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Written by PETA | December 28, 2007

Trollsen Twin UpdatePage Six reported earlier this week that Hairy-Kate and Trashley are “groveling at the non-leather shoes of PETA” in response to our Trollsen Twin campaign. According to one source, “The Olsens want to make peace with PETA.” Well Trollsens, I think we’ve made our demands clear. Stop supporting the cruel and frivolous torture of animals. Cut it out!Hey Charities, Stop Testing on Animals. OK?OK! magazine had an article in their January issue about how Sir Paul McCartney has been unable to honor the memory of his first wife Linda by giving money to some cancer charities because they support vivisection (that’s a big word for animal experimentation), which Linda was passionately against.

‘It became very difficult when Linda died because I said I would support cancer charities,’ said Sir Paul. ‘But then animal rights group wrote to me pointing out that many were heavily into vivisection.’

Check out to see if charities you’re interested in supporting fund animal experimentation.Jack Hanna—Expert on Tiger AttacksBy now everyone has heard about the tragic tiger attack at the San Francisco Zoo on Christmas. What you might not know is how you can help make sure a similar tragedy never happens again by urging the zoo to permanently close their tiger exhibit.One bit of irony that a reader of this blog pointed out to me is how the media has been trotting out everyone’s favorite wildlife pimp Jack Hanna as an expert on exotic animals. But maybe that does make sense, after all Jack was involved in a similar incident in 1973 when a lion at his menagerie tore off the arm of a kid. Almost 35 years later and he still hasn’t stopped abusing animalsAre you sexy?Prove it. – Joel

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  • Ana says:

    So sad Maya the human solution to everythingshoot and kill the other animals!!! Depressing!! On a happy note I watched “Planet of the Apes”….hmmm…we treat all of the creatures that way but we humans don’t like it even in a movie. Peace to all!!!

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Oops how did I post as Anonymous? Sorry I should take “credit” for my second mindless rant!! LOL.

  • Anonymous says:

    That’s a great point cheers Ana! with what message does the public walk away after visiting a zoo? Based upon people’s overheard comments they believe that the natural world is dangerous and something to be conqured and that zoo animals are lucky to be shielded from it. Sadly this is often reinforced by some zookeepers who say things like “it’s so great they don’t have to find their own food or worry about being killed in the wild.” In my grad school I’ve spoken to several people that I’d love to see a zoo study done which determines people’s attitudes about wildlife and nature after visiting a zoo my guess is that people will say that nature is sinister and that wildlife are better off in captivity. In regards to the tiger situation it may be time for zoos to not only keep exclusively nonreleaseable animals but to also only keep less dangerous animals. So many zoo keepers have been killed by elephants hundreds and other animals. Leave the large predator rescue to more professional wildlife places that have extremely limited viewing. There is no doubt that the public is being snowed into thinking that captive breeding and reintroduction programs are the best way to save endangered species. If animals go extinct we can just “replace” them. Not good! Efforts and funds to protect habitat and protect wildlife populations are being diverted away from real conservation programs now all that money and support is going to zoos who promise to “save” endangered species. In the meantime organizations like the Audubon Society who want to clone wild animals and the Colorado Division of Wildlife are placing animals where they don’t belong. The CDW took over 200 Canada Lynx from the Yukon and released them into Colorado 38 percent of the reintroduced lynx died 71 lynx were either shot hit by cars died of illness or starved to death. These are the EXACT SAME THINGS that happened to the original Canady Lynx population that was there before the reintroduced lynx were placed there! Now zoos are breeding wolves hoping to release them into New England where I live. They hope the wolves will keep the deer population down. Let me tell you reintroduced animals are too fearful to go after large prey the wolves will go after smaller animals possibly endangered ones. They too are doomed to be shot for disrupting the ecosystems and will try to find smaller prey like domestic animals after being reintroduced. Which is exactly what is happening with beavers here. Since beavers were reintroduced into NE people have flipped out because they are flooding people’s homes which are being build closer and closer to natural wetlands these days. I know of hundreds of beaver families who have been trapped and shot due to people’s complaints about them being nuisence animals. The leghold trap was banned in Massachusetts but now all people have to do is file a complaint and the Fish and Wildlife department will do the dirty deed for them. Good job reintroducing them folks. And now zoos will be credited and payed for “saving” endangered species. I never thought I’d see the day. The only consolation is that folks here seem to get it blessings to all of you!!

  • Kerry says:

    I was upset when I heard about the tiger attack and even more upset when I heard that they killed the tiger. It makes me so mad when people do stuff like that why do they have to kill these animals when they were just doing what animals do? Have you guys ever heard about Grizzly Man? That guy who was trying to get close to grizzly bears and got himself and his girlfriend killed by one. People killed the bear they THINK killed that man. It’s so wrong. But I also wanted to say that I don’t think zoos are all that bad I do agree the enclosures these animals are kept in are horrible but many zoos are trying to save endangered species. I just think they need to have more suitable enclosures. And I also wanted to say people who destroy these beautiful forests that are home to these amazing creatures make me sick and I wish there was something we could do to stop it altogether

  • myah says:

    GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michele says:

    The man who unfortunately lost his life in the tiger attack at the zoo would still be alive if zoos did not deliberately breed animals in captivity. I agree with you Maya with respect to only housing animals who have been orphaned etc as long as the zoos are actually treating the animals properly no disgusting inhumane “roadside” zoos This tiger got killed because of HUMAN interference! To Ana et al Happy New Year!

