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Rats in KFC!

Written by PETA | February 24, 2007

Awww, look at all the adorable rats! In other, extremely important news, KFC is really, really disgusting.

This video puts PETA in a bit of a difficult position, because we wouldn’t want to actively encourage other impressionable rats to eat at KFC—both for their own health and because of the ethical issues involved—but the restaurant does seem to be quite a favorite among rodents. Check it out:


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  • Jacob says:

    that’s gross

  • Natasha says:

    How could you not have know that there are rats living in you restaraunt…it isn’t like there is only on! The worse part is that the before the rats were found the health inspection passed the restaraunt for there health conservation. With such dirty environment what really goes in the food???????????????????

  • Quanky says:

    Rats are not the guilty party here. Humans through their bad sanitation have allowed rats to breed in inappropriate places. It’s not fair to exterminate rats when humans are to blame for their spread. I think rats should be humanely transported to a place where they can be released and allowed to lead their natural lives.

  • shelby says:

    i think that if their was no kfc their woud be no rodent problem mabe its a sign that they soudnt even be around

  • Matt says:

    That is hella disgusting how can you be able to get ur restaurant that dirty and allow rats in there! LEARN TO BE CLEAN!!!!! CLEAN GOD DAMN IT!!!

  • Adrianne says:

    the problem goes beyond greenwich. because of all the excavating at the wtc at night that whole area is flooded with rats. 2 area fast food restaurants 1 being KFC have shut their doors because of it. a small victory for the chickens slaughtered to be sold there but what about the rats?? like it was said before the city will probably just exterminate.

  • Tom says:

    I am so sorry for the KFC rats. They are only going about their lives as best they can. Please God have loving mercy upon the rats. Help them to find warm and loving homes where they will have plenty of good food to eat and will be free from traps poisons terror and harm.

  • Rachel M. says:

    I 3 Rats! They’re so cute! I hope they don’t kill them!

  • dylan says:

    rats are a good and important part of our ecosystem and unfourtanetly most people do not have any underdtanding of this. so they exterminate them as if they are an infection or bacteria. in some religions all animals are sacred becuase of their important part in the cycle of life…INCLUDING RODENTS!!!! but rodents in a kitchen is neither safe or ethical for the rats or consumers. they should be broughten to a shelter where they should be taken care of with the same integrity as a cat or dog.

  • Dawn Grant says:

    I am scared to think on how they were “sanitizing” the area actually I think I would prefer to eat at the taco bell with the rats LMAO!! Me and my family would have the bean burritos and feed the ratties. I have 6 fancy rats in a huge cage. Spoiled RATTEN they are!!

  • SB says:

    The sad thing is that they will just kill the rats and carry on. Sad for the rats who are just going about their business and sad for the chickens.