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Raise Your Glass to Pink and Director Dave Meyers

Written by PETA | November 3, 2010

The ever-awesome Pink has just released a new video, “Raise Your Glass,” which is filled with both cool and disturbing animal imagery, including a row of women producing breast milk that’s being consumed by a calf. (Pink isn’t afraid to knock fans out of their complacency!) The video also features an anti-bullfighting segment in which Pink shows a matador how it feels to have someone come at you with a sword.

It’s little wonder that Pink’s video is so cutting-edge and thought-provoking. After all, it was directed by another PETA friend—the fabulous (and vegan!) Dave Meyers, who directed our sizzling Alicia Silverstone public service announcement.

Watch the video and tell us what you think about Pink’s unique way of getting the animal rights messages across.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • noixtoc says:

    The “girl” hoop dancing at the end is Karis who’s a genetically-male hooper.

  • Becky says:

    Very thought provoking video! I love Pink for her animal rights campaigning. I hope it makes people think about the abuse animals go through

  • aja noelle says:

    @ jackie’s comment on p!nk objectifying women…. these women chose to be in this video knowing that it would help stand for a greater cause. it’s not like they were RAISED IN A CAGE to produce milk for a different animal. let’s face it, sex sells. hullo, i’d rather go naked than wear fur? c’mon now. the general population won’t listen to the majority of PETA supporters unless we put animal abuse into words and concepts they can understand. if we rant about [though true] the dirty little things we know they’ll likely take it as just that. a rant. sooooooo, let’s save the complainy feministic attitude for somewhere else, p!nk got the word out, LET’S RAISE OUR GLASS! 🙂

  • Nick says:

    I was a bit concerned where the calf comes from in this video and to be honest it disturbed me that it was in the video. Why does a poor calf want to be in this video with lights and music etc. Please I was clarafaction on this calf.

  • Willow says:

    To Jackie- did you watch Pink’s video? It actually does the exact opposite of objectifying women. In the first scene that shows Pink, she’s dressed as Rosie the Riveter – a HUGE feminist icon! The part where the women’s breast milk is being fed to the calf is a statement about the dairy industry. It’s just as ridiculous to feed human breast milk to a calf as it is to feed cow’s milk to human babies. This video is also a testament to those who are different from the “norm” and are unafraid to be themselves, like the girl near the end with the hula hoop. Yes she is sexy, but she is supposed to be a “freak” (think old circus side-shows). I’m a big feminist, and I believe Pink’s video serves to promote the ideals that all people, no matter who they are, should be proud to be themselves.

  • lisa says:

    Great video you go girl!!! thats one lady who’s not afraid to show it how it really is.

  • Jackie says:

    Pink seems to be going with the traditional route of objectifying women to make a case for veganism. About as original, as a rock star singing against religion. What would really wow me, is an artist intelligent enough to make a statement about the benefits of going vegan, without using women’s bodies to do so.

  • Alejandra Gonzalez-Perez says:


  • Mirna Adriano says:

    Great, great, great; thank you Pink =D!!!

  • Cristy Gault Fonville says:

    Love it!!!! Long after the Lady GaGa fad is over Pink will still be wowing people!!!!!!

  • Josh says:

    P!NK! Thank you for being a true artist. I love you.

  • Tasha says:

    I love her!

  • Fiona Dobbing says:

    I just love your attitude!!! Good Luck in all that your do!

  • MarcelaM. says:

    what a good video.. amazing.. I love it…… we need to raise our glasses….

  • Stephanie says:

    Love it! Thanks Pink!

  • Michal Kolman says:

    Good video, it was surprising even from her to make something like this.