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Rabbit Goes From Trash Bin to Kingpin

Written by PETA | October 4, 2011

Look at the photo below and you’ll see her—in between the fertilizer spreader and the recycling bin. No, that’s not a stuffed rabbit in the tiny cage behind the plastic toy truck—that’s a living, breathing being consigned to a miserable, lonely existence along with the other things people stick outside and forget about. This rabbit was never allowed out of the cramped metal cage, and aside from her owner’s tossing her some food and water once in awhile, she never received any attention at all.

A concerned person saw the bunny and knew that with the harsh northern winter already knocking on the door and only an open staircase for “shelter,” the rabbit might not live to see another Easter. She tried talking the owner into surrendering the rabbit to her, to no avail. She called PETA for help, and working with local law enforcement, we put pressure on the owner to provide a suitable home for the rabbit. The owner soon tired of hearing from both PETA and the police and agreed to surrender the rabbit into her rescuer’s waiting arms.

Now the bunny is living the sweet life indoors because of one woman’s persistence and dedication to justice for animals. She is proof positive that even if you can’t change the entire world, with a little work, you can change one animal’s entire world

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • chinmaya says:

    God bless u:)

  • mrlee says:

    sad story with a very happy ending god bless that womans perseverance and PETA i love ya both

  • Stephanie says:

    If it takes saving “one” bunny or any other creature at a time, it’s worth the fight.

  • sunny dee says:

    Cheers to the kind-hearted woman who rescued this poor rabbit. I will never understand why people who don’t care for pets bring them into their lives only to neglect them. This story is inspiring in that it reminds me that I don’t need to have a lot of money or extra time to help animals in need…just a warm heart and the courage to speak-up!

  • Julie van Niekerk says:

    This woman has less heart and soul than the rabbit. Thanks to the woman with saved the rabbit – you are the one with integrity.

  • george metaxas says:

    sweet rescue story. high five to the woman with love in her heart.

  • Melita says:

    why have any animal you have to keep in a cage? house bunnies all the way

  • MP says:

    Good work. God bless you!

  • lisamuser says:

    What a sad situation. It would have been good if the person who kept this poor wee thing in such condition was charged with animal negligience/cruelty. What a very happy ending though. xxxxx

  • olesya prokhorova says:

    what would you do if that would be you, in little cage? wont you always terrificly wonder why? what did i do wrong that i have to be caged for life?

  • Sathlin says:

    This is such a nice story. I have 2 rabbits in my family. They are amazing. I’m so happy this bunny is now indoors and receiving the love it deserves.

  • Alexa says:

    Stories like this always make me cry. I just cannot understand how people can treat animals like this. It really hurts my soul everytime I see such pictures but I believe that especially because it hurts me, I mustn’t look away. I have so much respect for this woman who didn’t gave up!!! Absolutely a rolemodel! I will follow this example if (although I hope it doesn’t) ever happens to me that I see such things. (Mhh.. well in fact animal abuse happens every day in slaughter houses. Thanks to the Peta Veggie Kit, I realized what I didn’t see (or didn’t want to see?) before and became a vegetarian! Thank you Peta for giving me a good feeling when eating! )

  • lizzle says:

    This is s very similar story to my rabbit Flopsy. My friend discovered her at a neighbours in a tiny cage where she could barely turn round. she had been badly handled and fed only on kitchen scraps. It has been a long haul getting Flopsy to trust me but Im glad to say she is now happy and healthy and spends her days munching grass and rolling in the mud in my garden.

  • Cheryl H. Hardy says:

    This makes me feel so good!! Kudos for the woman that got involved and adopted that beautiful bunny!!

  • CN says:

    Sick. I wish I could meet those people in real life to see what kind of morons they are. I can only imagine how they treat their children.