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Raccoon Dogs: A No-Win Situation

Written by PETA | October 22, 2008
Raccoon Dog Pups
kathyannepippig / CC
Raccoon Dog Pups

I don’t know about you, but before last year, all I knew about melamine was that it was used to make a hard resin for shatter-resistant kitchenware and floor laminates. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous companies in China found another use for it—adding it to foods to make them appear to have higher protein content. This resulted in the illness and deaths of dogs and cats in the U.S. and Europe, and, more recently, of humans (mostly children) in China.

Now comes word that melamine contamination appears to be responsible for killing 1,500 Chinese raccoon dogs. As horrible as it is to die from melamine poisoning, the alternative isn’t much better for these animals, because raccoon dogs in China are commonly raised and skinned alive for their fur.

Either way, the responsibility for these horrible deaths falls squarely on the shoulders of those who support this cruelty by buying fur. If the raccoon dogs had been left alone in their native habitats, they wouldn’t be eating an artificial, contaminated diet—and they certainly wouldn’t face having their skin ripped off their bodies while they are conscious and in agony.

So, as the weather turns colder, if you see any fur-wearers, be sure to ask them if they prefer that the money they spent for that coat, collar, or cuff caused animals to die in agony from toxic kidney failure, or like this:


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Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • mrz says:

    I seen videos about the slaughter houses and other bad treatment of animals. I thought this was about a new breed when i first clicked on. I’m totaly shocked ! The face’s of agony on these poor animals horrendous . I’m been saying to people who know me that mankind hasn’t moved ahead in direction of treating each other and the animal kingdom with the diginty and respect each of us deserve. People due not belong on this planet any longer! I wish we would all vanish and leave the earth only occuipied by the animals and all of nature.

  • K says:

    I can’t even look at it ‘

  • WY Tan says:

    Why isn’t this video boardcast in news or talkshows to gain its widespread awareness…. i wonder…. its really hard to comprehend the pain and sufferings from these poor animals.. imagine if it was you being tied up and skinned alive.. I hope these farmers and their associates suffer the same at their final moments. May peace be with these animials…. Lets all boycott and do our bit for them.

  • jajnj says:

    This is so cruel! My tears just flow when I was watching. I could not continue watching the acts. Even if they need the fur why can’t those people just let the animals go in peace rather than hitting them let the poor fellows died in pain bleed to death. I wonder what’s in their minds when they were torturing the poor fellows. Praying hard that these people will stop!!!

  • maria says:

    for a country that prides itself in zen protecting pandas and all those superstitious crap about good and bad luck well BULLSHIT!! id skin them all alive just so they know how bad it is to be beaten to a pulp and skinned alive. have they ever heard of lidocaine? probably NOT! because they’re ignorant and primitive who recommends usage of tea and herbs and OH! ACCUPUNCTURE! skin these men!

  • monica andrea wong says:

    so cruel i cannot believe such acts really take place in this beautiful world where are their hearts animals also have lives have feelings emotions they deserves equal and fair treatment and respect like human race are these people so hardhearted so people please next time want to wear fur kind of staff you are wearing the fur of these poor animals that had been cruelly killed just to give you warm do you all feel good feel guilty?

  • Anne-marie says:

    this is disgusting its so painfullthis is crazy!!!!!!!!!!!! they are so bad!

  • rebecca says:

    their acts just disgust me…they are seriously heartless and have no pity for these animals at all. those who wear fur coats too should just reflect on what they are doing. thinking that fur coats are fashionable well…look at what these animals are put through.

  • Tina Esther Chang says:

    I am totally put off by what was done to this animals…harmless helpless and hopeless. These people ought to be shot dead ten times over. Furcoat wearers after having watched this I beseech you to consider for a second what these animals were put through. Imagine having your skin yanked off you while you are still alive!

  • Kelvin Shi says:

    I condemn the unhuman act! I thanks those who took the pictures and share. So that we can be reminded and not to purchase any such fur or items from China… etc. Even they are breed or farm for meat or fur. The living animal should be treated with certain due respect. Hope those that indulge pain on the animal be punished by teh Authority or our Almighty.

