved drugs properly administered by licensed medical professionals as reported by the Journal of the American Medical Association. In the same year 2.2 million Americans had adverse reactions to FDAapproved drugs. All these were drugs that had passed animal tests with flying colors. With recent technology such as pharmacogenomics which emphasizes everyone’s own unique genetic makeup microdosing DNA chips in vitro and epidemiological studies et cetera animal tests are a precious waste of time and money. Anyway Haley instead of spending all your time on the websites of antiPETA extremists you should learn PETA’s founding guiding and cornerstone principle. Be kind.

  • Your Conscience says:

    Haley The Eyes Understandably both of you have what is called a mental disorder and a mental malfuntion. There is still a little bit of hope and maybe time for you all to receive psychiatric care and certainly psychriatic evaluation. A lack of knowledge or intellect has caused you a brain defect. The Eyes that cannot see and the Haley that cannot hear and both who do not listen has caused both stuck on stupid. It would be most rewarding for modern civilization if mammals as yourselves or maybe that is an insult to the mammal beings but anyways what is necessary at this moment is to get some kind of education. Even roaches have a better menatal capacity than yourselves.

  • Sergio Fontana says:

    Haley I don’t approve of you because you don’t understand PETA’s point at all they don’t equal a chicken or any other creature to a human because there are humans who are too bad but they say and me also that a chicken or any other animals are not for human rascals to be abused! I hope you shall no longer play the misunderstanding part! ok?

  • SB says:

    Haley I’m not speaking for everyone on this blog but every person I have met that love animals are very compassionate people to both humans and animals. Generally they do no harm in all aspects of their lives as they don’t want to cause pain to any living thing. Yes we may say that we have had enough of the human race because they are so cruel and yes we get angry disappointed and just dam depressed with the people that are conducting these digusting acts of cruelty but a part from a few extreme activists who have become desperate to get people to listen most people that are vegansvegetarians for ethical reasons would be the first to help any human in need. If they see cruelty being inflicted on people then we would not condone that but if we see humans being cruel to an animal and some how the animals gets the upper hand then yes it is hard to feel sorry for that human.

  • Haley says:

    By heartless psychos I meant that PETA is heartless towards humans. But they say humans are animals too… PETA is hypocritical. How can you cry and moan about how terrible euthnaizing animals is when you turn around and do it yourself? PETA is notorious for harrassing people especially celebrities. Remember the dumping paint on people who wear fur? Or how you harrass Beyonce that’s my girl? Does damaging other people’s property ring a bell? Or how about the fact that you attempt to use people’s children as mouthpieces and pawns for your organization? What about the comics “Your Mommy Kills Animals” and “Your Daddy Kills Animals”? Sound familiar? And why are you people constantly trivializing events such as the holocaust to support your views? Ingrid Newkirk said that if animal research resulted in a cure for AIDS that PETA would be against it. Huh? I can’t even begin to tell you how asinine that statement is. I have even more examples but I’m getting tired of typing and making you look dumb. So basically all I’m saying is that PETA is full of psychos it’s fine to eat meat and drink milk and no one should be part of this insane organization. Now back to my Zaxby’s chicken…

  • Haley says:

    I don’t have questionable morals… I call it like I see it. Paris has done some less than ladylike things in the past but all of that is on her. I gave PETA a chance… tried to see where YOU people are coming from. And from what I’ve gathered I think that any organization that equals a chicken to a human and uses scare tactics to prove their point is not any organization that I approve of.

  • Kenna says:

    Haley how exactly are “heartless psychos” capable of loving things too much?

  • Mike says:

    “And I have plently of evidence of the shady things they have done in the past.” OK Haley. Lay some on me.

  • john forrester says:

    haley your morales are more questionable because you are wicked in talking bad about other people!

  • We shall rock you says:

    haley i think that you have some deathly hallows around you!

  • bluebird says:

    information for the eyes many cats who are not hungry don’t want to kill animals they want just to play with them the small animal dies by heart attack! when i see that my cat has a small animal i know that he is not hungry and i take the animal away from him and give it freedom. sometimes he brings a mouse and let her run free in the house without caring anymore so i quickly take it away. if you are just looking and doing nothing so you are the wicked badass and not the cat! of course wild cats are hunting and killing and also many cats of farmers and other people because they are too stingy to feed them! ok?

