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Ravens Sign Offensive Colonel Sanders

Written by PETA | June 20, 2011

What do you get when you cross a raven with a chicken? A whole lot of grief from PETA. After learning that KFC has been named the “Official Chicken of the Baltimore Ravens,” PETA dashed off a letter to team owner Steve Bisciotti, alerting him to KFC’s refusal to implement even basic animal welfare improvements—including switching to an improved slaughter method—and urging him to end the team’s partnership with one of the nation’s leading bird killers. 

This chicken was still alive when plunged into a scalding-hot defeathering tank.

Bisciotti is known for his work with Catholic Charities, and PETA Vice President Bruce Friedrich points out in his letter that scalding chickens to death in defeathering tanks, as KFC’s suppliers do, is hardly in keeping with Catholic doctrine.

“The Catechism of the Catholic Church says that we owe animals kindness and that it is ‘contrary to human dignity to cause animals to suffer or die needlessly,'” writes Bruce, a devout Catholic himself. “[S]litting birds’ throats while they are still fully conscious is a far cry from living up to the value of kindness toward animals.”

That sounds like something that birds of all feathers—and faiths—can agree on. You can take a step toward upping your kindness quotient by refusing to eat at KFC until it stops doing chickens wrong.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • me says:

    Lets examine the real facts shall we. KFC does not hatch, raise, or slaughter ANY chickens. However since KFC is the largest chicken restaraunt in the world, PETA thinks that they make the rules. This is simply not true. How about going after the bird farms that are not up to standard and leaving the one that do practice raising livestock the right way alone. Also leave the poor guys alone that sell the chickens in the restaraunt. How about Wal-Mart, why are they being left alone. Are we to believe that there chickens on the shelves treated any different. The cold hard truth is that PETA selects their targets for the wow factor. I bet if we really dig into the facts, more chickens are sold in the grocery stores than KFC has ever thought about. Why not target the Real problem.

  • Me says:

    @Hana… Are you dumb or just plain ignorant? Just because a certain govt organization “recommends” certain living conditions, do you think they are really being met in all circumstances? And as for a painless death via neck slitting, just because the neck is thin they are still feeling pain…that’s like cutting an anorexic persons wrist off and since it’s “thin” they feel no pain. As for the boiling method, not only are the chickens still alive but if YOU would have actually done YOUR research you would already have known that these boiling tanks are enclosed to prevent the “splashing around, getting people and equipment hurt”. Please Hana, next time you post a long paragraph like this…know your facts.

  • Natasha says:

    Is Hana Bakemono a spokesperson for the meat industry?- Lots of inaccurate justification missing the most vital issues raised. Who gives a toss about Col. Sanders-He’s just a logo. Cheap politician style pointscoring. We all know that the suffering discussed has been well documented-video and otherwise and one can only decide for ones-self whether the so called ‘humane death’ is one we would chose for ourselves or our loved ones…

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Hana, If you knew your facts, you’d know why the chicken pictured above is a “redbird.” Hint: It’s got something to do with making it to the scalder alive and unbled. Don’t confuse mandated regulations (like debeaking) with humane ones—not necessarily the same thing. And we all know Colonel Sanders is dead, so why does KFC still portray a dead man on their website?

  • arjun says:

    This is good action alerts to pressure companies to Install Controlled atmosphere stunning. Chickens are most abused animal on this planet. Millions of chickens are scalded alive. Please, I am asking peta members to help in stopping this

  • Hana Bakemono says:

    I’m so sorry to tell you this, but… Colonel Sanders is dead. Since 1980, he’s been dead. So how can he be offensive if he’s unavailable to do anything to offend someone since he’s busy… not being alive? Besides this, let’s look into the real facts about KFC, shall we? Your group claimed that the recommendations of the KFC Animal Welfare Advisory Council have been ignored. However, Adele Douglass, a former member of the council, said that KFC “never had any meetings. They never asked any advice, and then they touted to the press that they had this animal-welfare advisory committee. I felt like I was being used.” And about this “beak trimming,” thing, know the real facts. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs recommends a maximum stocking density around 30 chickens per square meter, and say that in circumstances where beak trimming needs to be carried out to prevent the birds injuring each other, only one third of the beak should be trimmed “measured from the tip towards the entrance of the nostrils.” So they have just enough beak to eat, but not enough to hurt the others. Also, about this whole, “boiling them alive,” thing… where and when did you get these facts? Think about it: if someone were to throw a live chicken into a tub of boiling water, they’ll thrash, splash everywhere, get people and equipment damaged and hurt, and the death will be too slow for production. They slit their throats (keep in mind, a chicken has a VERY thin neck, so death is instant and painless) or cut the heads off, THEN throw them in the baths to get rid of the feathers. In June 2008, KFC Canada agreed to PETA’s demands for better welfare standards, including favoring suppliers who use controlled-atmosphere killing of chickens, and other welfare standards as well as introducing a vegan sandwich at 65% of its outlets. So if they agreed to all this, bent over backwards to your demands, made their company a lot more humane, just like you asked and it’s stated that you called off your campaign against KFC Canada… I mean, it’s fine if you don’t want to eat chicken as a protest. All I’m saying is… well, research is a good thing to use before stating an argument or proving a point.

  • Sarah says:

    I have been looking forward to the Steelers Raven game in September. After finding out about this I will not give my money to the Ravens organization.