  • Holly says:

    Maya is right. Thanks for this post.

  • Tom says:

    Regarding the tiger attack at the San Francisco Zoo. Another animal pays the price for human stupidity. Don’t get me wrong it is terrible that a young man lost his life but didn’t the media say the zoo was closed when the attack occured. The latest report is the tiger “may” have been provoked by the young men. Duh!

  • Ana says:

    HelloMaya!! THANK YOU FOR THE “rant”!! Reads like one of mine!!! When I heard about the tiger I go depressed. I remembered as a little girl 45 years old crying at the sight of the horrible conditions the tigers lions and all of the big cats endured in the zoo behind bars on concrete floors in dark buildings. Intellectually I wasn’t able to express what I saw exactly but at that tender age I knew it was wrong and that it hurt them and that feeling so helpless the only thing I could do was cry. The photos of me at the zoo is of a little girl depressed or in tears. I have always loved the big cats!!!! And of course the little cats! The best thing we can teach children is to respect all creatures and strive to leave them in their own natural habitat. Staring at these creatures in captivity does not teach that. It teaches that ridicule no respect and oppression of other creatures is acceptable. How about the ones that end up in canned hunts?? The horrors just escalate! And of course we need another mall!!! Where are these poor creatures to live on this earth? Hello people we share this planet with other beautiful beings worthy of living in peace like us. Maya you and I and other good people need to keep fighting the good fight and bring this message to the public. I do it whenever I can with my students. And like you I am tired of BS!!! A joyous and peaceful New Year!

  • K says:

    I heard that Jack Hanna say on the news that zoos are not there to just put animals on display they pay loads of money for the species conservation or some BS like that. What bullshit!!

  • kelly says:

    Mary Kate and Ashley Olson look at the GREAT PRESS that Hayden Panettiere got when she publicly demonstrated her concern for animals. That girl is practically a saint! No one like selfish cruel celebrities. Do you girls really want to grow up to be Sharon Stone??!! Think about it. Ugh.

  • Bill says:

    I sent the tiger email and I got an error message sent to my email address. Hope you guys get that fixed.

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Thank you Ana! You always have my back I appreciate that. We have much to celebrate. I have to say I’m very disturbed about the tiger incident. First the news stations were saying the tiger escaped then that the zoogoers were taunting him and let him loose now they’re saying that even though they were inspected by the AZA which isn’t saying much to begin with the height of the enclosure “moat” was not up to AZA standards. WTF? This just reinforces the fact that it’s the year 2008 time for zoos to catch up to the real world. No more bullshit. No pun intended. The only “displays” at zoos should be from the following categories 1. Nonreleaseable wildlife from rehab centers animals who have no chance of surviving in the wild. 2. Retired circus bears unwanted exotic pets or animals from other zoos who have been cast off for one reason or another. No more animals bought at auction often poached from the wild and NO MORE breeding in captivity. While we all watch natural habitat being demolished at an unprecedented rate these secondrate zoos are creating more animals to “replace” the native wildlife who are doomed due to habitat loss. Create more animals to live on habitat which clearly cannot support the wildlife trying to live there right now? Are they out of their minds?? It’s insane. Then release these bred animals into the wild with insufficient immune systems with stochastic disasters waiting to happen with farmers waiting to shoot them with the original wildlife populations completely unprepared for the competition? Shortsighted idiotic! Now the public is thinking “oh oh I’m so glad if animals in the wild go extinct my children can still see them in zoos. Horray!” Now you can all pave over that pristine blacksand island without a hint of guilt put in a WalMart and deforest any damned place in the universe because those pretty binturongs the last of whom were shot for meat or shipped off to Texas to live in some damned redneck’s basement will be bred at some horrid facility and will be there for your viewing pleasure living in some black depressing rat’s nest of a cage for its whole life. Oh but it’s the children who matter. Don’t deny poor Johnny seeing his precious tiger on display or his selfesteem might go down. OMG sorry for the rant don’t ever get me going on wildlife in captivity. I apologize.

  • Ana says:

    Maya I agree with your truthful comments ! Hannah is not a friend to animals! Peace in the New Year!

  • Carla says:

    I knew “the twins” would eventually have to clean up their act cause well ya’ know Peta was on the case! Great work again to all involved! You must pat yourselfs on the back for that one!! And to Sir Paul “We love you” And Thankyou for your support! And Jack Hanna… get a life!!!

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    It’s a crying shame that Jack Hannah is considered an expert on anything. I’m so sorry to say this but he is the worst type of selfpromoting phony anywhere. After Irwin died wouldn’t you know who’s on Larry King criticizing Irwin who was barely cold in the ground bragging about how “I had to face a cheetah that takes real bravery you know….” Terrible. To their credit the zookeepers at the SD Zoo who helped parade around the poor display animals on Letterman did have some decent knowledge about the animals when Hannah drew a blank. I really regret having to criticize him he is the director emeritus for the zoo but his display of arrogance and supposedly humorous ignorance about animals is excruciating to watch.