  • Haley says:

    Why would I be jealous of Paris? Her morals are VERY questionable. But enough about her. PETA is an organization full of heartless psychos who love animals a little too much. And I have plently of evidence of the shady things they have done in the past. Join the rest of the sane world and eat some meat. The animals you love so much have no hang ups about eating each other so why should we have hang ups about eating them?

  • Becca says:

    It’s really weird that people who apparently so despise PETA continually take the effort and energy to read Jack’s posts and comment. Frankly I’m flattered. Maybe something will stick in the tiny brains you have and you’ll see the meateating error of your ways.

  • alpha dog says:

    to the eyes go home and look for your glasses!

  • We shall rock you says:

    to Haley another little shady who is jealous from PETA and pariscat yep!!!

  • Santino Roccaforte says:

    to the Eyes it is really disgusting to meet voluntarily heavy people because they never change worse from a bad person thatone is able to make work his conscience and become good!

  • Lord of the Apes says:

    As I open my PETAsite one time in my life late at night I have the regrettable feeling that we got some lunatics on this site today fuck off and look out for your brains! Do you feel no shame about yourself or did you run away from a madhouse!?!?!?

  • Haley says:

    KFC is awesome. Their food is so good especially that popcorn chicken. Maybe if you PETA people had some nice chicken and meat in your life you’d be less anal. Paris is dumb and talentless… why is she a celebrity? OUTLAW THE LION ALL BIG CATS EVERY CARNIVIROUS ANIMAL PETA! THEY’RE KILLERS!

  • Ana says:

    The Eyes Please attach a heart and brain to the eyes and get a life. You hate PETA and cats…very sad that you are so unenlightened. HUMANS….the MOST CRUEL ANIMAL IN THE WORLD THEY KILL JUST FOR FUN…..HUMANS KILL HUMAN AND NONHUMAN ANIMALS EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY……BAN HUMANS….ESPECIALLY STUPID CRUEL HUMANS

  • brookie says:

    oh jesus.. another PeTA bashing Paris fan.. The Eyes need to grow some Lips so they can kiss my Ass

  • Elizabeth says:

    I think that all the publicity this cause can get is good…I hope she does it!

  • Michael Conley says:

    Paris? Oh God. I don’t particularly hate Paris and I know she gave up fur recently. But Cmon! Honestly you can’t trust unreliable people. If she did do this ad she most likely would be caught with KFC two weeks later. Does Cindy Crawford or Naomi Campbell ring a bell? And when she does screw up which she will those clowns at the Center for Consumer Freedomyeah I got my eye on them will just exploit it. Why don’t you go for someone cool and trustworthy like Prince or Anthony Kiedis or Forest Whitaker or Jet or Milo Ventimiglia or Fergie or ANYBODY!the list goes on and on of people who have expressed concern for factory farm animals infact stick with Fergie she’s glamorous not trashy and she did speak up for chickens at KFC a few years back Why don’t we get somebody who can be serious and is respected enough to get a serious announcement across? As if people are going to take advice from Paris for what to and what not to put in their body can you not see the satire? Please get someone responsible.

  • ANIMAL CAUSE says:

    This is a very good step from Dan Mathews towards Paris Hilton! As I know she is already furfree and a vegetarian now! In her position as the famous Hilton heiress she does many good things even if she is still very young! I wish courage for both of them and good luck!

  • Mike says:

    I think a little suffering may make her more sensitive to the suffering of others. I think it would be great if she did a PSA for PETA. She has star power and certainly knows how to work the media. How about it Paris?

  • The Eyes says:

    As LOW as PARIS IS… she is NOT LOW ENOUGH FOR PETA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PETA needs to STOP THE CRUELEST KILLER IN THE WORLD…………………. WHAT SLOWLY KILLS MILLIONS OF ANIMALS EVERY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE DOMESTIC CAT………… HUNTERS OF MILLIONS OF BIRDS………………….. OUTLAW THE CAT PETA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A CAT KILLS IN THE SLOWEST………………….. CRUELEST………………….. LONGEST FASHION OF ANY ANIMAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND CATS DON’T EVEN EAT THEIR KILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!