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Rabbits Rescued and Ready for Homes

Written by Michelle Kretzer | September 4, 2012

It’s taken a few weeks and no small amount of TLC, but the rabbits who were rescued from a hoarder’s facility, Bunny Magic Wildlife & Rabbit Rescue, Inc., are healthier, stronger, and ready to meet families who will love and care for them forever.

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When authorities raided the so-called “sanctuary” based on evidence gathered by PETA, they rescued 222 rabbits packed inside owner Carole Van Wie’s filthy garage and home, where ammonia fumes were so strong that responders had to put on masks.

Van Wie kept rabbits stacked in cages one on top of the other, amid their accumulated urine and feces. She hadn’t provided sick rabbits with veterinary care, and she had left contagious animals with those not yet obviously sick. Some rabbits’ nails were so overgrown that they caught on the wire bars of the cages, and many were infested with fleas. Authorities found at least one rabbit dead inside a cage.

But now, with their traumatic ordeal behind them, the Bunny Magic rabbits are ready to go home for good—with families who are willing to give them the specialized care that rabbits require

If you are ready to make a lifetime commitment to an animal and can give one (or better yet, a spayed and neutered couple) of these rabbits all the love and care that they deserve, you can apply to adopt one from the Tri-County Animal Shelter, in Hughesville, Maryland, by calling 301-932-1713 between the hours of 12 noon and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Saturday.

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  • rabbitfriendly says:

    Sounds like we need Bunderground to organize a bun run! Really folks, transporting bunnies requires lots of organization & planning to happen safely. These bunnies have been through a lot already & need great forever homes! Please learn all you can about rabbits first and then make the commitment to keep your rabbit – no matter what – for its natural lifetime of 10+ years.

  • alena says:

    *gush gush gush!* Another splendid job by PETA! Woo Hoo! I also <3 Bob Barker <3

  • Shannon Wiebe says:

    If you have any coming to California we can take some.

  • Nadine Henderson says:

    Oh how wonderful.I would love one but I live in Australia..But I am sure they will get loving homes…Great work everyone..

  • Marcela says:

    They deserve a good home and a caring family, I live in Mexico, is it possible for me to adopt one?

  • karen89 says:

    i want to adopt a rabbit but im from mexico it doesn’t matter?, i really like it adopt the rabbit 🙂

  • bev coyde says:

    i have a private k-9 german shepherd kennel in gasport ny i would like to adopt a male and female bunny that is 222 bunnies rescued send me information on the costs for the bunnies and for trucking them up here bev coyde

  • darri says:

    i am on long island, in NY…how would i get the bunnies