  • rachel says:

    i couldn’t watch the video without flinching! I stopped viewing it when the man started peeling off the skin of the poor victim. it is sickening and depressing! i can’t help but cry for the poor animals. i feel sorry for them and angry towards these people from China. how can human beings be so cruel and cold hearted?! don’t they have feelings?! i seriously cannot understand what is going on in these people’s minds! from today onwards i am going to boycott China’s products be it fur or food! i pray for the ill treated animals and hope that something is done to prevent this from happening! let’s spread this article and video to others to create a sense of awareness! let’s others know what is going on! let’s work together to stop this! CHINA HAVE A HEART AND STOP KILLING!

  • Julia says:

    Is this really what society has become! Its sick! This is the absolute worst crime I have ever seen and I pray for the sake of mankind this stops immediately. What has this world come too.. . I hope these people burn in hell for what they’ve done and on the way receive the same torture they’ve inflicted to these poor and innocent creatures. I am upset angry disgusted and deeply saddened that something like this occurs in our world. I hope someone can restore my faith in the goodness of mankind because at this point what is left to really believe in!

  • bonney says:

    we all have to stop it cos i was whatching a vid over china that they skined the animals alive its so heart braking i wont to stop all the fur companies for good how would they like it if it was done to them we need to some how stop it its not fair for the animals they have every right to live much as us ………

  • Sophie. says:


  • Lexx Cobra says:

    This is disgusting. I can’t believe how some people can do this. These creatures are so beautiful and graceful how can anybody be so coldhearted as to torture and kill them? The first time I watched this video from the PETA site I just went numb now I find myself in tears at the slightest thought of all this. I hope one day these people who do this to animals get skinned alive to feel the very pain they have been inflicting upon innocent and defenseless creatures.

  • AJ says:

    China…the world is watching you…stop this barbaric treatment of innocent creatures…

  • AnimalLover101 says:

    I cant even watch the video i dont want to. China is a disgrace to the world other countries need to stand up for the beautiful creatures that are being murdered and tortured there. I cant even express it how much i loathe china and anyone who wears fur or anything from china. Just to sum it up and make it short we have to BOYCOTT CHINA!

  • Joseph B says:

    The world should enact trade embargoes against CHINA until it stops torturing these beautiful animals. It is horrific and beyond evil it is insane and if I had the power I would put those responsible for it to death in similar fashion. China your barbarian reputation is a disgrace to the modern world!

  • Marco says:

    I am utterly horrified at the cruelty and barbaric tortures inflicted on countless animals by Asian cultures claiming to “strive for enlightenment”. It is the duty of anyone who cares to do everything possible to eliminate these practices. On the subject at hand if more people knew this was happening there’d be more pressure on the Governments and Countries involved to end this horror. It’s a very frightening thought that people can be so completely unaffected by the agony they inflict on these hapless creatures. Let’s do something today! I’m not sure how PETA feels about synthetic furs but surely that is a better alternative for fashion and winter clothing. I’ll never wear fur and nobody I know of condones it these days either.

  • Elizabeth says:

    I could only watch 3 seconds I am beyond horrified.How can anyone do this?? What horrible fate for any animal to be in China. This country has no respect for any living thing…we have to start the boycott of anything made there…period.

  • Kath says:

    This is disgusting . heartless how could anyone ever do this ? it makes me sick to my stomach . I couldnt even watch those dirty people there is no excuse for this and something neeeds to happen! Shame on them ! if i could i would spit on them . im emmbarssed to say we even breathe the same air .

  • Sean says:

    Rachel Zoe should look outside her self obsessed little bubble take notice of what she’s contributing to. It is awful to see someone in the public eye such as Rachel flaunting dead animals cruelty around her shoulders in the form of tacky fur coats. I hope someone throws paint on her!

  • alyssa says:

    This makes me sick to my stomach that people would go through that much trouble just to get a fur coat. the animals are the ones who are suffering. this video clip was a reality check to us all to see the brutality that goes on. and to those who wear fur think to yourself is it really worth an innocent animals life for it?????

  • Carol says:

    I am so glad to see so many of you decent people who comminted on this video on Chinas unbeleiveable crulty on these poor animals felt the way I did I thought I was only one for days after seeing it I found myself crying myself to bed pleading oh God just please make it stop We all shoud support Petas efforts since it is not possible for us to go China rambo style and stop this even though we wish we could

  • ANGEL FERGUS says:

    This i might add is the sickest worst thing ive ever seen the look on the faces of the skined animals still alive is torturing to my soul.. im so discusted in china its the best reason for use boycot them and send letters to our goverment and there’s.. they do horrific and unspeakable things to animals it and they as a race should be condemed!! thank you and people stop wereing fur and animal skin its cruel and u are to